Sound Processing Units

Hardware concept


Alternate names: Sound Cards, Sound Chips, Sound Hardware

Mockingboard soundcardGame is compatible with Mockingboard soundcards1983 / 198912 games
POKEY chipCartridge contains a multi use chip that handles I/O for potentiometers & keyboards. But can also be used for 4 channel sound FX & music generation.1983 / 20078 games
AdLib SPU1989 / 201738 games
Covox Sound Master1 game
Disney Sound Source1992 / 19965 games
Gravis Ultrasound SPU1993 / 201412 games
Roland LAPC-I1989 / 199512 games
Roland MT-32 SPU1989 / 199511 games
Media Vision Pro AudioSpectrumA terrific sound card with many IBM/PC games supporting it. Disappeared due to a securities fraud investigation1993 / 19977 games
PC speaker SPUSupports PC speaker as sound processing unit.1979 / 201765 games
Sound Blaster SPUSupports or requires Sound Blaster (the original) or compatible sound processing unit.1990 / 201754 games
Sound Blaster 16 SPUSupports or requires SB16 or compatible sound processing unit.1993 / 201723 games