Sound Processing Units

Hardware concept


Alternate names: Sound Cards, Sound Chips, Sound Hardware

Mockingboard soundcardGame is compatible with Mockingboard soundcards1981 / 198914 games
POKEY chipCartridge contains a multi use chip that handles I/O for potentiometers & keyboards. But can also be used for 4 channel sound FX & music generation.1983 / 20078 games
AdLib SPU1989 / 201743 games
Covox Sound Master1 game
Covox Voice Master SPUThis is an ISA version of the Speech Thing that has similar ability but also DMA. Play back of sound stored on the card did not waste CPU bandwidth.1 game
Disney Sound Source1992 / 19965 games
Gravis Ultrasound SPU1993 / 201412 games
Roland LAPC-I1989 / 199512 games
Roland MT-32 SPU1989 / 201116 games
Media Vision Pro Audio SpectrumA terrific sound card with many IBM/PC games supporting it. Disappeared due to a securities fraud investigation1993 / 19977 games
PC speaker SPUSupports PC speaker as sound processing unit.1979 / 201771 games
PS/1 AudioIBM's answer to Tandy's sound hardware. Designed to only work on the PS/1 PC (which seems to have been designed to compete with low-cost Tandys)1989 / 19912 games
Sound Blaster SPUSupports or requires Sound Blaster (the original) or compatible sound processing unit.1989 / 201757 games
Sound Blaster 16 SPUSupports or requires SB16 or compatible sound processing unit.1993 / 201723 games
Tandy SPUUses one of on board sound systems unique to the Tandy 1000 series (IBM-PCjr compatible). Or PCjr sound.1982 / 201118 games
Media Vision ThunderboardMeant to be Sound Blaster compatible it was not fully but had addition modes.1 game