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Controlled Harmonic InterferenceSome early computers emit algorithmically manipulatable AM band RF interference that can be used for sound FX and music.notifications1977 / 19844 games
Firebee (Coldfire)Product of the Atari Coldfire Project. Firebee is a backward compatible modern computer platform based on the Atari's 16/32-bit series of computersnotifications2002 / 20124 games
1:1 aspect ratioSupports 1:1 display aspect ratio.notifications1 game
12:3 aspect ratioSupports 12:3 display aspect ratio.notifications2003 / 20092 games
15:10 aspect ratioSupports 15:10 display aspect ratio.notifications1 game
15:9 aspect ratioSupports 15:9 display aspect ratio.notifications1 game
16:10 aspect ratio (1.60:1;8:5)Supports 16:10 display aspect ratio.notifications1991 / 201779 games
16:9 aspect ratio (1.77:1;1.78:1)Supports 16:9 display aspect ratio.notifications1994 / 2021161 games
17:10 aspect ratioSupports 17:10 display aspect ratio.notifications2014 / 20154 games
2 sets of paddlesGames that use 2 sets of CX30 paddles as an option or required. Generally used for 4 player games.notifications1977 / 200611 games
2:1 aspect ratio (2.00:1;1:0.50)Supports 2:1 display aspect ratio.notifications1 game
2.8 inch floppy diskComes on one or more 2.8 inch magnetic floppy disks. This format was also known as "Quick Disk" and created by company Mitsumi. 2.8" disks can be packaged in a 3"x3" or 3"x4" housing.notifications1984 / 19852 games
3:1 aspect ratioSupports 3:1 display aspect ratio.notifications1 game
3D Pulfrich EffectTakes advantage of a binocular perception quirk whereby horizontally moving objects are seen by 1 eye moments before the other, enhanced by 1 dark lensnotifications1990 / 19933 games
4-Way Play, 4-player adapterElectronic Arts made an adapter box to plug into both ports of a compatible Megadrive for 4 ports total. [game=#9819]Few[/game] 4wp games are [gametag=teamplay]Team Play[/gametag] compatiblenotifications1992 / 199737 games
4:1 aspect ratioSupports 4:1 display aspect ratio.notifications1 game
4:3 aspect ratio (1.33:1;1:0.75)Supports 4:3 display aspect ratio.notifications1991 / 2021273 games
5:3 aspect ratioSupports 5:3 display aspect ratio.notifications1 game
5:4 aspect ratio (1.25:1;1:0.8)Supports 5:4 display aspect ratio.notifications1999 / 201528 games
6 Button Arcade Pad(Sega Mega Drive Six Button Control Pad;Fighting Pad 6B;ファイティングパッド6B)Games can benefit from the 6 Button Arcade Pad, a new model of controller released by Sega in 1993 which added 4 buttons to the original standard Mega Drive pad.notifications1992 / 2019126 games
6502 CPUA simplified/cost reduced clone of the Motorola 6800 designed by the designers of the 6800. It enjoyed some popularly for a few decades.notifications1977 / 19833 games
6522 Sound CircuitCan use the 6522 userport sound circuit designed by Hal Chamberlin.notifications2 games
68000 CPURuns on 680[b][i]0[/i][/b]0 CPUs specifically (as opposed to 68020, 68030, 68040, etc)notifications1984 / 2005321 games
68000 Series CPURuns on machines with 68000 based CPUs. Use this tag for games on platforms that can have different CPUs. For instance, Macs can use a 68k, PPC, or x86 CPU.notifications1984 / 20191905 games
68020 CPURuns on 68020 CPUs specifically.notifications1984 / 199792 games
68030 CPURuns specifically on 68030 CPUsnotifications1986 / 2018129 games
68040 CPURuns on 68040 CPUs specifically.notifications1990 / 2004158 games
6809 CPUAn 8-bit/16-bit 1-40MHz CPU related to the 6800 & 6802. While it could run 6800 code, the 6800 could not run 6809 code. 6802 code was also different.notifications1982 / 20072 games
68HC000 CPURuns on 68HC000 CPUs specifically. A CMOS version of the 68000 causing significantly less power drain and heat and highly tolerant to interference.notifications1987 / 19915 games
68LC040 CPURuns on 68LC040 CPUs specifically. A low cost version of the 68040 lacking an FPU (Floating-Point Unit).notifications1991 / 19969 games
8:3 Aspect ratioSupports 8:3 display aspect ratio.notifications1992 / 20032 games
A wheel like controller with unlimited spinnotifications1977 / 20126 games
Agenda PDATouted as the world's first "Pure Linux PDA". Multiple Linux games were packaged specifically for it.notifications1998 / 20015 games
Aladdin Deck EnhancerAn adapter containing all components common to Camerica carts. Games for it were smaller & cheaper since most chips did not need to be in every cart.notifications1991 / 19938 games
Alpha CPU architecture & platform (DEC Alpha;Alpha AXP)notifications1983 / 201158 games
amBXSupports the amBX hardware that mainly produces colored light around the player's monitor, supposedly improving immersion. Originally by Philips.notifications2001 / 201620 games
Amiga 1000Runs on an Amiga 1000.notifications1989 / 19913 games
Amiga 2000Runs on an Amiga 2000notifications1989 / 200526 games
Amiga 500Runs on an Amiga 500.notifications1989 / 200526 games
Amstrad PCThe Amstrad PC range of computers were mostly IBM-DOS compatible. These games may run on any DOS based computer but were packaged & marketed for the Amstrad PC. The Amstrad PC range had some improved graphics modes specific to their own platform. Notabnotifications1984 / 19878 games
Amstrad PCWA word-processor focused machine running BASIC and CP/M and Games (the only legitimate use of a computer)notifications1985 / 201232 games
Anaglyphic (Red/cyan glasses)[red/blue glasses]Stereoscopic display achieved by viewer(s) wearing glasses with red filter on one eye & cyan filter on the other, matching alternating images on screen.notifications1982 / 201538 games
Apple ][Designed for the original Apple ][ (no e c + or such). Will likely work on on later models.notifications1977 / 2016313 games
Apple ///Compatible with the original model Apple ///notifications2 games
Apple I (Apple 1)Games for the original Apple Computer, retroactively named the Apple I (Apple 1).notifications1976 / 201230 games
Apple IIcThe games are supported specifically on apple ][c based machines.notifications1983 / 201979 games
Apple IIc plusThese games, according to the publisher, take advantage of the unique hardware features of the Apple IIc plus.notifications1985 / 199011 games
Apple IIeThese games are supported specifically on Apple IIe based machinesnotifications1981 / 2019174 games
Apple IIgsThese Apple ][ games are supported specifically on Apple IIgs based machines running in "IIe mode".notifications1985 / 201921 games
Apple IIplus (Apple II+)These games are supported specifically on Apple IIplus based machinesnotifications1977 / 2004239 games
Apple iPod platformApple's prime directive would seem to be 'It must play Breakout'. Newton, I mean iPod, is their latest creation that also plays Breakout, as well as other games.notifications2003 / 201250 games
ARM CPU using little-endian architecturenotifications1997 / 201119 games
ARM CPU with an FPURuns on ARM CPUs with floating-point hardware (an FPU or co-processor).notifications1997 / 201111 games
ARM64Requires or runs on ARM64, an extension of the ARM architecture that supports 64-bit processing.notifications1997 / 201415 games
Atari 1200XL compatibleRuns on the Atari 1200XL.notifications1982 / 198512 games
Atari 400 compatibleRuns on the Atari 400.notifications1980 / 201640 games
Atari 520ST compatibleRuns on the Atari 520ST.notifications1985 / 199111 games
Atari 800 compatibleRuns on the Atari 800.notifications1980 / 201651 games
Atari Flashback 2.0 game consoleGames for Flashback 2.0 standalone system. Includes many Atari 2600 & 7800 games, prototypes, homebrews, hacks, & some games exclusivea to the Fb2.0notifications1977 / 200542 games
Atari Flashback 3.0 game consoleGames for Flashback 3.0 standalone system, released in 2011.notifications1977 / 200560 games
Atari OS-B (Atari ROM Revision A)These game will run on an Atari 8-bit system only if it has OS-B or later.notifications1 game
Atari STmouseBecause some games use mice from entirely different platformsnotifications1980 / 201620 games
Atari XE Gun (Atari Light Pen)A lightgun for Atari 8-bit computers, 2600 & 7800. OR, an Atari Light Pen that sends an identical signal. A few games for each system were created.notifications1985 / 199821 games
Atari XEGS consoleGames were packaged and marketed separate for XEGS even though they often would run on a 65XE also. The XEGS is the most widely compatible Atari 8-bit made.notifications1981 / 199023 games
AtariVox Speech SynthesizerPlugs into the right controller port and provides 32K storage, speech capabilities, and advanced sound capabilities.notifications2005 / 20197 games
Aureal 3D (A3D)A 3D positional audio API that competed with EAX before being bought out by Creative.notifications1998 / 200630 games
AVR32 CPU architectureRequires or runs on AVR32-based 32-bit RISC microprocessor CPU architecture.notifications1999 / 20037 games
AWNET online systemFor arcade games.1 game
BatterUp motion sensing baseball bat controllernotifications1992 / 199613 games
Battery life(Battery charge)Displays how much battery charge the device the game is running on has remaining.notifications2012 / 20155 games
Binary color[binary colour]Uses two colors exclusively with no shades in-between.notifications1975 / 2021530 games
BoosterGrip controller accessoryGames compatible with the BoosterGrip controller accessory. Designed to fit the Atari VCS joystick, but useful for other systems using the same port.notifications1983 / 20002 games
Camputers LynxAn 8-bit Z80A based computer running at 4 or 6z. Cassette drive & Floppy option (CP/M).notifications1983 / 198566 games
Casio E-10x platformA Palm-sized PC, the successor to the E-1x line.2 games
Casio E-50x platformA Palm-sized PC, the successor to the E-10x line.1 game
Cassette Port SoundSome early systems had no sound hardware at all. But they had a data cassette I/O port that could be abused to output sound.notifications1981 / 198334 games
CD32 PlatformThe specialized game platform based on the Amiga computer hardware. These games may run on the computer but were packaged & marketed for the console.notifications1986 / 2007133 games
Coleco ADAM computer platformPromised as an add-on for the Colecovision but turned out to be impractical. Coleco fulfilled their promise anyhow before making stand-alone ADAMs.notifications1982 / 2014288 games
Coleco Mini-ArcadeAn authorised series of stand-alone tabletop game units that mimicked the look and feel of the fullsized coin-ops that were clones of.notifications1981 / 19836 games
Colecovision Super ControllerRequires or take full advantage of the Colecovision Super Controller functionnalities, a special controller that includes 12 buttons, 4 triggers, 1 "speed roller" and 1 joystick.notifications1983 / 19842 games
Color Dreams SuperCart development systemThe development system created by Dan Lawton to create [gametag=colordreamssupercart]SuperCart[/gametag] games.notifications1 game
Color: 15 bit (555;5i;Hicolor)notifications1996 / 20017 games
Color: 16 bit (RGB565)notifications1989 / 201661 games
Color: 2-bitFour colors (Typically, black is one of them)notifications1983 / 201935 games
Color: 24 bit(RGB888;RGB8;8i;True color)notifications1995 / 20158 games
Color: 32 bit (RGBA8888;8i;True color;RGBA8)A color mode where each color exists as 8 bit integer with added 8 bit alpha channel.notifications1997 / 201835 games
Color: 4-bitnotifications1978 / 202198 games
Color: 6 bit (64 colors)notifications1 game
Color: 8 bit (256 colors;Indexed color;Palettized color)notifications1984 / 20181235 games
ComLynx Serial CommunicationUses ComLynx UART serial hardware. Intended to connect multiple units for simultaneous multiplayer.notifications1989 / 200035 games
Composite VideoSpecifically displayable on composite video displays. Unusual on some systems.notifications1983 / 19892 games
Computer graphicsAnything relating to specifically computer graphics, such as computer graphics adapters.list_alt0 game
Control OverlayGame originally included overlay(s) for keyboard(s), keypad(s) or controller(s) to show players how to use controls.notifications1981 / 199311 games
Control schemesIncludes choice of different methods of controlling the game with the same controller (besides of remapping buttons or such) .notifications2011 / 20144 games
Controllerslist_alt0 game
CP/M-80A CP/M game that requires a Z80 CPU or compatible.notifications1981 / 19823 games
CP/M-86A CP/M game that requires an Intel x86 CPU or compatible.notifications1981 / 19823 games
CPU 68060Runs specifically on 68060 CPUsnotifications1999 / 20002 games
CPU z80Runs on a z80 CPU specificlynotifications1972 / 198293 games
Custom aspect ratioAllows user to separately define the aspect ratio of used pixel resolution, allowing display on devices with non-standard pixel size (e.g. rectangular pixels instead of square).notifications2003 / 20096 games
Custom controllerSupports and likely requires a custom controller which also likely is included with the game.notifications1984 / 201311 games
CVC GameLinePublished on the Gameline service for the CVC Gameline modem cartridge.notifications1978 / 200277 games
Dance pad (Dance mat;Dance platform)notifications1989 / 201657 games
Data General Eclipse MV computer platformsA multitasking computer with virtual memory designed to outdo the PDP-11.notifications1 game
Data General Nova minicomputerDG made this 16-bit single rack-mount machine in 1969. Replaced same year by SuperNova. It automated tasks for the 1st CAT scan machine and played STAR TREK. Influenced designs of Xerox Alto & Apple I.notifications1972 / 19742 games
Dataglove (Cyberglove)Supports any type of dataglove, or a specific model.notifications2001 / 20023 games
DEC StrongARM CPUA "high-performance" version of the ARM CPU using the ARM v4 instruction set.1 game
DEC VAXAn 32-bit complex instruction set computer (CISC) instruction set architecture by Digital Equipment Corporation. Many DEC CPUs were compatible.notifications2 games
DECSYSTEM-20 platformThis was a DEC PDP-10, 36-bit mainframe that ran the TOPS-20 OS.notifications1 game
Designed specifically for the Wii U consolenotifications2013 / 20173 games
Development Hardware no longer available to the copyright holderThe developer sold, or dismantled, modified, or otherwise no longer has access to the original development hardware specific to non-portable source codenotifications1994 / 19974 games
Development system used had PowerPC architecture.These games were developed in part or whole using at least 1 machine that used PowerPC architecture.notifications1 game
Development System used was a Jaguar ServerThese games were developed in part or whole using at least 1 Jaguar Server3 games
Development System used was a KIM-1These games were developed in part or whole using at least 1 KIM-1 computer.notifications1976 / 19783 games
Development System used was a Kontron Development SystemThese games were developed in part or whole using at least 1 Kontron Development Systemnotifications1985 / 20083 games
Development System used was a Psygnosis PSY-QThese games were developed in part or whole using at least 1 PSY-Qnotifications1 game
Development System used was a Rocket Science Production Mission ControlThese games were developed in part or whole using at least 1 Mission Controlnotifications1991 / 19922 games
Development System used was an Action ReplayThese games were developed in part or whole using at least 1 Action Replay1 game
Development System used was an Amiga ComputerThese games were developed in part or whole using at least 1 Amiga computernotifications1991 / 19955 games
Development System used was an Apple 2 series computer.These games were developed in part or whole using at least 1 Apple ][ computer system.notifications1978 / 202022 games
Development System used was an Apple IIgsGame was developed in part or whole on an Apple IIgs computer.notifications1 game
Development System used was an Apple iMacThese games were developed in part or whole using at least 1 Apple iMac.notifications1 game
Development System used was an Apple LisaThese games were developed in part or whole using at least 1 Apple Lisa computer system.notifications1982 / 19875 games
Development System used was an Atari 16-bit computerThese games were developed in part or whole using at least 1 Atari 16-bit series of computernotifications1984 / 19945 games
Development System used was an Atari 32-bit computerThese games were developed in part or whole using at least 1 Atari 32-bit series of computer0 game
Development System used was an IBM 1130 computer systemThese games were developed in part or whole using at least 1 IBM 1130notifications1976 / 19783 games
Development System used was an IBM Thinkpad running LinuxThese games were developed in part or whole using at least 1 IBM Thinkpad running a Linux operating system.notifications2006 / 20152 games
Development System used was an Intelligent Systems Super Nintendo Emulator SEThese games were developed in part or whole using at least 1 of these systemsnotifications1 game
Development System used was IBM-PC with a 80286 CPUThese games were developed in part or whole using at least 1 286 IBM compatible PCnotifications2 games
Development System used was IBM-PC with a 80386 CPUThese games were developed in part or whole using at least 1 386 IBM compatible PCnotifications1992 / 19932 games
Development System used was IBM-PC with a 80486 CPUThese games were developed in part or whole using at least 1 486 IBM compatible PCnotifications1992 / 19932 games
Development System used was Macintosh QuadraThese games were developed in part or whole using at least 1 Macintosh Quadranotifications1993 / 19953 games
Development System used was Macintosh SEThese games were developed in part or whole using at least 1 Macintosh SEnotifications1993 / 19953 games
Development System used was Sculptured Software SFX2+These games were developed in part or whole using at least 1 SFX2+notifications1 game
Development System used was SGI OnyxThese games were developed in part or whole using at least 1 SGI Onyx based machinenotifications1995 / 19972 games
Digital-to-Analog ConverterUses a Digital-to-Analog Converter add-on.notifications1 game
DirectX 10 (DX10)Supports or requires DX10 compliant hardware. Possibly only the run-time in case no hardware acceleration is used.notifications2003 / 2021112 games
DirectX 11Supports or requires DX11 compliant hardware & installed DX11 libraries. Possibly needs only the run-time in case no hardware acceleration is used.notifications2004 / 2021146 games
DirectX 12Supports or requires DX12 compliant hardware. Possibly needs only the run-time in case no hardware acceleration is used.notifications2016 / 20185 games
DirectX 6Supports or requires DX6 compliant hardware. Possibly only the run-time in case no hardware acceleration is used.notifications1998 / 201478 games
DirectX 7 (DX7)Supports or requires DX7 compliant hardware. Possibly only the run-time in case no hardware acceleration is used.notifications1995 / 2014142 games
DirectX 8 (DX8)Supports or requires DX8 compliant hardware. Possibly only the run-time in case no hardware acceleration is used.notifications1997 / 2013258 games
DirectX 9 (DX9)Supports or requires DX9 compliant hardware. Possibly needs only the run-time in case no hardware acceleration is used.notifications1996 / 2021953 games
Display 2160pDesigned to display optimally on progressive scan 2160 (NTSC) compliant monitor. Often called [i][b]4K[/b][/i].notifications2 games
Display ResolutionsA collection of groups related to didplay resolutionlist_alt0 game
Display-1366x768Designed to display optimally at 1366x768 resolution. On a display using square pixels, this mode is approximately a 0.0488% deviation from a 16:9 rationotifications2001 / 20194 games
Display: 1024x768Designed to display optimally at 1024x768 resolution.notifications1991 / 201972 games
Display: 1080p (1920×1080)[FHD;Full HD;FullHD]Designed to display optimally on 1080 display mode (1920×1080, 16:9) and possibly on higher.notifications2008 / 201928 games
Display: 128x192notifications1 game
Display: 128x96notifications1982 / 19833 games
Display: 140x192notifications1984 / 19852 games
Display: 160x192notifications1 game
Display: 160x200notifications1 game
Display: 256x192notifications1982 / 199019 games
Display: 320x192notifications1986 / 19884 games
Display: 320x200Designed to display optimally at 320x200 resolution.notifications1983 / 201881 games
Display: 320x225notifications1 game
Display: 320x240Designed to display optimally at 320x240 resolution.notifications1995 / 201620 games
Display: 320x256notifications1983 / 19914 games
Display: 320x400On obscured mode of the VGA standard that allows 256 colors dispute being beyond 'the limit' for displaying 256 colors.notifications1986 / 19977 games
Display: 32x16notifications3 games
Display: 400x300notifications1 game
Display: 40x48Often associated with the Apple II series PC. 40x48 mode was called "lo-res", full screen (no text), & 15 real colors (16th color was a duplicated)notifications1977 / 202023 games
Display: 480i(525 lines;NTSC)Designed to display optimally on interlaced 480 (NTSC) compliant monitor using 525 lines (480 visible) at 30 frames per second.0 game
Display: 480p(525 lines;NTSC)Designed to display optimally on progressive scan 480 (NTSC) compliant monitor using 525 lines (480 visible) at 24 or 30 frames per second.notifications1 game
Display: 480x320notifications3 games
Display: 480x360notifications1 game
Display: 512x384notifications1991 / 19982 games
Display: 640x192notifications1 game
Display: 640x225notifications1 game
Display: 640x256notifications1985 / 200015 games
Display: 640x400notifications1986 / 20188 games
Display: 640x480Designed to display optimally at 640x480 resolution and possibly above.notifications1991 / 2018185 games
Display: 640x512notifications1 game
Display: 64x128notifications1 game
Display: 64x192notifications1981 / 19847 games
Display: 64x32notifications3 games
Display: 720p (1280x720)[HD]Designed to display optimally on 720 display mode (1280x720, 16:9) and possibly on higher.notifications2008 / 201942 games
Display: 792pnotifications2 games
Display: 800x600Designed to display optimally at 800x600 resolution and possibly above.notifications1994 / 201782 games
Display: 80x40Associated with the Apple II series. Called "Double LoRes"; Several text lines at the bottom. 15 real colors. Only on IIGS, IIc, IIc+, IIe enhanced.notifications1 game
Display: 80x48Associated with the Apple II series. 80x48 was called "Double LoRes"; fullscreen no text, & 15 real colors. Only on IIGS, IIc, IIc+, & IIe enhanced.notifications2 games
Display: 900p(HD+)Designed to display optimally on 900 display mode (1600x900, 16:9) and possibly on higher.notifications4 games
Display: 960x600notifications1 game
Display: CGA CompositeThese games were deigned to display additional artifact colors (up to 16 total) when used with a composite monitor in CGA mode.notifications1982 / 2018124 games
Display: Extended Graphics Array Display Standard[b]DON'T APPLY THIS TAG[/b] unless you are certain the game actually uses XGA graphics. 1024x768 is a resolution, not a display standard.notifications1995 / 19983 games
Display: IBM 8514 Display StandardA display standard supporting GPUs and blitters originally with resolutions up to 1024x768x256, higher resolutions later. XGA is a superset of 8514.notifications1989 / 19954 games
Display: LightbulbsUses individual lights to display gameplay information.notifications2 games
Display: Olivetti M24 Video Card (AT&T PC 6300 Video Card;Xerox 6060 Video Card)A bus riser card with CGA/EGA type graphics built-in. Strictly for original and re-branded Olivetti M24 systems.notifications1987 / 19893 games
Driving ControllersGames that use the Atari Driving Controllers. They are rotary spinners can turn infinitely in either direction and have one button.notifications1977 / 20004 games
Dual light gunSingle player uses two light guns simultaneously.notifications1990 / 19946 games
Echo Cricket SPUSupports the Cricket external SPU/clock.notifications1 game
Electronic Delay Storage Automatic CalculatorEDSAC games. Computer that used mercury delay lines for memory, derated vacuum tubes for logic, 5-hole punch tape for input & a teleprinter for output0 game
Environmental Audio Extensions (EAX)Any version of Creative's EAX.notifications1998 / 200939 games
Environmental Audio Extensions 1 (EAX 1.0)First iteration of the Creative's EAX.notifications1998 / 200119 games
Environmental Audio Extensions 2 (EAX 2.0)Minimal update from first EAX.notifications1998 / 200933 games
Environmental Audio Extensions 3 (EAX 3.0;EAX Advanced HD)notifications1998 / 200927 games
Environmental Audio Extensions 4 (EAX 4.0)notifications2002 / 200912 games
Environmental Audio Extensions 5 (EAX 5.0)notifications2002 / 20072 games
Exidy Sorcerer PlatformGames for the Exidy Sorcerer platform. Manufactured & supported 1978-1980.notifications1978 / 198128 games
EyeToyDigital camera add-on hardware for the PS2 and PSP. Used for motion tracking, so you can play by moving about rather than using a gamepad of any kind.notifications2003 / 201044 games
EZwebA service which provides various features for mobile phone users, including games, by au in Japan.notifications1 game
Famicom Four-way AdapterThis was one of the options for allowing more than 2 players on the Japanese Famicom. It plugged into the expansion port and adding 2 controller ports notifications1 game
FM Towns MartyFor the FM Towns Marty platform, backwards compatible with FM Towns.notifications1989 / 19924 games
Foot Craz controllerGames that use the Foot Craz controller.notifications2 games
Franklin Ace 1000These games are supported specifically on Franklin Ace 1000 (Apple II clone) machines.notifications1981 / 19873 games
Freedom of Mobile Multimedia Access (FOMA)A Japanese 3G cellphone brand.notifications2005 / 20119 games
Game Boy compatibleReleased as a Game Boy Color game, but also works on the original Game Boy, possibly with some limitations. Typically those games came in a black cartridge.notifications1998 / 200252 games
Game save storageAny tags describing where game saves are stored.list_alt0 game
GE-600 (GE-645) computer platformnotifications17 games
General Instrument AY-3-8500 ICThese games use an AY-3-8500 chip.notifications1976 / 19772 games
Generic LTP DAC SPUSupports generic parallel port resistor ladder hardware. Any Covox Speech Thing, clone or like hardware (Disney Sound Source) will work to some degreenotifications1991 / 19925 games
Generic multitap adapterGames using a multitap to add controller ports. Specific adapters also get their own tags for systems using more than 1 type of incompatible multitapsnotifications1988 / 2016146 games
HDR display(High dynamic range display)Supports actual HDR displays and not just emulate it in software.notifications2016 / 20173 games
Heath H-89 Platform (Zenith H-89;Zenith H-8;Heath H-8)Games run on the Zenith/Heath H-8/H-89 Platform.notifications1978 / 198217 games
High resolutionUses a higher resolution than the platform's standard.notifications1978 / 2020117 games
Honeywell 6000 computer platformnotifications17 games
Horizontal screenScreen is wider than it is tall. Mostly arcades and mobile where both options are available. Do not use when it is the only option.notifications1972 / 20191253 games
HP 1000 & 2000 platform seriesGames run on early HP 2000 series computers later renamed 1000 series.notifications19 games
HP 2000 minicomputer platformGames run on early HP 2000 series computers. 2000A 2000B 2000C 2000C' 2000E 2000F 2000F-200 2000Access 2000System 2116A 2115A 2114A 2100A 2000F 2100Snotifications1972 / 19817 games
HP 264x microcomputer seriesGames for the 2640 series.4 games
HP 3000/e3000 platform seriesGames for the e3000 platform. Manufactured 1973-2001, officially supported until 2008. Supported for 35 years! There has to be many games.notifications1975 / 198730 games
HP-48GX enhancednotifications1 game
HP/PA (Hewlett Packard Precision Architecture;PA-RISC)PA-RISC is a microprocessor architecture developed by Hewlett-Packard's Systems & VLSI Technology Operation. It is a RISC design.notifications1988 / 201194 games
Hybrid discA hybrid disc is a CD-ROM that has multiple file systems, so that it can be used on various system software, for example both Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows based operating systems.notifications2 games
IBM 1130 platformGames for the 1130 platform. Manufactured 1965-02-11 to 1972. Used for much longer.notifications1 game
IBM PCjr platformA budget PC by IBM, scaled down & added a cartridge bus. Games on cart or disk. Designed to be 'home friendly' & 'game friendly'. Quickly discontinuednotifications1982 / 199040 games
Imlac PDS-1 minicomputer1970 graphical minicomputer and terminal, 4096 16-bit word RAM (equivilent to 8mb), vector display. Also light pen, hypertext, & windowing environmentnotifications1 game
Incompatibility: Multi-core CPU(Multi-core processor;Missing thread synchronization)Exhibits issues of varying severity with multicore processors (likely hangs, crashes, or abnormal performance). Usually solved by limiting the game to single core.notifications1999 / 20063 games
Installer Architecture mismatchThe game runs on a CPU architecture that is different from the intaller's CPU architecture.notifications1996 / 19992 games
Intel 8080 CPURuns on 8080 CPUs specifically.notifications1972 / 199399 games
Intel GMA incompatibility issuesExperiences compatibility issues with Intel GMA graphics cards. For non-proprietary non-dedicated systems, this can make the game unusable.notifications1 game
Intellivoice Voice Synthesis Module compatibleA voice synthesizer that generates speech contained in a massive plug-trough cartridge.notifications1981 / 20016 games
Interlaced stereoscopic 3DSupports or uses interlaced stereoscopic display.notifications1 game
IPv4Uses and supports the old 32 bit address space and protocol. Noticeable from the IP addresses being four 8-bit numbers separated by periods.notifications2004 / 20163 games
IPv6Uses and supports 128 bit address space and protocol of the IPv4's successor. Noticeably IP addresses use square brackets surrounded hexadecimal numbers separated by colons.notifications2004 / 20163 games
iQue GBAGame Boy Advance released by iQue Limited in China.notifications2001 / 20037 games
Isis Development SystemThese games were developed in part or whole using at least 1 Isis Development Systemnotifications1 game
J-cart, 4-player cartridgeJ-carts have 2 additional game ports built-in. No need for any additional adapters, only additional gamepadsnotifications1994 / 19966 games
JagLink multiplayer adaptorGenerally an official JagLink cable links 2 units for head-to-head play. Modified cables can be daisy-chained together for connecting up to 256 unitsnotifications1994 / 20024 games
Jam-O-DrumAn game console that uses an overhead projector allowing opponents to see each other face to face.1 game
Joyboard controllerThe Joyboard controller was made to stand on. The player would lean to control the action onscreen. It was notoriously inaccurate.notifications3 games
Joyport Multiplayer adaptorAdds a 2nd gameport to Apple ][ computers with only 1. This allows 2 joysticks, or another set of paddles for up to 4 players.notifications1981 / 19915 games
Kaypro IIGames for the Kaypro II computer system.notifications2 games
Kempston JoystickA non-standard joystick compatible with certain Amstrad PCW and ZX Spectrum games.notifications1983 / 201653 games
Keypad ControllerGame uses Atari CX-23 Kids Controller, CX-50 Keyboard Controllers, CX-21 Video Touch Pad, or compatible pads. Layout is same on all, overlays incompatiblenotifications1978 / 198816 games
KidVid audio player peripheralRequires KidVid, an audio cassette player - invented by Ralph Baer - that communicates with the VCS, adds voice, music & sound FX. Precursor to CD addons.notifications1982 / 19832 games
Koalapad graphics tabletThese games are designed to utilize a Koalapad as a game controller.notifications1983 / 19874 games
Light gun controllerInterchangeable with a lightpen controller on some systems.notifications1972 / 2012104 games
Light PenDesigned to use a light pen through a light pen interface.notifications1978 / 198511 games
Liquid Crystal DisplayAn low power alternative display type that remained two-color and requiring lighting external from the surface for many years.notifications1983 / 199110 games
Lynx Game Sharing SystemGames uses LGSS. A allowing multiple Atari Lynx units to lynxup for multiplayer with only one cartridge.1 game
Matra Alice compatibleThese games will run on the Matra Alice series; clone of Tandy TRS-80 MC-10.notifications1984 / 198639 games
Media in drive (Media check)Requires the game media (CD, DVD, etc.) to remain in drive during play, either to stream content off it during play or to validate the player has a legit copy.notifications1986 / 2015202 games
Media Vision Pro Audio Spectrum (Logitech SoundMan)A terrific sound card with many IBM/PC games supporting it. Disappeared due to a securities fraud investigationnotifications1989 / 199890 games
Media: 3 inch floppy diskComes on 1 or more 3 inch magnetic floppy disks. This format was only used for Amstrad CPC, ZX Spectrum +3, Oric, early Amstrad PCW, & Tatung Einsteinnotifications1983 / 2021277 games
Media: 3½ inch floppy diskComes on one or more 3½ inch magnetic floppy disks.notifications1981 / 20211752 games
Media: 3½ inch Super Drive floppy diskComes on one or more 3½ inch magnetic floppy disks that can only be read in an Apple Super Drive or compatible reader.notifications3 games
Media: 5¼ inch floppy diskComes on one or more 5¼ inch magnetic floppy disks.notifications1976 / 20214279 games
Media: 8 inch floppy diskComes on one or more 8 inch magnetic floppy disks.notifications1976 / 198124 games
Media: cartridgeComes on a ROM cartridge.notifications1977 / 2021818 games
Media: cassette tapeComes on a magnetic audio tape.notifications1976 / 20212745 games
Media: CD-ROMComes on one or more CD-ROMs (Only for systems that allow more than one type of media).notifications1984 / 20212296 games
Media: DVD-9 discComes on one or more dual-layer DVD discs.notifications2002 / 200929 games
Media: DVD-ROMComes on one or more DVD-ROM discs.notifications1995 / 2019379 games
Media: Flash StorageComes on a flash storage device, such as a USB drive or an SD card.notifications2002 / 201812 games
Media: Type-inDistributed as printed computer code intended to be manually typed into computer software capable of running and/or compiling it.notifications1972 / 20031043 games
Memotech MTXA Z80A based computer with built-in support for memory paging and desktop windowing (in 1983).notifications1983 / 2015203 games
Mindlink controllerA headband that can sense nerve impulses under the skin. Basically works by twitching eyebrows. Atari claimed it read the player's thoughts.notifications1983 / 19842 games
MIPS RISC CPU architectureGame runs on platforms using the Microprocessor without Interlocked Pipeline Stages CPUs.notifications1991 / 201136 games
MIPS RISC CPU using little-endian architectureGame runs on platforms using the [b]M[/b]icroprocessor without [b]I[/b]nterlocked [b]P[/b]ipeline [b]S[/b]tages CPUs running with a little-endian endianness.notifications1991 / 201123 games
Mockingboard soundcardGame is compatible with Mockingboard soundcardsnotifications1981 / 201924 games
MOS KIM-1 platformGames for the KIM-1 platform.notifications1976 / 19772 games
Motion controller (Motion sensor;G-sensor)Uses any form of motion controller for gameplay.notifications2006 / 201725 games
Motorola 6800Runs on Motorola 6800 (MC6800) CPUs specifically.notifications1972 / 19752 games
MPU-401 adapterSupports MPU-401 MIDI interface directly. An MPU-401 translate signals to and from MIDI ports for legacy computer systems.notifications1989 / 199828 games
Multiplayer: Asymmetric Controllers RequiredNot all players are able to use the same type of controllers.notifications1 game
Muppet Learning KeysA giant 83 button membrane keypad that could accept overlays or use the default set of colors, numbers, letters, symbols, and muppet characters.notifications1984 / 19916 games
N-Gage QD (N-Gage 2.0)For the N-Gage QD platform.notifications1 game
NASCOM home computer kitsNASCOM games. 1977-83. Included keyboard, video interface, serial port for cassettes, 4MHz! Ideal game platform in an era where few had even 1 of these. Cheaper than VCS.notifications1975 / 198597 games
NES Zapper (Famicom Light Gun)The Zapper is a light gun for the NES. Several less popular & 100% compatible light guns were made for the system also.notifications1984 / 199320 games
Neural-THX SurroundA 7.1 surround sound system from Neural and THX.notifications3 games
NeXTstep platformA computer system created by Steve Jobs after Apple fired him.notifications1988 / 1998150 games
NIMROD platformThis computer was designed to play NIM, that's all it did.notifications1 game
Nintendo PowerA Japan only rewritable flash RAM cartridge with versions for both Super Fmaicom and Game Boy.notifications1992 / 20005 games
Non-standard controllerRecommends or even requires a non-standard controller.notifications2007 / 20113 games
Non-standard port orderControllers and accessories in non-standard ports. Player 1 must use the 2nd controller port, or an accessory for the 2nd port works in the 1st port instead, or similar non-standard nonsense.notifications1980 / 19909 games
Novint Falcon (HaptX Engine)Supports the Novint Falcon 3D haptic controller or has patch available from Novint to add support for it.notifications2004 / 201735 games
Nullmodem Serial CableUses a nullmodem serial cable in some capacity. Most likely for multiplayer.notifications1987 / 19978 games
Nuon (Project X)A technology added to a few DVD players at the time of manufacturing, making it a gaming machine or otherwise improving interactivity of compatible DVDsnotifications1994 / 200536 games
Nvidia 3D VisionSpecifically supports nv 3D Vision, an implementation of stereoscopic 3D that requires specialized hardware (monitor and GPU).notifications2009 / 201215 games
Nvidia ShieldRequires or is "optimized for" the Nvidia Shield.notifications2013 / 20163 games
NX bit conflict[DEP;Data Execution Prevention;XD bit;W^X;PaX;Exec Shield]Has issues with NX bit or other similar implementations being in use.notifications2004 / 20145 games
Ohio Scientific C1P (Ohio Scientific Challenger I+)Games targeting the Ohio Scientific C1P computer system (may work on other OSI machines with or without hacks).notifications1978 / 198261 games
Ohio Scientific C2P (Ohio Scientific Challenger II+)Games targeting the Ohio Scientific C2P computer system (may work on other OSI machines with or without hacks).notifications1977 / 198193 games
Ohio Scientific computersComputers of various intercompatibility by Ohio Scientific active from 1975 to 1981.list_altnotifications1977 / 198213 games
One Laptop Per ChildFor the OLPC platformnotifications1 game
OpenGL 1.1.xRequires or supports OpenGL 1.1 compliant hardware at minimum.notifications2000 / 201611 games
OpenGL 1.2.xRequires or supports OpenGL 1.2 compliant hardware at minimum.notifications2014 / 20175 games
OpenGL 1.3Requires or supports OpenGL 1.3 compliant hardware at minimum.notifications2009 / 20142 games
OpenGL 1.4Requires or supports OpenGL 1.4 compliant hardware at minimum.notifications2016 / 20172 games
OpenGL 1.5Requires or supports OpenGL 1.5 compliant hardware at minimum.notifications2008 / 20144 games
OpenGL 2.0Requires or supports OpenGL 2.0 compliant hardware at minimum.notifications2003 / 201994 games
OpenGL 2.1Requires or supports OpenGL 2.1 compliant hardware at minimumnotifications2008 / 2021104 games
OpenGL 3.0Requires or supports OpenGL 3.0 compliant hardware at minimum.notifications2009 / 2021111 games
OpenGL 3.1Requires or supports OpenGL 3.1 compliant hardware at minimum.notifications6 games
OpenGL 3.2Requires or supports OpenGL 3.2 compliant hardware at minimum.notifications2014 / 202140 games
OpenGL 3.3Requires or supports OpenGL 3.3 compliant hardware at minimum.notifications2014 / 201935 games
OpenGL 4.0Requires or supports OpenGL 4.0 compliant hardware at minimum.notifications2015 / 202110 games
OpenGL 4.1Requires or supports OpenGL 4.1 compliant hardware at minimum.notifications2015 / 20176 games
OpenGL 4.2Requires or supports OpenGL 4.2 compliant hardware at minimum.notifications2016 / 20172 games
OpenGL 4.3Requires or supports OpenGL 4.3 compliant hardware at minimum.notifications2017 / 20212 games
OpenGL 4.4Requires or supports OpenGL 4.4 compliant hardware at minimum.notifications1 game
OpenGL 4.5Requires or supports OpenGL 4.5 compliant hardware at minimum.notifications2016 / 20195 games
Opengl 4.6Requires or supports OpenGL 4.5 compliant hardware.0 game
OpenGL ESRequires or supports OpenGL ES compliant hardware.notifications2 games
Ouya PlatformDesigned for the Android 4.1 based Ouya platform.notifications2013 / 201618 games
Paddle coltrollersGames using paddles. A type of steering wheel. Many came in sets of two 1-button paddles per port. Some paddles are compatible with many systemsnotifications1977 / 2016188 games
PandoraA Linux based portable game console & UMPC developed by former distributors & community members of the GP32 & GP2X handhelds.notifications2003 / 201522 games
Parallel processing (Parallel computing)Games using more than one processor simultaneously. If unusual to the platform. Using non-central processors as CPUs also counts.notifications1984 / 20043 games
PC-88VA platform seriesAn offshoot of the PC-8801 series design. Several games were released for both the 8801 series and 88VA series.notifications1987 / 19909 games
PC3270 Graphics AdapterGraphics adapters from the IBM 3270/5271 PC. A mainframe terminal & standalone PC with Terminal, CGA, & MDA combination cards that occupied 1-3 slots.notifications1 game
Pegasos PlatformRuns on computers based on the Pegasos I or Pegasos II motherboard. This MB is a quasi-amiga clone that also does MacOS, Linux & a variety of PPC OSesnotifications2 games
PHASOR SPUGame is compatible with a PHASOR soundcard in 12 voice mode.notifications1987 / 20202 games
PLATO platform/computer systemA generalized computer assisted instruction system that once had 1000 terminals connected. Ran from the 1960s until 2006.0 game
PlayStation 3 DualShock 3 ControllerThese are designed to interface with a DS3 gamepad.notifications2016 / 20178 games
POKEY chip (C012294 chip)Cartridge contains a multi use chip that handles I/O for potentiometers & keyboards. But can also be used for 4 channel sound FX & music generation.notifications1983 / 20078 games
Power Pad (Family Trainer;Family Fun Fitness)A dance mat game controllernotifications1986 / 19898 games
PowerPC 64-bit CPU ArchitectureRequires or runs on 64-bit PPC or 64-bit PPC-based CPU.notifications1997 / 20108 games
PowerPC CPU architectureRequires or runs on PPC or PPC-based CPU.notifications1984 / 2015709 games
PowerPC e500 CPU ArchitectureA PPC variant optimized for embedding that supports both older and newer PPC specs, and supports multi-core operation.notifications1997 / 201112 games
PR1ME Computer 550 minicomputer16/64-bit, 0.7 MIPS, 1MB RAM, 500MB of disc storage, 9 track tape unit. It notable used segmented virtual memory architecture. Ran PRIMOS by default.1 game
Processor architectures (CPU architectures)list_alt0 game
Proprietary hardwarelist_alt0 game
Protect Disc Copy ProtectionProtect Disc involves damaging the CDs during the manufacturing process before the actual data is replicated or written to them.notifications1 game
ProtectCDProtectCD is assumed to involve damaging the CDs during the manufacturing process before the actual data is replicated or written to them.notifications2 games
ProtectCD-VOB Copy ProtectionProtectCD-VOB is [[tag:ProtectDisc assumed]] to involve damaging the CDs during the manufacturing process before the actual data is replicated or written to them.notifications2000 / 20023 games
PS2 HDD (PlayStation 2 Hard Disk Drive)Can utilize the PS2 expansion bay HDD add-on.notifications2002 / 20063 games
Puffer exercise bike controllerThe Puffer was an exercise bike that worked with certain Atari 5200 games.notifications1982 / 19834 games
Quad paddlesUses four sets of paddles, usually for 8 player games.notifications1 game
R.O.B. (Robotic Operating Buddy)A robot that could visually receive info from a standard TV screen. Accessories allowed ROB to operate a standard NES controller based on such infonotifications2 games (1 characters)
Radio ControllerInterfaces with RC controllers designed for real-world RC vehicles.notifications2000 / 20163 games
Remote PlayUsing PSP to interact with PS3 or PS Vita with PS4.notifications2007 / 20163 games
Reveal FX/32 SPUSupports or requires Reveal FX/32 or compatible sound card.notifications1994 / 19962 games
RGB OutputFor systems that have an option RGB monitor, these games will specifically take advantage of it.notifications1 game
Risc64 architecturenotifications1994 / 19994 games
RISC64 architecturenotifications1994 / 19994 games
Rumble Paknotifications1996 / 20059 games
s390 architecturenotifications1991 / 201130 games
SatellaviewSatellite modem add-on for the Super Famicom, released only in Japan in 1995.notifications1994 / 199831 games
Save RAM (SRAM)Data saved by internal memory in the cartridge even after being unplugged. Usually a battery powers RAM chips for this purpose but a few use Flash RAMnotifications1986 / 2019533 games
Scientific Data Systems Sigma 7 minicomputerSDS released this 32-bit machine with 128 kWords (512K) on memory in 1966. It played STAR TREK. Retired in 1970 when Xerox bought SDS.notifications16 games
Screen OverlayGame originally included overlay(s) for the display device.notifications1972 / 202161 games
Screen Pen(Stylus)A peripheral that communicates position by touching the monitor or TV screen. Allow the user to 'write' to the display.notifications6 games
SecuROM v4.6x copy protectionCopy protection scheme that violates CD patents.notifications1 game
Sega Activator Ring controllerThe Activator is a sensor ring the player stands in. Feet or hands at various heights equate buttons. Some games have a specific Activator mode.notifications1993 / 19944 games
Sega's Team Play (Team Player adapter)A Team Play plugs into 1 port for 4 extra (8 max). Competed with [[link: EA's adapter]], most games weren't compatible with both. Team Player is universal.notifications1993 / 199736 games
Sends info to a printerCould be awards, portraits, passwords, maps, a fax from a character in the game, who knows what uses this can have. Very rare.notifications1971 / 2009162 games
Sequent Symmetry platformA series of multiprocessing computers by Sequent Computer Systems Inc.1 game
SGI platformSystems by Silicon Graphics Incorporated can be found in most Hollywood visual effects studios and their results are found in many video games.notifications1992 / 200140 games
Sh-3 CPU architectureRequires or runs on SH-3-based CPUs.2 games
Sh-4 CPU architectureRequires or runs on SH-4 based CPUs.notifications1997 / 201112 games
Shader Model 1.x (Pixel Shader 1.x;Vertex Shader 1.x)Can utilize Shader Model 1.xnotifications2000 / 201697 games
Shader Model 2.xCan utilize Shader Model 2.xnotifications2002 / 2019248 games
Shader Model 3.xCan utilize Shader Model 3.xnotifications2003 / 2021258 games
Shader Model 4.x (Unified Shader Model)Can utilize Shader Model 4.xnotifications2006 / 202133 games
Shader Model 5.xCan utilize Shader Model 5.xnotifications2009 / 20195 games
Sharp Mz-700 seriesA Z80 based series of PCs. Follow up to the MZ-80 series and followed by the MZ-80B/2500 seriesnotifications1982 / 19873 games
Sharp Zaurus PDAHardwares from Sharp notable for becoming an international success and the #1 PDA in Japan after switching to Linux operating system.1 game
Shutter GlassesA type of 3D system that rapidly and alternately blocks the view of each eye in sync to the display of two different perspectives shown on the screen.notifications1987 / 199111 games
Single controllerUses only single controller on a system where it's normal to use two or more, such as keyboard & mouse pair on PC.notifications1995 / 201658 games
SoftBank 3Gnotifications2007 / 20113 games
SPARC CPU architectureGames that require SPARC CPU or SPARC-based CPU.notifications1987 / 2011146 games
SPARC-64 CPU ArchitectureGames that require 64-bit SPARC CPU or 64-bit SPARC-based CPU.notifications1997 / 200618 games
Stereo audioUses stereo audio. Should only be used when unusual.notifications1977 / 201950 games
Stereoscopic(3D;Stereovision;Stereo 3D)Displays left eye & right eye 2D images to educe illusion of depth. Traditionally uses colored or polarized filtering glasses. VR helmets are more recentnotifications1982 / 201685 games
Sun SPARC platformnotifications1979 / 19987 games
Super ChipThis is an extension to the CHIP-8 standard. Has some internal improvements. Most notable to end-users is the increased resolution of 128x64.1 game
Super Gameboy 2 EnhancedGames that include features only seen when played on the Super Gameboy 2 adapter for Super NES. More colors, sounds, players, effects, etc, & different from [gametag=supergameboy]SGB1[/gametag]notifications1998 / 20003 games
SuperCart cartridge by Color DreamsColor Dreams hires engineer Ron Risley to create a special cartridge for their HellRaiser game. Dan Lawton contributed a little bit to the design alsonotifications1 game
Supercharger audio gameloaderLoads games that have been encoded to standard audio cassette tape into a 2600. Multiple tapes & loads during a game are possible so games can be hugenotifications1982 / 198312 games
Tablet computerSupports or requires a tablet computer, likely solely for their larger display.notifications2010 / 20127 games
Tallscreen (Extended height vertical screen)Tallscreen has a greater height ratio than 3:4. Tallscreen is to [[tag:verticalscreen verticalscreen]] as [[tag:widescreen widescreen]] is to standard 4:3 ratio horizontal screens.notifications1981 / 201134 games
Tandy 1000 platformTandy was highly "MS-DOS compatible" but an imperfect match to changing IBM specs over time. Many companies made 'Tandy 1000' editions of DOS games.notifications1982 / 199158 games
Tandy Coco 1 compatibleThese games will run on the original Tandy Color Computernotifications1980 / 2016495 games
Tandy Coco 2 compatibleThese games will run on the Tandy Color Computer model 2notifications1980 / 2016411 games
Tandy Coco 3 compatibleThese games will run on the original Tandy Color Computer model 3notifications1980 / 2016466 games
Tandy Coco 3 enhancedThese games are compatible with Coco 1 or 2 models but will used the advanced features of the Tandy Coco 3 if run on the system.notifications1986 / 199727 games
Tandy SPU (Tandy 3-voice)Uses one of on board sound systems unique to the Tandy 1000 series (IBM-PCjr compatible). Or PCjr sound.notifications1982 / 2018396 games
Tandy TRS-80 MC-10A budget computer by Tandy that some games were intended for. Mantra Alice machines were derived from it. All these use a 6803 CPU (6800 related).notifications1983 / 2016148 games
Tapwave ZodiacDesigned specifically for the Tapwave Zodiac device.notifications2003 / 20043 games
Tatung EinsteinA Taiwanese Z80 based computer designed and built in Englandnotifications1984 / 1989177 games
TeleprinterGame uses as an interface. Basically, a computer types on a typewriter and reads what a user is typing on the same machine.notifications1970 / 19739 games
Television OutputFor systems that cane use a standard TV in addition to another type of monitor. These games can specifically use the RV option.notifications1 game
Terminal InterfaceThese games were designed to be played using a terminal interface.notifications1971 / 1983195 games
Texas Instruments SR-52 Calculator platformGames compatible with the SR-52 series of calculators by Texas Instrumentsnotifications1976 / 19782 games
Texas Instruments TI-82 Calculator platformGames compatible with the TI-82 series of calculators by Texas Instrumentsnotifications1997 / 200775 games
Texas Instruments TI-83 Calculator platformGames compatible with the TI-83 series of calculators by Texas Instrumentsnotifications1 game
Texas Instruments TI-83+ Calculator platformGames compatible with the TI-83+ series of calculators by Texas Instrumentsnotifications1 game
Texas Instruments TI-83+ SE Calculator platformGames compatible with the TI-83+ SE series of calculators by Texas Instruments notifications1 game
Texas Instruments TI-89 Calculator platformGames compatible with the TI-89 series of calculators by Texas Instrumentsnotifications2002 / 200851 games
Texas Instruments TI-89 Titanium Calculator platformGames compatible with the TI-89 Titanium series of calculators by Texas Instrumentsnotifications2002 / 20088 games
Texas Instruments TI-92 Calculator platformGames compatible with the TI-92 series of calculators by Texas Instrumentsnotifications2002 / 20058 games
Texas Instruments TI-92+ Calculator platformGames compatible with the TI-92+ series of calculators by Texas Instrumentsnotifications2002 / 200834 games
Texas Instruments TI-99 Calculator platformGames compatible with the TI-99 series of calculators by Texas Instruments (This is [b]NOT[/b] games for the TI-99/4A [i]Computer[/i] platform)0 game
TI-NspireGames compatible with the TI-Nspire series of calculators by Texas Instrumentsnotifications2009 / 20142 games
Timex Sinclair 2068notifications2 games
Timex Sinclair TS 1000 & TS 1500The Timex Sinclair 1000 & 1500 were ZX81 variants sold by Timex in partnership with Sinclair Research. Some games were specifically designed for the TS 1000 series.notifications1 game
Toptek Golden 16 SPUSupports or requires Toptek Golden 16 SPUnotifications1 game
TouchscreenSupports touchscreen display and control methods.notifications1987 / 201971 games
TrackIR (SmartNav)Supports NaturalPoint's optical head tracking add-on hardware.notifications1998 / 202021 games
Triple paddlesThree sets of paddles can be used. Usually for 6 players.notifications1 game
TRS-80 Model 1These games are targeted for the Model 1 likely compatible with all later models (unless they require some weird hardware interaction).notifications1977 / 1985184 games
TRS-80 Model IIIThese games are targeted for the Model III and will most likely work on all later models.notifications1979 / 198746 games
TV Dazzler (Cromemco Dazzler)A video card compatible with S-100 bus computers. It allowed software to use a TV as a video only terminal and, more spectacularly, did so in color.notifications1976 / 197710 games
Two Controllers per playerGames that have the option (or requirement) for a player to use 2 controllers simultaneously. Often for moving independently from aiming. Or other usesnotifications1979 / 200425 games
Two multitaps2 multitaps, instead of just one, for adding even more players.notifications1998 / 19992 games
TX-0Worlds first fully transistorized computer created to test a massive amount of magnetic core memory (64K of 18-bit words). After it was successful, it went on to perform actual work for 10 years.notifications3 games
Universal Plug and PlayUses UPnP to automatically configure external hardware, commonly with the purpose of forwarding UDP/TCP ports needed for multiplayer.notifications2005 / 201616 games
UVL Maintenance: Possibly Missing Display InformationThese games have missing and/or inconsistent information regarding which display modes are used.notifications1988 / 19902 games
V.Smile V.MotionThese are partially operated with V.Motion controllers on compatible varients of the V.Smile console. They are reduced-funtion on non-V.Motion units.notifications3 games
Vacuum Florescent DisplayAn alternative to LCDs that have a wider spectrum of possible colors are generally brighter but are known to fade over time.notifications1981 / 19825 games
Vertical screenScreen is taller than it is wide. Mostly arcades and mobile. Home systems often require to lay TVs or monitors sideways. Do not use when it is the only option. If ratio is more than 3:4 use [url=/groups/info/tallscreen]tallscreen[/url]notifications1973 / 2017702 games
VG Pocket MiniGames included in the standalone VG Pocket Mini 30-in-1 budget hand held by PDP. The VGPm has a 1.5 inch built-in screen & also does composite TV-out.notifications1985 / 19862 games
VHDVHD videodiscs are 25cm grooveless vinyl discs. Non-linear playback is easy, so they are suitable for games. They play back video much like a DVD.notifications1 game
Videopac+(Videopac G7200;Jopac)Games optimized for Videopac+ (Videopac G7200) / Jopac, an upgraded version of the Videopac only released in Europe in 1983.notifications1982 / 19834 games
Voice control (Audio input;Voice input;Speech recognition)Uses voices or speech to completely or partially control the game.notifications1978 / 201625 games
Voyage 200 PLT (Texas Instruments V200 Calculator platform)Games compatible with the TI-V200 and Voyage 200 series of calculators by Texas Instrumentsnotifications2002 / 200828 games
Vtech SocratesVtech's 1988 CreatiVision followup. Several built-in games. It had a wireless keyboard and 2 controllers. 2 cartridge ports (cart & expansion)notifications1988 / 199011 games
Widescreen supportSupports widescreen aspect ratios (widescreen resolutions and monitors with it), but does not necessarily require their use.notifications1995 / 2018324 games
Wii Balance Boardnotifications2007 / 201317 games
Wii Speaknotifications2008 / 20112 games
Wii WheelAt least 1 control mode intends the wiimote to be wielded & tilted horizontally. Normally, but not required, it is inserted into a wheel shaped shell.notifications2 games
Wii Zappernotifications2007 / 20108 games
Wiimote (Wii Remote)notifications2008 / 201414 games
Windows SideShowSupports Windows SideShow compatible display devices.0 game
x86 CPU architectureRequires or runs on x86-based CPUs.notifications1979 / 20211558 games
XB∀NDA gaming network for console systems. SNES, MegaDrive, & Saturn modems let these systems access the X-B∀ND network. Players could play selected multiplayer games together, chat or shop.notifications1992 / 199738 games
Xerox Parc Alto microcomputernotifications1972 / 19773 games
z/Architecture CPU (s390x CPU)Requires or runs on z/Architecture machines (s390x)notifications2 games
Zilog Z80 CPUOr compatible.notifications1 game
ZXpandZXpand us an expansion module for the ZX81notifications1 game
Data East 'Rohga' Era Hardwarenotifications1991 / 19934 games
---0 game
286 CPU(80286)Requires at least 286 type of CPU with clock speeds ranging from 6 to 25 MHz.notifications1982 / 2015112 games
386DX CPU (80386;i386)Requires at least 386 type of CPU with clock speeds ranging from 12 to 40 MHz.notifications1985 / 2000222 games
486DX CPU(486DX2;80486;i486)Requires at least 486DX type of CPU with clock speeds ranging from 16 to 100 MHz.notifications1989 / 2020238 games
586 CPU (Pentium;K5;i586)Requires Pentium/586 CPU with clock speeds ranging from 60 MHz upwards.notifications1995 / 202062 games
6309 CPUA 1-5MHz 6809 clone also compatible the entire 6800 family. It further reduced cycle usage, bad error handling, heat, voltage requirement, added registers, added 16 & 32-bit instructions, & added addressing modes.notifications1996 / 20072 games
8086 CPU(iAPX 86)Requires at least a 8086 type of CPU with clock speeds ranging from 5 to 10 MHz.notifications1972 / 2016330 games
8088 CPURequires at least an 8088 type of CPU with clock speeds ranging from 5 to 10 MHz.notifications1981 / 2016242 games
Adlib Gold SPUSupports or requires Adlib Gold sound processing unit.notifications1990 / 201746 games
AdLib SPUnotifications1987 / 2020391 games
Advanced BASIC Computer 80Designed for the original ABC 80 model.1 game
Advanced BASIC Computer 800Designed for the ABC 800 model.1 game
Advanced BASIC Computer 802Designed for the ABC 802 model.2 games
Advanced BASIC Computer 806Designed for the ABC 806 model.4 games
Alpha Senshi Champion Arcade Hardwarenotifications1982 / 19845 games
Alpha830 arcade hardwarenotifications1984 / 19856 games
AMD TrueAudioSupports AMD's TrueAudio.notifications2014 / 20154 games
American Laser GamesBased on Amiga 500 + sony ldp1450 laserdisc playernotifications1991 / 199512 games
Amiga Arcade SystemArcade hardware based on OCS Amiganotifications1 game
Amiibonotifications2011 / 202169 games
Amstrad CPC 128K enhanced64K Amstrad CPC games that profit somehow from being run on a 128K machine.notifications1989 / 19923 games
Amstrad Graphics AdapterSome Amstrad computers, including their PC-compatibles, used embedded video hardware extremely similar to CGA but with added features.notifications1985 / 199312 games
Amstrad NC100 NotepadPortable Z80-based portable computer with 64KB RAM released by Amstrad in 1992, predecessor of the NC200.notifications1994 / 200012 games
Amstrad NC200 NotebookPortable Z80-based portable computer with 128KB RAM released by Amstrad in 1993, successor of the NC100.notifications1993 / 200014 games
Analog gamepadSupports any gamepad with at least one analog stick besides what older gamepads had (4 directional buttons and 4 action buttons).notifications2012 / 20147 games
Arcade HardwareParent group for arcade-based hardware.list_alt0 game
Arcadia Amiga Arcadenotifications1987 / 198810 games
Aria Chipset SPUSupports or requires an Aria Chipset compatible sound card.notifications1993 / 19969 games
ARM CPUA RISC-based processor architecture originally by Acorn Computers (Acorn RISC Machine).notifications1991 / 201660 games
Astinvad Arcade hardwareMisc early Z80 games with simple color bitmap graphicsnotifications1979 / 19803 games
Atari 130XE compatibleRuns on the Atari 130XE.notifications1982 / 19953 games
Atari 3D FX arcade hardwarenotifications1996 / 200017 games
Atari 6502 Vector Arcade hardwarenotifications2 games
Atari 6800 arcade hardwarenotifications1977 / 19793 games
Atari 800XL compatibleRuns on the Atari 800XL.notifications1982 / 19854 games
Atari Centipede Arcade hardwarenotifications1980 / 19855 games
Atari Cojag arcade hardwarenotifications1995 / 19987 games
Atari G1 arcade hardwarenotifications2 games
Atari G42 arcade hardwareSequel to the G1 system. The "G" stands for "growth object" and refers to the fast scaling compressed sprites that were introduced in the G1 games.notifications1991 / 19922 games
Atari GT arcade hardwarenotifications2 games
Atari GX2 arcade hardwarenotifications4 games
Atari Polygon Racernotifications1989 / 19936 games
Atari System 1 arcade hardwarenotifications1984 / 19875 games
Atari System 2 arcade hardwarenotifications1984 / 20017 games
Atari System IVnotifications1984 / 19852 games
Atari XERequires an Atari XE series machine to run.notifications1983 / 201633 games
Atari XLRequires an Atari XL series machine to run.notifications1983 / 201644 games
Atlus PSX arcade hardwarenotifications1 game
Atomiswavenotifications2003 / 200528 games
Bally Astrocade arcade hardwarenotifications1978 / 19838 games
Bally/Sente arcade hardwarenotifications1984 / 198723 games
Bandai Sufami Turbo (スーファミターボ)Often compared to the Aladdin Deck Enhancer was an accessory released by Bandai for Nintendo's Super Famicom system and was released in 1996.notifications3 games
BBC MasterRuns on the BBC Master model of the BBC Micro.notifications1 game
BBC Micro ARuns on the A model of the BBC Micronotifications1 game
BBC Micro BRuns on the B model of the BBC Micronotifications1982 / 199121 games
Beatmania DJ Main Board arcade hardwarenotifications1997 / 200217 games
Boomerang controllerA wireless, motion sensing controller for Zeebo.notifications2009 / 201012 games
Braille KeyboardSpecifically requires or supports braille keyboard(s).notifications1 game
C128-enhancedC64 games that would run with some kind of enhancement when played on a C128 in C64-mode. This should not be used for native C128 games or native C128 versions that don't run in C64 mode.notifications1986 / 19873 games
Capcom "Section Z" Systemnotifications1985 / 19874 games
Capcom CPS1 arcade hardwareCapcom Play System 1notifications1988 / 199735 games
Capcom CPS2 arcade hardwarenotifications1993 / 200343 games
Capcom CPS3 arcade hardwarenotifications1996 / 19996 games
Capcom M680000 basednotifications1987 / 19918 games
Capcom Side Arms Arcade hardwarenotifications1986 / 19894 games
Capcom ZN1 arcade hardwarenotifications1995 / 200113 games
Capcom ZN2 arcade hardwarenotifications1997 / 19996 games
Cave arcade hardwareMain CPU : MC68000 Sound CPU : Z80 [Optional] Sound Chips : YMZ280B or OKIM6295 x (1|2) + YM2203 / YM2151 [Optional]notifications1994 / 200118 games
Cave CV1000 hardwarenotifications2004 / 201114 games
CDTV Platformnotifications1988 / 199425 games
Century CVS Systemnotifications1981 / 198414 games
Cinematronics Vectornotifications1977 / 198215 games
Circle Pad ProExpansion hardware for the 3DS that adds extra analog stick to the right and shoulder buttons.notifications1 game
Cobra System arcade hardwarenotifications1997 / 20003 games
Coleco Super Action ControllerCompatible with the improved backwards compatible ColecoVision joystick that adds color-coded extra buttons and a spinner.notifications1 game
Color Graphics Adapter(IBM Color Card)A graphics adapter introduced in 1981 that supported 4-bit color (16 colors) and resolutions up to 640×200, superseded by EGA (introduced in 1984).notifications1981 / 2018871 games
Covox Sound Masternotifications1989 / 199644 games
Covox Sound Master II SPUSupports or requires the CSM2 sound card.notifications1991 / 19966 games
Covox Speech Thing SPUAn extremely primitive & cheap dongle that plugged into a parallel port to provide 8-bit DAC digital sound output that was superior to the PC speaker.notifications1989 / 199620 games
Covox Voice Master SPUThis is an ISA version of the Speech Thing that has similar ability but also DMA. Play back of sound stored on the card did not waste CPU bandwidth.notifications1989 / 19963 games
CPC+ enhancedAmstrad CPC games that are either specifically programmed for or somehow otherwise profit from being run on the CPC+ hardware or GX4000 consoles.notifications1990 / 19923 games
Crazy Climber arcade hardwarenotifications1980 / 19837 games
Creative Game Blaster sound card (Creative Music System;CMS;C/MS)A music optimized precursor to the Sound Blaster originally called Creative Music System (CMS) and sometimes abbreviated "C/MS"notifications1988 / 202082 games
Cubo CD32 SystemAmiga CD32 based.notifications1995 / 199910 games
Currah Microspeech supportFor games compatibles with the Currah Microspeech (µSpeech) to add speech to compatible games.notifications1982 / 199060 games
Custom arcade hardwareThe hardware for the game is mostly unique and was not reused for other games.notifications1976 / 2007133 games
Data East 'Karnov' Era Hardwarenotifications1987 / 19883 games
Data East "Simple" 156notifications1993 / 19967 games
Data East 32Data East 32 bit ARM based games.notifications1991 / 19946 games
Data East 8bit Systemnotifications1986 / 19889 games
Data East M6502 arcade hardwarenotifications1979 / 19803 games
Data East M6809 hardwarenotifications1985 / 19862 games
Data East MLC arcade hardwarenotifications1995 / 19964 games
Datach(Datach Joint ROM System;データック)[Datach card reader]An add-on module for NES that allowed games to read barcodes, usually from cards supplied by the games themselves.notifications1992 / 19947 games
Dec0 System Arcade hardwareData East 16 bit gamesnotifications1987 / 19908 games
DECO Cassette Systemnotifications1980 / 198528 games
Dial-up modem(Dial-up internet)Multiplayer by dialing directly to the other player's computer (by phone number) instead of establishing an internet connection through which to play.notifications1978 / 200877 games
Disney Sound SourceAn improved and not exactly compatible clone of the Covox Speech Thing packaged with an external speaker.notifications1990 / 199653 games
Dolby Digital (DD;Dolby Digital Sound System)Supports Dolby Digital audio hardware.notifications2002 / 201827 games
Dolby Pro Logic II (Dolby Surround 5.1;DPLII;DPL2)Improved Dolby Surround features up to 5.1 full channels.notifications2001 / 201928 games
Dolby Surround (Dolby Pro Logic)Dolby Surround is a matrix encoding format for surround sound. Somewhat backwards compatible with stereo.notifications1990 / 200729 games
Donkey Kong Arcade hardwarenotifications1980 / 19857 games
Dooyong Arcade hardwareThese games all run on different but similar hardware. A common thing that they all have is tilemaps hardcoded in ROM.notifications1990 / 199610 games
Dragon's Lair Arcade Hardwarenotifications1983 / 19845 games
Dragonbox PyraGames specifically for Pandora's much improved successor.4 games
Dual joystickRequires two joysticks instead of the classic joystick + buttons combination.notifications1978 / 199814 games
Dual-analog gamepadSupports a dual-analog gamepad.notifications1997 / 20074 games
DualShock 4 controller(PlayStation 4 controller)These are designed to interface with a DS4 gamepad.notifications2016 / 201911 games
Dynax Arcade Systemnotifications1989 / 199624 games
Enhanced Graphics Adapter(IBM Enhanced Color Card)A graphics adapter introduced in 1984 that supported 6-bit color (64 colors) and resolutions up to 640×350, superseded by VGA (introduced in 1987).notifications1984 / 2018837 games
Ensoniq Soundscape SPUSupports or requires an Ensoniq Soundscape sound processing unit.notifications1994 / 199820 games
Eolith Gradation 2D System Arcade hardwarenotifications1998 / 200112 games
Epos arcade hardwareZ80 / AY8910notifications1982 / 19846 games
ESS AudioDrive SPUSupports or requires an ESS AudioDrive sound processing unit.notifications2 games
Exidy 440 Systemnotifications1983 / 198810 games
Exidy 6502 Arcade hardwarenotifications1979 / 19839 games
Fast Freddie Hardwarenotifications1982 / 19865 games
FG-2 SystemFuuki 16 Bit Gamesnotifications1995 / 19962 games
FG-3 SystemFuuki 32 Bit Gamesnotifications1998 / 20002 games
Gaelco 3D arcade hardwarenotifications1996 / 200511 games
Gaelco Arcade hardwarenotifications1991 / 19965 games
Gaelco CG-1V Arcade hardwareCG-1V based.notifications1996 / 19982 games
Gaelco GAE1 arcadeGAE1 based.notifications1994 / 19963 games
Game Plan hardwarenotifications1980 / 19826 games
GamepadSupports basic gamepad controller with 4 directional buttons and 4 action buttons, possibly includes start and select buttons not used in normal play.notifications1981 / 2021266 games
Gauntlet arcade hardwarenotifications1985 / 19903 games
General MIDIMIDI is a hardware specification for communicating music between electronic instruments while GM specifics data standards used by the hardware.notifications1989 / 200360 games
Gottlieb Systemnotifications1982 / 198418 games
Gravis UltraSound MAXSupports or requires the Gravis UltraSound MAX sound card.notifications1996 / 20043 games
Gravis Ultrasound SPUnotifications1993 / 201751 games
GTIA chipRequires the prescience of a GTIA chip.notifications1982 / 201612 games
HeadStart Explorer Color Graphics AdapterA CGA variant integrated into HeadStart Explorer motherboards that could produce 16 color CGA graphics on an RGB monitor.notifications1989 / 19913 games
Hercules Graphics Card1982 graphics hardware by Hercules Computer Technology. IBM's text-only MDA+CGA-emulating graphics. Also 720x350 mono text+graphics.notifications1984 / 2016294 games
Hercules InColor Graphics CardA competitor to EGA & VGA with a focus on multiple font text modes and backwards compatibility.notifications1986 / 19935 games
Hitachi SH-2 arcade hardware notifications1993 / 200225 games
HTC ViveSpecifically supports the HTC Vive VR goggles, its companion dual motion controllers, and the roomscale sensors.notifications2014 / 201910 games
Hyper Neo Geo 64notifications1997 / 19997 games
Hyperstone Systemnotifications1999 / 200111 games
I/O Magic Tempo SPUSupports or requires an I/O Magic Tempo PCMCIA SPU.notifications1 game
IBM Music Feature Card SPURequires or supports the IBM Music Feature Card.notifications1988 / 199415 games
Imagetek i5000 Arcade Hardwarenotifications1 game
Incredible Technologies System 32Incredible Technologies / Stratanotifications1992 / 200114 games
Incredible Technologies System 88-bit blitter variant.notifications1987 / 199315 games
Innovation Sound Standard (Innovation Sound Source)The Commodore 64 music hardware for IBM-PC & compatibles (SID chip). Used a different clock speed therefore sounded slightly different than C64 music.notifications1988 / 199111 games
Intel Xscale CPURuns on or requires Xscale CPU. Xscale is ARM-based CPU architecture and will likely run games that run on ARM CPUs as well.notifications1 game
Intersound MDO SPUAn improved and non-compatible clone of the Covox Speech Thing.notifications1 game
iPadA tablet computer from Apple running iOS.notifications2009 / 201663 games
iPhoneFor the Apple iPhone smartphone hardware.notifications2008 / 201642 games
iPod TouchFor the iPod Touch device (plain iPod is not enough).notifications2008 / 201313 games
iQue Player (神游机;Shén Yóu Ji)Games for the iQue platform.notifications1996 / 200114 games
Irem M10 arcade hardwarenotifications1 game
Irem M107 arcade hardwarenotifications1993 / 19953 games
Irem M15 arcade hardwarenotifications1979 / 19802 games
Irem M27 arcade hardwarenotifications4 games
Irem M52 Arcade hardwarenotifications1982 / 19884 games
Irem M62 arcade hardwarenotifications1984 / 198712 games
Irem M63notifications1984 / 19852 games
Irem M72 arcade hardwarenotifications1987 / 199111 games
Irem M75 arcade hardwarenotifications1988 / 19893 games
Irem M84 arcade hardwarenotifications1990 / 19913 games
Irem M90 arcade hardwarenotifications1991 / 19933 games
Irem M92 arcade hardwarenotifications1991 / 199413 games
Iremm82-hwnotifications2 games
Jaleco Driving Games Hardwarenotifications1989 / 19947 games
Jaleco Mega System 1notifications1988 / 199320 games
Jaleco Mega System 32 notifications1994 / 19968 games
Jaleco Tetris Plus 2 arcade hardwarenotifications1997 / 20008 games
Jornada 820/820e Handheld PC platformHewlette-Packard's 1st Jornada. Sold from 1998-20021 game
JoystickUses a joystick.notifications1976 / 20211609 games
Kaneko AX System arcade hardwarenotifications1991 / 199510 games
Kaneko Galspanic Arcade hardwarenotifications1990 / 199710 games
KeyboardRequires or supports any type of a keyboard type controller.notifications1970 / 20213641 games
Kindle FireSupports the Amazon Kindle Fire, an Android-based tablet.notifications2 games
Kinect (Project Natal)A motion capture setup for Xbox 360 with a camera and infrared structured light scanner, originally intended for controller-free gaming.notifications2010 / 201764 games
Konami 6809-based arcade hardwarenotifications1983 / 198814 games
Konami Bemani Firebeat(ファイヤービート)notifications2000 / 200732 games
Konami GV Systemnotifications1996 / 20009 games
Konami GX arcade hardwareMain CPU : 68EC020 @ 24MHz Sound CPU : 68000 @ 16MHznotifications1993 / 199718 games
Konami Hornet arcade hardwarenotifications1998 / 20006 games
Konami Justifier addonnotifications1992 / 200019 games
Konami M2 arcade hardwarenotifications1997 / 19984 games
Konami Nemesis arcade hardwarenotifications1985 / 198810 games
Konami NWK-TR Arcade Hardwarenotifications1998 / 19993 games
Konami pre-GX Arcade hardwareThese games are the "pre-GX" boards, combining features of the previous line of hardware begun with Xexex and those of the future 32-bit System GX.notifications5 games
Konami Pyson Systemnotifications2002 / 200510 games
Konami System 573 arcade hardwarenotifications1997 / 200438 games
Konami Tactician arcade hardwarenotifications1981 / 19823 games
Konami TMNTKanami TMNT based arcade hardwarenotifications1988 / 199321 games
Konami Twin16 Systemnotifications1987 / 19894 games
Konami Twinkle arcade hardwarenotifications1999 / 200210 games
Konami Viper arcade hardwarenotifications2000 / 200414 games
Konami Viper Satellite Terminalnotifications2002 / 20069 games
Konami ZR107notifications3 games
Kyugo Arcade hardwarenotifications1984 / 19875 games
Leap Motion controllerSupports or requires the Leap Motion controller. A hand and finger motion tracking peripheral primarily intended for use with VR headsets.notifications1 game
Leland '90 Systemnotifications1990 / 19915 games
Leland System Arcade hardwarenotifications1985 / 199016 games
Logitech G13Supports the Logitech G13 LCD display.notifications2009 / 20091 game
Logitech G15Supports the Logitech G15 LCD display (a small black & white display atop the the G15 keyboard).notifications2005 / 201011 games
Logitech G19Supports the Logitech G19 LCD display (a small full-color display atop the G19 keyboard).notifications2003 / 201133 games
Math Co-ProcessorWon't run without math co-processor hardware. Some early IBM compatibles required a separate chip. Not always include in some later reduced cost CPUs.notifications1991 / 202028 games
Max-A-Flex SystemArcade machine based on Atari 600XLnotifications4 games
Maygay EPOCH arcade hardwarenotifications1 game
Media Vision Pro Audio Spectrum 16A 16-bit version of the Pro Audio Spectrum. Disappeared due to a securities fraud investigationnotifications1991 / 199620 games
Media Vision Pro Audio Spectrum Plus SPUSupports of requires this improved version of the Pro Audio Spectrum. Disappeared due to a securities fraud investigationnotifications1992 / 199610 games
Media Vision ThunderboardMeant to be Sound Blaster compatible it was not fully but had addition modes.notifications1990 / 199629 games
Media: Blu-rayComes on one or more Blu-ray discs.notifications2006 / 20185 games
Media: HD-DVDComes on one or more HD-DVD discs.notifications1 game
Metro Systemnotifications1992 / 200025 games
MicrophoneRequires the use of a mic.notifications1978 / 201833 games
Midway 8080bw Systemnotifications1976 / 198019 games
Midway MCR arcade hardwarenotifications1981 / 198414 games
Midway MCR-3 arcade hardwareMain CPU : Z80 @ 5MHz Resolution : 512 x 480notifications1983 / 19877 games
Midway MCR-68k Arcade hardwarenotifications1986 / 19907 games
Midway Wolf-unit Systemnotifications1995 / 19976 games
Midway Zeusnotifications1997 / 20014 games
Mitchell System Arcade hardwarenotifications1988 / 199414 games
Monochrome Display AdapterA graphics adapter introduced in 1981 by IBM that supported only text mode.0 game
Motion controllerslist_alt0 game
MouseRequires or supports mouse type pointer devices or anything that mimics it, such as trackballs and tablets in mouse mode.notifications1978 / 20211344 games
MSound SPUSupports or requires an MSound parallel port SPUnotifications1 game
MSX TurboRnotifications1988 / 19922 games
MSX2 enhancedMSX games that profit somehow from being run on a MSX2 machine.notifications1988 / 20052 games
Multicolor Graphics AdapterA low cost competitor for VGA that supported 256 paletted display at 320×200 resolution, introduced in 1987 by IBM.notifications1984 / 2015364 games
Multimedia One (MM/1)A computer designed to run OS-9.notifications1 game
Musical Instrument ControllerSupports any type of musical instrument shaped controller.notifications1999 / 20003 games
N64 Expansion PakSupports or requires the N64 Expansion Pak.notifications1999 / 20105 games
Namco 3xZ80 Systemnotifications1981 / 19845 games
Namco Early 8080 arcade hardwarenotifications1978 / 19817 games
Namco Galaxian Arcade hardwareGalaxian-derived gamesnotifications1979 / 198446 games
Namco Games from 1982-1985notifications1982 / 19858 games
Namco Pac-Man arcade hardwarenotifications1980 / 19824 games
Namco Super System 22notifications1995 / 199712 games
Namco Super System 23 arcade hardwarenotifications1998 / 20005 games
Namco System 1 arcade hardwarenotifications1987 / 199122 games
Namco System 10 PSX arcade hardwareSony PSX based.notifications2000 / 20028 games
Namco System 11 arcade hardwarenotifications1994 / 200113 games
Namco System 12 arcade hardwarenotifications1997 / 200132 games
Namco System 2 arcade hardwarenotifications1987 / 200129 games
Namco System 21 arcade hardwarenotifications1989 / 19938 games
Namco System 22 arcade hardwarenotifications1992 / 19967 games
Namco System 23 arcade hardwarenotifications1997 / 19987 games
Namco System 246 arcade hardwarenotifications2001 / 200834 games
Namco System 256 arcade hardwarenotifications2004 / 20077 games
Namco System 86 arcade hardwarenotifications1986 / 19875 games
Namco System BNA1 arcade hardwarenotifications2018 / 20205 games
Namco System ES3 arcade hardwarenotifications2013 / 202014 games
Namco System FL arcade hardwarenotifications1993 / 19952 games
Namco System NA-1 arcade hardwarenotifications1992 / 19936 games
Namco System NA-2 arcade hardwarenotifications1993 / 19952 games
Namco System NB-1 arcade hardwarenotifications1993 / 199710 games
Naomi GD-Rom notifications1999 / 200841 games
Neo Geo AESNeo Geo games that saw a release on the home console platform "Advanced Entertainment System", or "AES".notifications4 games
Neo Geo CDNeo Geo games that saw a release on the Neo Geo CD home console platform.notifications4 games
Neo Geo MVSNeo Geo games that saw a release as an arcade cabinet as part of the "Multi Video System", or "MVS".notifications4 games
NES Classic (Classic NES Mini)ARM CPU+GPU based HDMI computer running Linux. Housed in a miniature NES style case. It emulates 30 built-in NES games & has 2 wiimote accessory portsnotifications1983 / 199338 games
Nichibutsu 6800 arcade hardwarenotifications1981 / 19843 games
Nichibutsu 68000 + Z80 Arcade hardwarenotifications1987 / 19906 games
Nichibutsu 68k arcade hardwarenotifications1985 / 19873 games
Nichibutsu Mahjong games 1986-1988notifications1986 / 198918 games
Nichibutsu Mahjong games 91-95notifications1991 / 199526 games
Nichibutsu Z80 Arcade hardwarenotifications1985 / 19863 games
Nintendo DSiRelease on November 1, 2008.notifications2008 / 201338 games
Nintendo e-ReaderDevice for GBAnotifications2 games
NMK Systemnotifications1986 / 19873 games
NMK16 System (arcade)notifications1989 / 200128 games
Noma Trading arcade hardwarenotifications1981 / 19859 games
Oculus RiftSpecifically supports the Oculus Rift peripheral. A virtual reality stereoscopic display with head tracking motion sensors (via gyroscopes, accelerometers, and magnetometers).notifications2004 / 201872 games
Orca-Sigma arcade hardwarenotifications1982 / 19846 games
Pacific Novelty arcade hardwarenotifications1980 / 19823 games
Pacman arcade hardwarenotifications1981 / 198622 games
Palm Prenotifications2 games
PC speaker SPUSupports PC speaker as sound processing unit.notifications1979 / 2018606 games
PDP-1 platformnotifications1 game
PDP-10 platform (DECsystem-10)notifications1970 / 197912 games
PDP-11 platformnotifications1974 / 198426 games
PDP-11-45 platfromnotifications1 game
PDP-7 platformnotifications2 games
PGM arcade hardwarePGM, short for PolyGameMaster, was developed by IGS to go head to head against the neogeo.notifications1997 / 200526 games
Plantronics ColorplusA double CGA card for 1 ISA slot that provides CGA modes with twice as many colors or 80-column color text.notifications1 game
Playable on StadiaGames playable on stadia. For the platform details see [url=]Stadia[/url]notifications2013 / 202024 games
PlayChoice-10Arcade hardware that used modular circuit board to allow up to 10 NES games on single cabinet to be played as coin-ops.notifications1 game
Playmark arcade hardwarenotifications1994 / 19965 games
PlayStation EyeA small camera add-on for the PS3.notifications1 game
PlayStation Move (PS Move)Motion-sensing game controller platform for the PlayStation 3.notifications2010 / 201421 games
PlayStation VRnotifications3 games
Power GloveThe Power Glove was a budget version of a VR dataglove for the NES. It tracked the players hand in 3D space (XYZ), roll, yaw, and bend of 2 fingers.notifications1989 / 19904 games
PowerMac G3 CPUSupports or requires at least a G3 CPU or better.notifications2000 / 200910 games
PowerMac G4 CPUSupports or requires at least a G4 CPU or better.notifications2003 / 20088 games
PowerPC 7xx CPURequires a CPU from the PowerPC 7xx series.notifications1 game
PRIS Arcade Hardwarenotifications1981 / 19849 games
Processor Technology Corporation Sol-20A 8080 based s-100 bus personal computer purchasable as plan, kit, or complete. Pronounced like Saul.1 game
Project Support Engineering Arcade Hardwarenotifications1974 / 197810 games
PS Vita TV(PlayStation TV;PS TV)[pstv]Available for the PS TV, a microconsole based on PS Vita, supporting a subset of the total games for the handheld device.notifications2014 / 201817 games
PS/1 AudioIBM's answer to Tandy's sound hardware. Designed to only work on the PS/1 PC (which seems to have been designed to compete with low-cost Tandys)notifications1989 / 199344 games
QtalkAn external speech synthesiser for the Sinclair QL usibg the RS232 port.notifications2 games
Raizing PSX arcade hardwarenotifications1997 / 20004 games
RAM: 256 MiBRequires a system with at least 256 MiB RAM.2004 / 20080 game
RAM: 32 MiBRequires a system with at least 32 MiB RAM.1998 / 20030 game
RAM: 4 MiBRequires a system with at least 4 MiB RAM.1994 / 19950 game
RAM: 512 MiBRequires a system with at least 512 MiB RAM.2006 / 20090 game
RAM: 64 MiBRequires a system with at least 64 MiB RAM.1999 / 20040 game
RAM: 8 MiBRequires a system with at least 8 MiB RAM.1995 / 19970 game
Raytheon 704A 1969 TTL & DTL computer with 16K Memory that could fit in the back of a pickup.notifications1972 / 19732 games
Red Book Audio (Compact Disc Digital Audio;CDDA) [Mixed Mode CD]Uses Red Book audio for music, the same audio format used by common music/audio CDs and therefore could be listened on regular CD players without any additional effort.notifications1994 / 200315 games
RIM BlackBerryA series of PDAs, smartphones and such from RIM.notifications2009 / 20139 games
Risc PC Arcade hardwareCHIPS QS1000: QDSP QS1000 AdMOS 9638R, Wavetable Audio chip, clock input of 24.000MHz (QFP100) PRIME: LGS Prime 3C 9930R, clock input of 14.31818MHz (QFP100) QL2003: QuickLogic QL2003-XPL84C 0003BA FPGA (PLCC84) CL-PS7500: Cirrus Logic CL-PS7500FE-56Qnotifications1999 / 20013 games
Roland LAPC-Inotifications1989 / 199830 games
Roland MT-32 SPUnotifications1988 / 2011286 games
Roland RAP-10 SPUSupports or requires an Roland RAP-10 sound card.notifications1993 / 199716 games
Roland Sound Canvas SPU (Edirol Sound Canvas)A high-end sound module available in many models. Most are General Midi and MT-32 backwards compatible.notifications1992 / 199618 games
Samsung Z1Games intended for the Samsung Z1 phnoenotifications2012 / 201660 games
Samsung Z2An entry level Tizen OS device (runs Tizen OS apps nativly). Included software allows for installation and running Andriod, iOS, and Windows Phone apps. Samsung Z series devices are very popular in India where they were initially launched. Launch: 2016notifications2012 / 201623 games
Samsung Z3Games intended for the Samsung Z1 phonenotifications2012 / 201650 games
Sega Card (マイカード;My Card)A special game media for Master System I (card slot not present in SMS2) and SG-1000. Called "Sega Card" in Europe and US and "My Card" in Japan.notifications1983 / 198737 games
Sega Chihiro arcade hardwarenotifications2002 / 200511 games
Sega Discrete Circuitry arcade hardwarenotifications1973 / 197938 games
Sega G-80 rasternotifications1981 / 19836 games
Sega G80 Vector arcade hardwarenotifications1981 / 19835 games
Sega Hikaru arcade hardwarenotifications1999 / 20016 games
Sega LaserDisc Systemnotifications1982 / 19843 games
Sega Lindbergnotifications2005 / 20088 games
Sega MegaplaySpecially designed Genesis games, produced for arcade use and with significant modifications when compared with the originals.notifications1992 / 199411 games
Sega Model 1 arcade hardwarenotifications1992 / 19944 games
Sega Model 2 arcade hardwarenotifications1993 / 19965 games
Sega Model 2A CRX arcade hardwarenotifications1994 / 19997 games
Sega Model 2B CRX arcade hardwarenotifications1994 / 199711 games
Sega Model 2C CRX arcade hardwarenotifications1996 / 19988 games
Sega Model 3notifications1996 / 199923 games
Sega Model 3 Step 1.0notifications1996 / 19982 games
Sega Model 3 Step 1.5notifications1996 / 19986 games
Sega Model 3 Step 2.0notifications1997 / 19999 games
Sega Model 3.21 arcade hardwarenotifications1998 / 19997 games
Sega Naomi 2 arcade hardwarenotifications2000 / 200416 games
Sega Naomi arcade hardwarenotifications1998 / 200871 games
Sega OutRun Arcade hardwarenotifications1986 / 19893 games
Sega Ring arcade hardware(Sega RingWide arcade hardware;Sega RingEdge arcade hardware)Series of arcade machines by Sega based on a PC architecture.notifications2009 / 201314 games
Sega ST-V Titan arcade hardwarenotifications1994 / 199948 games
Sega System 1Main CPU : Z80 @ 4 MHz Sound CPU : Z80 @ 4 MHz Sound chip : SN76496 @ 2 MHz , SN76496 @ 4 MHz Video resoution : 256 x 224notifications1983 / 198721 games
Sega System 16A arcade hardwarenotifications1985 / 19887 games
Sega System 16B arcade hardwarenotifications1987 / 199427 games
Sega System 18 arcade hardwarenotifications1989 / 19929 games
Sega System 2Main CPU : Z80 @ 4 MHz Sound CPU : Z80 @ 4 MHz Sound chip : SN76496 @ 2 MHz, SN76496 @ 4 MHz Video resoution : 256 x 224notifications1985 / 198811 games
Sega System 24 arcade hardwarenotifications1988 / 199617 games
Sega System 32 arcade hardwarenotifications1989 / 199418 games
Sega System 32 MULTI arcade hardwarenotifications1992 / 19944 games
Sega System C arcade hardwarenotifications1990 / 19946 games
Sega System C2 arcade hardwarenotifications1989 / 19947 games
Sega System-E arcade hardwarenotifications1985 / 19887 games
Sega VIC Dual Systemnotifications1977 / 198118 games
Sega X-Board arcadenotifications1987 / 199210 games
Sega Y-boardnotifications1988 / 19916 games
Seibu STI System arcade hardwarenotifications1995 / 19987 games
Sequential Systems Second Sight SVGS Graphics CardAn expansion card for Apple ][ and IIgs that provides VGA output at up to 1024x768x256 (24-bit palette)1 game
Seta Aleck64notifications1998 / 200310 games
Seta arcadenotifications1988 / 199642 games
Seta custom ST-0016notifications1994 / 19964 games
Seta Multi Amenity Cassette Systemnotifications1995 / 19994 games
SF-7000Need the SF-7000 to run: an add-on for SC-3000 that added 64KB of RAM, 8KB ROM and a 3-inch floppy disk drive.notifications2 games
SG-1000 Arcade SystemSega hardware based on their SG-1000 console.notifications1983 / 19853 games
Sharp MZ-80KA monotone text based PC. An MZ-700 is a MZ-80K with graphics and color.notifications1 game
Sinclair Research ZX Interface 2 peripheralPlugged into the expansion bus of a ZX Spectrum. Added 2 Sinclair-only joystick ports, a 16 KiB maximum ROM cartridge slot, and printer pass-through.notifications1983 / 199214 games
Sixense (Razer Hydra)Has native support for the Sixense motion controllers.notifications2007 / 20137 games
SNES Classic (Classic SNES Mini)Will be released on 29th september 2017notifications1990 / 199526 games
SNK 6502 arcade hardwarenotifications1980 / 19827 games
SNK triple Z80 arcade hardwarenotifications1983 / 198820 games
SNK/Alpha 68000 bases arcade hardwarenotifications1986 / 198911 games
Snow Brothers Arcade Hardwarenotifications1990 / 200215 games
Sound Blaster 16 SPU(SB16)Supports or requires SB16 or compatible sound processing unit.notifications1991 / 201797 games
Sound Blaster AWE32 SPUSupports or requires an SB AWE32 sound processing unit.notifications1994 / 200452 games
Sound Blaster Pro SPUSupports or requires an SB Pro sound processing unit.notifications1990 / 2017106 games
Sound Blaster SPUSupports or requires Sound Blaster (the original) or compatible sound processing unit.notifications1988 / 2019353 games
Sound Galaxy NX Pro 16 SPU (I38-MMSN803)Supports or requires an I38-MMSN803 SPU.notifications1993 / 19964 games
Spectrum 128K enhanced48K Spectrum games that profit somehow from being run on a 128K machine. Should not be used for "real" Spectrum 128 games which don't run on a standard 48K Spectrum.notifications1984 / 1992505 games
SpotPass (CrossPass)Uses the Nintendo 3DS' wi-fi system that allows it to connect to designated hotspots and download game content through them.notifications2012 / 20153 games
Steam ControllerValve's dual haptic feedback trackpad, single analog stick, dual paddle, 10(13) button motion sensitive gamepad and gaming keyboard+mouse replacement.notifications2010 / 2021401 games
StreetPassUses the Nintendo 3DS' passive wi-fi feature that keeps transmitting data even when the system is in sleep mode, reacting to presence of other devices that have StreetPass in use.notifications2012 / 20153 games
SunA 8 Bit arcade hardwarenotifications1988 / 19926 games
Super FX 2 (GSU-2;GSU-2-SP1)A later version of the Super FX RISC CPU running at 21.4MHz. Typically used as math co-processor to aid rendering 3D polygons or 2D graphics effects.notifications1994 / 19964 games
Super FX Chip (MARIO CHIP 1;GSU-1)A RISC CPU capable of 21.4MHz. Typically used as math co-processor to aid rendering 3D polygons or 2D graphics effects.notifications1992 / 19945 games
Super Gameboy Enhanced (SGB)Includes features only seen when played on the Super Gameboy adapter for SNES: more colors, sounds, players, effects, etc.notifications1989 / 2002351 games
Super Kaneko Nova System arcade hardwarenotifications1996 / 200014 games
Supercassettenotifications1984 / 19867 games
SuperCPUThe SuperCPU adds a 65618 cpu, & stuff, to the C64 or C128 for ~8 times performance for processing focused programs, without sacrificing compatibilitynotifications1984 / 201848 games
Systems Engineering Laboratories 7200 computerMore info needed.notifications1 game
Systems Engineering Laboratories System 86 computerMore info needed.notifications1 game
Taito 8080bw Systemnotifications1978 / 198020 games
Taito Air System arcade hardwarenotifications1 game
Taito Arkanoid Systemnotifications1986 / 19873 games
Taito Asuka Systemnotifications1988 / 19947 games
Taito B System arcade hardwarenotifications1988 / 199415 games
Taito F2 System arcade hardwarenotifications1988 / 199814 games
Taito F3 System arcade hardwareCPU: MC68EC020 Sound CPU: MC68000 Sound Chip: ES5505 and ES5510 (DSP) Video resolution: 320x224notifications1992 / 199837 games
Taito Fairyland Story arcade hardwarenotifications1984 / 19854 games
Taito FX-1 arcade hardwarenotifications1995 / 199710 games
Taito G NET arcade hardwarenotifications1998 / 200216 games
Taito H Systemnotifications1988 / 19903 games
Taito JC System arcade hardwarenotifications1995 / 19985 games
Taito L Systemnotifications1989 / 19939 games
Taito NZS Systemnotifications1987 / 19899 games
Taito O Systemnotifications1 game
Taito Qix Arcade hardwarenotifications1981 / 19827 games
Taito Samurainotifications1984 / 19866 games
Taito Scorpion arcade hardwarenotifications2000 / 20012 games
Taito SJ System arcade hardwarenotifications1981 / 198414 games
Taito Super Z System arcade hardwarenotifications1992 / 19933 games
Taito Type Xnotifications2004 / 201744 games
Taito Type X +notifications2005 / 20064 games
Taito Type X2notifications2007 / 201011 games
Taito Type X3notifications1 game
Taito Type-Zero arcade hardwarenotifications1999 / 20006 games
Taito Wolf arcade hardwarenotifications1 game
Taito X System arcade hardwarenotifications1987 / 19895 games
Taito Z System arcadenotifications1987 / 199110 games
Taiyo Z80 arcade hardwarenotifications1984 / 19853 games
Tandy DACLate model Tandy MS-DOS compatible PCs added 8-bit Digital-to-Analog Converter hardware & protocols for HQ music & sound at 48kHz & emulation of other SPUsnotifications1989 / 199791 games
Tandy Graphics AdapterImprovement on IBM's Color Graphics Adapter that supported 16 colours at 320x200 resolution, introduced in 1984.notifications1982 / 2018785 games
Tandy Video II (Tandy ETGA;Tandy Mode-E)Adds 4-bit color and 16-bit palette to Tandy graphics and includes 640x200x16 color (256 palette)notifications1986 / 20188 games
Tangerine Microtan 65 (M65)1979 single-board microcomputer KIT with 6502 CPU. Used a rack mount system for up to 7 expansions. Precursor to the Oric.1 game
Tatsumi arcade hardwarenotifications1989 / 19924 games
Technos Double Dragon Arcade Hardwarenotifications1987 / 19947 games
Tecmo Gaiden arcade hardwarenotifications1988 / 19924 games
Tecmo System Arcade Hardwarenotifications1995 / 19962 games
Tecmo Z80 arcadenotifications1986 / 19884 games
Tehkan Senjyo Arcade Systemnotifications1983 / 19863 games
Thomson computersContainer group which list all Thomson computers variant.list_alt0 game
Thomson MO5Compatible with Thomson MO5, released in 1984.notifications1983 / 1989168 games
Thomson MO6Compatible with Thomson MO6, released in 1986.notifications1984 / 198821 games
Thomson TO7Compatible with Thomson TO7, released in 1982.notifications1983 / 198884 games
Thomson TO7/70 (Thomson TO7-70)Compatible with Thomson TO7/70 model of the Thomson TO7 computer, released in 1984. TO7 software 'always' runs on a TO7/70 but TO7/70 software may not run on a TO7notifications3 games
Thomson TO8Compatible with Thomson TO8, released in 1986.notifications1984 / 1989128 games
Thomson TO9Compatible with Thomson TO9, released in 1985.notifications1985 / 198810 games
Toaplan System 1 Arcade hardwarenotifications1988 / 19918 games
Toaplan System 2notifications1991 / 199917 games
Tobii Eye TrackerSupports the Tobii Eye Tracker.notifications2016 / 20184 games
TrackballA spinnable ball, somewhat similar in concept to upturned mouse.notifications1973 / 200423 games
Triforce arcade hardwareBy Namco, Sega and Nintendo, Based on Nindendo Gamecube * CPU : IBM Power PC "Gekko" * Sound DSP : Custom Macronix 16bit DSP @ 81MHz * Main RAM : Main Memory 48 MB MoSys 1T-SRAM * Graphics Engine : "Flipper" (Custom ATI/Nintendo)notifications2002 / 200710 games
TrisstickAn adapter by Big Five Software. It allowed Atari compatible joysticks to be used on TRS-80 Model I & III systems.notifications1980 / 19839 games
Trs80model4These games are targeted for the TRS-80 Model 4 and 4Pnotifications1983 / 201612 games
Universal '83 Arcade hardwarenotifications1983 / 19856 games
Universal 79 Arcade hardwarenotifications1979 / 19806 games
UPL "sprite framebuffer" Arcade Systemnotifications1987 / 19895 games
VESA(VBE;SVGA;UVGA;xVGA;Super Video Graphics Array;Ultra Video Graphics Array)Variety of computer display standards introduced as extensions to VGA by VESA (starting with SVGA), allowing true color displays (24 bit and 32 bit) and unbound resolutions, including the VESA BIOS Extensions (VBE) which is used to enable these.notifications1990 / 2017126 games
Video Graphics Array(VGA)Graphics adapter introduced in 1987 that supported 18-bit color (256 on screen) & resolutions up to 640x480. Superseded by VESA standards & extensionsnotifications1984 / 2021799 games
Video System PSX arcade hardwarenotifications1 game
Video Systems GGA Arcade Hardwarenotifications1990 / 19976 games
Video-syncVideo-Sync connects the video output and cassette jack of Apple II systems allowing for seamless graphics effects the system is not otherwise cable ofnotifications1 game
Visco SSV System arcade hardwarenotifications1993 / 200024 games
VRAM: 128 MiBRequires at least 128 MiB video RAM.2007 / 20090 game
VRAM: 32 MiBRequires at least 32 MiB video RAM.2003 / 20080 game
VRAM: 64 MiBRequires at least 64 MiB video RAM.2004 / 20050 game
VSL Votrax speech synthesis unitA speech synthesis expansion board intended for the Ohio Scientific computers but could be used with others.notifications1 game
Wang 2200A computer sold from 1973 to 1997 based only on TTL chips (no microprocessor). Yet, capable of running BASIC.notifications1975 / 19782 games
WaveJammer SPUSpecifically supports the WaveJammer PCMCIA SoundBlaser clone.notifications1995 / 199711 games
Webcamnotifications2004 / 20135 games
Wheel controller(Steering wheel)Supports or requires a wheel controller.notifications1975 / 201610 games
Wii Arcade Hardwarenotifications1 game
Wii Classic ControllerA dual-analog, d-pad, 10-button gamepad connected to the Wii Remote. And, 2 Analog triggers.notifications2 games
Wii MotionPlus (Wiiモーションプラス)MotionPlus Wiimotes have expanded motion sensing functionality. A plugin adapter can be used to add MotionPlus to older Wiimotes.notifications2009 / 201412 games
Wii Nunchuknotifications2006 / 201017 games
Williams 6809 Systemnotifications1980 / 198718 games
Williams V-Unit arcade hardware3D Graphicsnotifications1994 / 19974 games
Williams/Midway Y/Z-unit systemnotifications1988 / 19929 games
WonderbookRequires or supports the Wonderbook augmented reality peripheral for PS3.notifications2012 / 20134 games
x86 SSE 4.2(Streaming SIMD Extensions version 4.2)Requires a CPU with at least SSE4.2 instruction set support (Intel Nehalem and later, and AMD Bulldozer CPUs and later).notifications1 game
x86 SSE2(Streaming SIMD Extensions version 2)Requires a CPU with at least SSE2 instruction set support (Pentium 4 or Athlon 64 for example).notifications2007 / 2021107 games
x86 SSE3(Streaming SIMD Extensions version 3)Requires a CPU with at least SSE3 instruction set support (later versions of Pentium 4 or Athlon 64 for example).notifications2011 / 20162 games
x86-16 CPURequires 16 bit x86 CPU and an OS that can run 16 bit executables.notifications1993 / 19967 games
x86-32 CPURequires or runs natively on a 32 bit x86 CPU.notifications2004 / 201646 games
x86-64 CPU (AMD64 CPU;x64)Requires or runs natively on a 64 bit x86 CPU.notifications1990 / 2021917 games
Xbox 360 gamepad controllerSupports the X360 gamepad controller specifically.notifications2007 / 2017111 games
Xbox One gamepad controllerSupports the Xbox One gamepad controller specifically.notifications2016 / 201711 games
XM expansionAn homebrew expansion modulenotifications1987 / 201422 games
Yun Sung 16 Bit Systemnotifications1996 / 19984 games
Yun Sung 68k Arcade Hardwarenotifications1998 / 20026 games
Zaccaria arcade hardwarenotifications1983 / 19842 games
Advanced Vector ExtensionsAVX are 32-bit and 64-bit extensions to the x86 instruction set that began being included in CPUs since 2011. Uses 128, 256, or 512-bit SIMD register file.notifications1 game
Auxiliary displayslist_alt0 game
Controller Port Link (Controller Port Network)A solution to network two systems (likely for multiplayer) that lends well to consoles with 2 or more controller ports.notifications1 game
Display aspect ratioslist_alt0 game
Display: Cassette PortIn the oldest computer systems, some hobbyists experimented with using the cassette I/O port for video display. Soldiering required.0 game
DRM: Corrupt media(Damaged media)Uses intentionally damaged/corrupted media as a form of DRM, causing read errors when copying is attempted, making the copies different than the original and thus triggering the copy protection when one attempts to use the copies.notifications2 games
DTS Digital Surroundnotifications1 game
Electro-mechanicalIncludes electro-mechanical components that effect game logic and/or performs computations.notifications1970 / 19834 games
Eye trackingTracks player's direction of vision and does something with the information. May require special hardware, though some may be content with any webcam or similar device.notifications2016 / 20172 games
GameKing IIIGames for GameKing III (color). Also playing the older b&w GameKing I/II games coverting 4 shades of grey into color. Cartridges are smaller and not squared similar like Game Boy Advance games.list_alt0 game
GPU Async Compute[Asynchronous Compute]Supports asynchronous compute feature of Vulkan and DirectX 12.notifications2014 / 20208 games
Haptic feedback (Force feedback;Tactile feedback)Supports devices that produce haptic feedback, such as vibration, directional force, or such.notifications1999 / 201838 games
Hardware Transform and Lighting (Transform, clipping, and lighting)Added to OpenGL & coin-ops in 1993. Nvidia & S3 cards 1st used T&L in 1999. Direct3D 7 added T&L soon after. Vertex & pixel shaders replaced T&L 2001.notifications1 game
Head trackingTracks player's head position and possibly angle and does something with the information. May require special hardware, though some may be content with any webcam or similar device.notifications1998 / 202033 games
LightFX (AlienFX)Supports the Dell XPS LightFX or Alienware AlienFX hardware.notifications2010 / 201717 games
Media: LaserdiscThese games need not be for Laserdisc based game systems (or players) but make use of one or more Laserdisc in gameplay.notifications1 game
Motion trackingnotifications2017 / 20194 games
Multi keyboardSupports multiple keyboards simultaneously.notifications2007 / 20118 games
Multi pointer (Multi mouse;Multiple pointer devices)Supports multiple pointer devices, such as mice, simultaneously.notifications2007 / 201211 games
Multi-touch screen[multi-touch display]Supports or requires a multi-touch screen. A screen that tracks multiple touch signals on its surface instead of just one.notifications2010 / 20126 games
Multihead (Multiple monitors;Multiple adapters)[Eyefinity]Supports multiple display devices simultaneously, usually showing additional info on the other displays or alternatively expanding the field of view to them.notifications1971 / 201634 games
N-patches (RT-patches;ATi TruForm)Supports N-patches graphics technology, either as is or with a patch. This causes polygon count to be roughly doubled, smoothing curves and generally making models seem less angular.notifications1999 / 200512 games
Nintendo Power exclusiveA Super Famicom or Game Boy game which can be only obtained with the Nintendo Power (NP) Service and a NP RAM cartridge.notifications1998 / 200012 games
Nvidia Multi-res Shading(Multi-resolution Shading)Renders peripheral display content at reduced resolution, improving performance. Intended mainly for VR headsets.notifications1 game
PCI bus is requiredSystem Requirements call for the presence of a PCI bus (though not necessarily any PCI cards). Tag if claimed, even if untrue (but note the truth)notifications1 game
Requires an 8-bit Sound CardThese games are not compatible with 16-bit sound cards or any other sound hardware that is not 8-bit.notifications2 games
Shaders (Pixel Shaders;Vertex Shaders;Geometry Shaders)[Shader Models]list_alt0 game
Sound Processing Units (Sound Cards;Sound Chips;Sound Hardware)list_alt0 game
Sound RequiredThese games will not run without sound hardware installed and working.notifications2 games
Virtual Reality goggles(Virtual Reality helmets)A headset, glasses, or helmet that mainly delivers separate left & right eye images. Possibly with sound (mic and/or speakers), haptic feedback, and motion controller features as well.notifications1995 / 202010 games
x86 Streaming SIMD ExtensionsRequires the CPU supports some version of SSE, an x86 architecture extension originally developed by Intel.notifications1999 / 20163 games