Hardware entity

Requires or supports mouse type pointer devices or anything that mimics it, such as trackballs and tablets in mouse mode.

Primarily when mouse is unusual, but also for other cases where mouse is the primary or only controller used (unless it is the only controller available on the platform).

Such as, Win3.1 and Win32/64 are often perceived as keyboard+mouse platforms, but there are games where only one of the controllers is actually used, or the other only intermittently.

The first Mouse video game was released in 1959.

Sierra On-Line, The Learning Company and NanningsGames published most of these games.

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MS-DOS 263
Linux 261
Windows 157
Mac OS Classic 147
Win3.1 99
PS 93
Amiga 57
Atari ST 54
Mac OS X 44
Apple IIGS 32
Apple II E 19
Tandy Coco 8
NEC PC9801 7
Amiga AGA 6
C128 5
OS/2 5
Mega Drive 5
Saturn 4
ZX Spectrum 4
Flash 4
Archimedes 4
C64 3
Internet Only 2
Atari 400/800 2
Commodore PET 1
NEC PC8801 1
BeOS 1
Apple III 1
Amstrad PCW 1

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