Software entity

A Python based game engine for visual novels.


Alternate name: Ren'Py Visual Novel Engine

The first video game about Ren'Py was released in 2004.

Winter Wolves, Sekai Project and Stw Projects has published most of these games

Ren'py is most often used for visual novels and therefore thought of as a specialized and simple game engine not suitable for anything else. But it is quite capable of any type of game. There are some complex RPGs, Simulation, Action, and Strategy games made using it. It will even do Wolfenstein 3D type (ray casting) graphics. But possibly the most impressive use of Ren'py is IIOS, a full desktop environment with multitasking, windows, picture viewer, movie player, IRC client, minesweeper and other games, web browser, and media player that is partially WinAmp compatible.