XNA Framework

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Made with and uses the XNA framework by Microsoft, a set of tools and a runtime for game development. Or the Mono.XNA open-source and cross-platform re-implementations of the API.


Alternate names: Mono.XNA, Microsoft XNA, XNA Game Studio

The first video game about XNA Framework was released on March 11, 2008.

Cellar Door Games, Arrowhead Game Studios and Brushfire Games has published most of these games

Cross-platform support for Windows, X360, Zune, and Windows Phone 7.

Mono.XNA is an open-source implementation of the API for other platforms.

Originally XNA stood for `Xbox New Architecture´, but has since been redefined as `XNA is Not an Acronym´.

Games coded with XNA are either in C# or VB.NET.

FNA is a free cross-platform runtime library to replace XNA runtimes now that Microsoft has clarified that it has no interest in supporting independent developers who use XNA.
* .NET framework
* C# language

* SlimDX - a more general purpose library with similar feature set.
* MonoGame

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Windows 43
Linux 21
X360 6
Mac OS X 1
PS3 1
PS4 1
PS Vita 1

By year

0405060708091011121314151617 1648120 ABCDEF
A2004 - XNA toolset announced
B2006 - XNA tech preview released
C2007 - XNA Game Studio 2.0 released
D2008 - XNA Game Studio 3.0 released
E2009 - XNA Game Studio 3.1 released
F2010 - XNA Game Studio 4.0 released

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