Demo available

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Has a playable demo/trial version publicly available.


Alternate name: Trial version available

The first video game about Demo available was released in 1982.

My Game Company, Hanako Games and Ubisoft has published most of these games

* Time-limited demos (Time trials) - the kind that forcibly quits after set time, such as 10-30 minutes - still apply as long as they allow the player to repeat this as many times as possible (no matter how futile it is). Some may be limited to 30-60 minutes but do not allow repetition.

* Non-playable demos do not count as they're effectively the same as ads or trailers.
* Demos that are available only for a short time do not count either (such as the Left 4 Dead demo which was available only for a week before release after which it was permanently disabled and made unavailable).
* Multiplayer demos for primarily single-player games do NOT count.
* Non-free demos do NOT count either.

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