Hardware theme

Sega Activator Ring controllerThe Activator is a sensor ring the player stands in. Feet or hands at various heights equate buttons. Some games have a specific Activator mode.1993 / 19944 games
BatterUp motion sensing baseball bat controller1992 / 199612 games
Boomerang controllerA wireless, motion sensing controller for Zeebo.2009 / 201012 games
DatagloveSupports any type of dataglove, or a specific model.2001 / 20023 games
Driving ControllersGames that use the Atari Driving Controllers. They are rotary spinners can turn infinitely in either direction and have one button.1977 / 20004 games
Dual-analog gamepadSupports a dual-analog gamepad.1997 / 20073 games
Foot Craz controllerGames that use the Foot Craz controller.2 games
GamepadSupports basic gamepad controller with 4 directional buttons and 4 action buttons, possibly includes start and select buttons not used in normal play.1982 / 2018157 games
Joyboard controllerThe Joyboard controller was made to stand on. The player would lean to control the action onscreen. It was notoriously inaccurate.3 games
JoystickUses a joystick.1976 / 20181250 games
KeyboardRequires or supports any type of a keyboard type controller.1970 / 20182317 games
Keypad ControllerGame uses Atari CX-23 Kids Controller, CX-50 Keyboard Controllers, CX-21 Video Touch Pad, or compatible pads. Layout is same on all, overlays incompatible1978 / 198816 games
Light gun controllerInterchangeable with a lightpen controller on some systems.1972 / 2012103 games
Mindlink controllerA headband that can sense nerve impulses under the skin. Basically works by twitching eyebrows. Atari claimed it read the player's thoughts.1983 / 19842 games
Motion controllerscontainer group
MouseRequires or supports mouse type pointer devices or anything that mimics it, such as trackballs and tablets in mouse mode.1981 / 20191042 games
Multi keyboardSupports multiple keyboards simultaneously.2007 / 20118 games
Multi pointerSupports multiple pointer devices, such as mice, simultaneously.2007 / 201211 games
Multi-touch screenSupports or requires a multi-touch screen. A screen that tracks multiple touch signals on its surface instead of just one.2010 / 20126 games
Paddle coltrollersGames using paddles. A type of steering wheel. Many came in sets of two 1-button paddles per port. Some paddles are compatible with many systems1977 / 2016106 games
Power GloveThe Power Glove was a budget version of a VR dataglove for the NES. It tracked the players hand in 3D space (XYZ), roll, yaw, and bend of 2 fingers.1989 / 19904 games
Puffer exercise bike controllerThe Puffer was an exercise bike that worked with certain Atari 5200 games.1982 / 19834 games
A wheel like controller with unlimited spin1977 / 20126 games
Voice controlUses voices or speech to completely or partially control the game.1984 / 201622 games
Wheel controllerSupports or requires a wheel controller.1975 / 20168 games
Wii Balance Board2007 / 201317 games
Wiimote2008 / 201414 games
Wii Nunchuk2006 / 201017 games
Wii WheelAt least 1 control mode intends the wiimote to be wielded & tilted horizontally. Normally, but not required, it is inserted into a wheel shaped shell.2 games
Wii Zapper2007 / 20097 games