.NET Framework

Software entity

Uses the .NET Framework or its open-source implementation, Mono. Usually seen in use with C# programming language, but this is not mandatory.


Alternate names: Mono Project
Name variations: dotNet

The first video game about .NET Framework was released on September 2003.

Electronic Arts, Kalypso Media Digital and Cellar Door Games has published most of these games

Some .NET games may experience crashes or other smaller quirks after CPU change. To fix this on Windows platforms, locate the related `ngen.exe´ file(s) on the OS drive and run them with `update´ command-line option. This will cause the .NET assemblies to be recompiled where necessary and possibly resolve crashes caused by optimizations for the old CPU that are incompatible with the new CPU.

There's also a cleanup tool for it: blogs.msdn.com/b/astebner/archive/2008/08/28/8904493.aspx (go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=121918)
* C# language
* C++/CLI
* Managed C++ (deprecated)