Sound Blaster AWE32 SPU

Hardware entity

Supports or requires an SB AWE32 sound processing unit.


The first video game about Sound Blaster AWE32 SPU was released in 1994.

Acclaim Entertainment and Playmates has published most of these games

The Sound Blaster AWE32 was made of all of Creative Labs' previous Sound Blaster cards (SB, 16, 2.0) plus many new features including MIDI and two memory slots for two types of upgrades. MPU-401 hardware was built-in but some DOS extenders were incompatible with this bit of the hardware. Windows 3.x drivers recognized the MPU-401 unit as a distinct piece of hardware so could overcome this issue when playing DOS games (that managed to work under Windows 3.x and had an option to us Windows MIDI). Although previous cards were literally part of the AWE32, there were some backwards compatibility issues.

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Sound Processing Units


Windows 1

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