11th Doctor2010'doctorwho'
4th generation of the MLP toyline2010'mylittlepony'
Alice in Wonderland film by Tim Burton2010'aliceinwonderland'
First CPU (Core i7) with SSE4 introduced2010'x86-sse'
How to Train Your Dragon (film)2010'dreamworks'
Mac OS X client released2010'steampowered' 'steamworks'
Mars One program start2010'mars'
Megamind (film)2010'dreamworks'
Monster High released2010'monsterhigh'
NFAA published2010'antialiasing' 'nfaa'
Rackham goes into liquidation2010'aarklash'
South Africa2010za'soccer' 'worldcup'
The Avengers (cartoon)2010'marvel' 'marvelavengers'
The Karate Kid movie (remake)2010'karatekid'
Toy Story 32010'armymen' 'pixar' 'toystory'
OSP announced2010-01'ubisoft-osp'
OpenGL 3.32010-03-11'opengl'
OpenGL 4.02010-03-11'opengl' 'shadermodel5'
Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn (OVA)2010-03-12'gundam'
Anime last episode2010-03-25'gintama'
.NET 4.0 (final) released2010-04-12'netframework'
Ben 10: Ultimate Alien started2010-04-23'ben10'
Season 1 first episode2010-04-23'generatorrex'
Release Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Lucid Lynx2010-04-29'ubuntu'
End-of-Life Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex2010-04-30'ubuntu'
Iron Man 2 (film)2010-05'ironman' 'marvel' 'Marvel(Marvel Games)'
HPL1 source code released2010-05-14'hpl1engine' 'hplengine'
Shrek Forever After (film)2010-05-21'dreamworks' 'shrek'
Gundalian Invaders anime first episode2010-05-23'bakuganbrawlers'
Renamed to iOS from iPhone OS2010-06'ios'
Adobe AIR 2.0 released2010-06-10'adobeair'
OpenCL 1.1 specification2010-06-14'opencl'
iOS 4.0 released2010-06-21'ios' 'ios-4'
IP acquired by Focus Home Interactice2010-06-25'citiesxl-series'
Dead Space: Martyr novel2010-07'deadspace'
Sherlock TV series first episode2010-07'sherlockholmes'
W2K support ceased by MS2010-07-13'win2k'
OpenGL 4.12010-07-26'opengl' shutdown hoax and end of beta2010-09'gog'
Resident Evil: Afterlife (film)2010-09'residentevil'
Unity 3.02010-09'unity-engine'
XNA Game Studio 4.0 released2010-09-16'xnaframework'
End-of-Life Ubuntu 9.04 LTS Jaunty Jackalope2010-10'ubuntu'
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic first episode2010-10'mylittlepony'
Steam Translation Server2010-10'steampowered'
TWD TV series first episode2010-10'thewalkingdead-series' 'zombieapocalypse'
Release Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat2010-10-10'ubuntu'
Book 13: Towers of Midnight2010-11-02'wheeloftime'
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I (movie)2010-11-19'harrypotter'
Dead Space: Salvage graphic novel2010-12-07'deadspace'
Ben 10: Ultimate Alien season 1 finale2010-12-10'ben10'
Yogi Bear (3D film)2010-12-17'yogibear'
First Desura client launched2010-12-18'desura' 'indie'
Blood-C anime2011'bloodplus'
Captain America: The First Avenger2011'captainamerica' 'marvel'
DLAA published2011'antialiasing' 'dlaa'
Kung Fu Panda 2 (film)2011'dreamworks'
Rise of the Planet of the Apes film2011'pota'
SMAA published2011'antialiasing' 'smaa'
The Thing prequel film2011'thething'
Transformers: Dark of the Moon film2011'transformers'
Tron Legacy (movie)2011'tron'
X-Men: First Class2011'marvel' 'xmen'
RakNet 4 released2011-01'raknet'
Vision Engine integrates RakNet 42011-01'raknet' 'vision-engine'
OpenSL 1.1 specification2011-01-18'opensl'
Dead Space: Aftermath animated film2011-01-25'deadspace'
Season 2 first episode2011-02-04'generatorrex'
Allegro 5.0.0 released2011-02-06'allegro'
GTK+ 3.0 released2011-02-10'gtk'
WebGL 1.02011-03'opengl'
Crysis: Legion novel2011-03-22'crysis'
End-of-Life Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala2011-04'ubuntu'
PS3 integration2011-04'steampowered' 'steamworks'
Valve's Potato Sack2011-04'argevent'
GameMaker 8.1 released2011-04-15'gamemaker'
A Game of Thrones TV series2011-04-17'asongoficeandfire'
Red Faction: Origins movie2011-05'redfaction'
Stargate Universe last episode2011-05-09'stargate'
End-of-Life Ubuntu 6.06 LTS Dapper Drake2011-06'ubuntu'
Adobe AIR 2.7 released; Linux support dropped2011-06-14'adobeair'
Book #5: A Dance with Dragons2011-07'asongoficeandfire'
iOS 5.0 release2011-07'ios' 'ios-4'
OS X 10.7 release2011-07'osx' 'osx-6' 'osx-7'
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II (movie)2011-07-15'harrypotter'
Last flight (STS-135)2011-07-21us'nasaspaceshuttle'
OpenGL 4.22011-08-08'opengl'
ISO/IEC 14882:2011 (C++11)2011-09'cpplanguage'
A Game of Thrones comic2011-09-21'asongoficeandfire'
Adobe AIR 3.0 released2011-10-03'adobeair'
PS Vita support added2011-11'orochi-engine'
Season 3 first episode2011-11-11'generatorrex'
Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas (TV special)2011-11-24'iceage-series'
Ben 10/Generator Rex: Heroes United crossover special2011-11-25'ben10' 'generatorrex'
Iraq War ends, occupying forces withdraw2011-12'iraqwar'
Ada 20122012'adalang'
Blood-C: The Last Dark film2012'bloodplus'
Book 14: A Memory of Light2012'wheeloftime'
End-of-Life Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat2012'ubuntu'
Humble Store widget launched2012'humblestore' 'indie'
Ice Age: Continental Drift (film)2012'iceage-series'
John Carter of Mars2012'pixar'
Resident Evil: Retribution film2012'residentevil'
Rise of the Guardians (film)2012'dreamworks'
The Amazing Spider-Man (movie)2012'marvel' 'spiderman'
The Avengers (movie)2012'marvel' 'marvelavengers'
The Dark Knight Rises2012'batman' 'dccomics'
Unity 3.52012-02'unity-engine'
Ben 10: Ultimate Alien season 2 finale2012-03-31'ben10'
Legend of Korra first episode2012-04'avatarthelastairbender'
Vista's planned end of support by MS2012-04-10'winvista'
Men in Black 3 (film)2012-05'meninblack-series'
Prometheus movie2012-05'alienmovie'
GameMaker: Studio released2012-05-22'gamemaker'
Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted (film)2012-06-08'dreamworks' 'madagascar-series'
OpenGL ES 3.02012-08'opengl'
Ben 10: Omniverse started2012-08-01'ben10'
DirectX 11.12012-08-01'directx11'
OpenGL 4.32012-08-06'opengl'
Always-on requirement dropped for future Uplay titles2012-09'uplay'
Oculus Rift Kickstarter campaign2012-09'oculusrift' 'vrgoggles'
iOS 6.0 released2012-09-19'ios' adds Mac support2012-10-18'gog'
Windows 8 released2012-10-26'microsoftwindows' 'win8'
Unity 4.02012-11'unity-engine'
BitComposer acquired video game rights to S.T.A.L.K.E.R.2012-12'stalker-series'
Linux client open beta2012-12-20'steampowered'
EA acquires exclusive license for Star Wars2013'starwars'
Evil Dead film and series reboot2013'evildead'
Iron Man 32013'ironman' 'marvel'
Kickstarter for cheap consumer 3D printer successful2013'3dprinting'
Man of Steel2013'dccomics' 'superman'
Mantle API announced2013'mantleapi'
Shadowrun 5th edition2013'shadowrun'
The Wolverine2013'marvel' 'wolverine' 'xmen'
Thor: The Dark World2013'marvel'
Linux client proper release2013-02'steampowered'
Torque 2.0, MIT License2013-02-05'torque2d'
Steam Early Access launched2013-03'alphafunding' 'steampowered'
End-of-Life Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron2013-04'ubuntu'
Ouya retail launch2013-04-04'ouya'
Gearbox acquired the Homeworld IP2013-04-22'homeworld-series' 'Gearbox Software'
Unity iOS/Android add-ons made free2013-05-21'unity-engine'
Star Trek Into Darkness (movie)2013-06'startrek'
Primachine novel2013-06-24'primeworld'
64-bit support for titles on Linux2013-07'steampowered'
E-sports recognized as professional sport in U.S.2013-07us'esports'
Stardock acquired the Star Control IP2013-07'starcontrol' 'Toys For Bob' 'Stardock(Stardock Corporation;Stardock Systems;Stardock Entertainment)'
SDL 2.0.02013-08-11'sdl' 'sdl2'
iOS 7.0 released2013-09-18'ios'
Adobe AIR 4.0 released2013-10-30'adobeair'
Humble Store daily sales launched2013-11'humblestore'
12th Doctor2014'doctorwho'
Brazil2014br'soccer' 'worldcup'
Guardians of the Galaxy2014'marvel'
SteamVR announced and beta started2014'oculusrift' 'vrgoggles'
The Amazing Spider-Man 22014'marvel' 'spiderman'
X-Men: Days of Future Past2014'marvel' 'xmen'
Captain America: The Winter Soldier2014-03-13'captainamerica' 'marvel' 'marvelavengers'
Oculus VR Inc was bought by Facebook for US$2 billion2014-03-25us'oculusrift' 'vrgoggles'
WinXP planned end of support2014-04-08'winvista' 'winxp'
Torque 3.02014-05-01'torque2d'
Unity 4.52014-05-27'unity-engine'
GameMaker: Studio free edition released2014-06-06'gamemaker'
Bitsquid acquired by Autodesk2014-06-09'bitsquid' 'stingrayengine'
D&D 5th edition published2014-07'dnd' 'dnd5e'
The International 2014 ends with 10 million USD prize pool2014-07'esports'
OpenGL 4.52014-08-11'opengl' adds Linux suport.2014-08-19'gog'
iOS 8.0 released2014-09-17'ios'
Avengers: Age of Ultron (movie)2015'marvel' 'marvelavengers'
Ouya tech and employees bought by Razer, platform discontinued2015'ouya'
Star Wars: The Force Awakens2015'starwars'
Vulkan API announced2015'mantleapi' 'opengl' 'vulkanapi'
Win7's planned end of support by MS2015-01-13'win7'
Unity 5.0 2015-03-03'unity-engine' 'unity5-engine'
End-of-Life Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Lucid Lynx2015-04'ubuntu'
Legacy GameSpy server shutdown2015-05-31'gamespy'
Windows 10 projected release2015-07-29'microsoftwindows' 'win10'
iOS 9.0 released2015-09-16'ios'
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice2016'batman' 'dccomics' 'superman'
Deadpool2016'deadpool' 'marvel' 'xmen'
Doctor Strange2016'marvel'
Rio de Janeiro2016'olympic'
X-Men: Apocalypse2016'marvel' 'xmen'
MAME becomes fully FOSS relicensed2016-03-04'mame'
NVidia adds support for Vulkan with their 364.51 driver2016-03-08'vulkanapi'
Captain America: Civil War2016-04-12'captainamerica' 'marvel' 'marvelavengers'
Star Trek Beyond (movie)2016-07-07'startrek'
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story2016-10-16'starwars'
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 22017'marvel'
Justice League2017'batman' 'dccomics' 'justiceleague' 'superman'
Logan2017'marvel' 'wolverine' 'xmen'
Spider-Man Homecoming2017'marvel' 'spiderman'
Thor: Ragnarok2017'avengers' 'hulk' 'marvel'
Star Trek: Discovery Season 12017-09-24'startrek'
The Punisher - season 12017-11-17'marvel' 'thepunisher'
13th Doctor2017-12-25'doctorwho'
Ant-Man and the Wasp2018'marvel'
Black Panther2018'marvel'
Deadpool 22018'deadpool' 'marvel' 'xmen'
Avengers: Infinity War (movie)2018-04-27'marvel' 'marvelavengers'
Missile Event2018-06-30'fortnite'
Butterfly event2018-11-04'fortnite'
The Punisher - season 22019'marvel' 'thepunisher'
Star Trek: Discovery Season 22019-01-17'startrek'
Marshmello event2019-02-03'fortnite'