Sound Processing Units

Hardware concept

Alternate names: Sound Cards, Sound Chips, Sound Hardware

Mockingboard soundcardGame is compatible with Mockingboard soundcards1981 / 198914 games
POKEY chipCartridge contains a multi use chip that handles I/O for potentiometers & keyboards. But can also be used for 4 channel sound FX & music generation.1983 / 20078 games
AdLib SPU1987 / 2018363 games
Adlib Gold SPUSupports or requires Adlib Gold sound processing unit.1990 / 201745 games
Aria Chipset SPUSupports or requires an Aria Chipset compatible sound card.1993 / 19967 games
Sound Blaster AWE32 SPUSupports or requires an SB AWE32 sound processing unit.1994 / 199828 games
Covox Sound Master II SPUSupports or requires the CSM2 sound card.1991 / 19966 games
Covox Sound Master1989 / 199644 games
Covox Speech Thing SPUAn extremely primitive & cheap dongle that plugged into a parallel port to provide 8-bit DAC digital sound output that was superior to the PC speaker.1989 / 199619 games
Covox Voice Master SPUThis is an ISA version of the Speech Thing that has similar ability but also DMA. Play back of sound stored on the card did not waste CPU bandwidth.1989 / 19963 games
Disney Sound SourceAn improved and not exactly compatible clone of the Covox Speech Thing packaged with an external speaker.1990 / 199652 games
Ensoniq Soundscape SPUSupports or requires an Ensoniq Soundscape sound processing unit.1994 / 199820 games
ESS AudioDrive SPUSupports or requires an ESS AudioDrive sound processing unit.2 games
General MIDIMIDI is a hardware specification for communicating music between electronic instruments while GM specifics data standards used by the hardware.1989 / 199754 games
Gravis Ultrasound SPU1993 / 201746 games
Intersound MDO SPUAn improved and non-compatible clone of the Covox Speech Thing.1 game
IBM Music Feature Card SPURequires or supports the IBM Music Feature Card.1988 / 199415 games
I/O Magic Tempo SPUSupports or requires an I/O Magic Tempo PCMCIA SPU.1 game
Roland LAPC-I1989 / 199828 games
Generic LTP DAC SPUSupports generic parallel port resistor ladder hardware. Any Covox Speech Thing, clone or like hardware (Disney Sound Source) will work to some degree1991 / 19925 games
Gravis UltraSound MAXSupports or requires the Gravis UltraSound MAX sound card.2 games
MPU-401 adapterSupports MPU-401 MIDI interface directly. An MPU-401 translate signals to and from MIDI ports for legacy computer systems.1989 / 199623 games
Roland MT-32 SPU1988 / 2011282 games
Media Vision Pro Audio SpectrumA terrific sound card with many IBM/PC games supporting it. Disappeared due to a securities fraud investigation1989 / 199888 games
Media Vision Pro Audio Spectrum 16A 16-bit version of the Pro Audio Spectrum. Disappeared due to a securities fraud investigation1991 / 199619 games
Media Vision Pro Audio Spectrum Plus SPUSupports of requires this improved version of the Pro Audio Spectrum. Disappeared due to a securities fraud investigation1992 / 19969 games
PC speaker SPUSupports PC speaker as sound processing unit.1979 / 2018488 games
PS/1 AudioIBM's answer to Tandy's sound hardware. Designed to only work on the PS/1 PC (which seems to have been designed to compete with low-cost Tandys)1989 / 199344 games
Roland RAP-10 SPUSupports or requires an Roland RAP-10 sound card.1993 / 199716 games
Roland Sound Canvas SPUA high-end sound module available in many models. Most are General Midi and MT-32 backwards compatible.1992 / 199618 games
Sound Blaster SPUSupports or requires Sound Blaster (the original) or compatible sound processing unit.1988 / 2019273 games
Sound Blaster 16 SPUSupports or requires SB16 or compatible sound processing unit.1991 / 201760 games
Sound Blaster Pro SPUSupports or requires an SB Pro sound processing unit.1990 / 201767 games
Sound Galaxy NX Pro 16 SPUSupports or requires an I38-MMSN803 SPU.1993 / 19964 games
Tandy SPUUses one of on board sound systems unique to the Tandy 1000 series (IBM-PCjr compatible). Or PCjr sound.1982 / 2018395 games
Tandy DACLate model Tandy MS-DOS compatible PCs added 8-bit Digital-to-Analog Converter hardware & protocols for HQ music & sound at 48kHz & emulation of other SPUs1989 / 199791 games
Media Vision ThunderboardMeant to be Sound Blaster compatible it was not fully but had addition modes.1990 / 199629 games
Toptek Golden 16 SPUSupports or requires Toptek Golden 16 SPU1 game
WaveJammer SPUSpecifically supports the WaveJammer PCMCIA SoundBlaser clone.1995 / 199711 games
Windows Sound System SPUSupports or requires the Windows Sound System. Notable for DOS games running under Windows that can be configured to use Windows the Sound System.1992 / 201721 games