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Requires or supports any type of a keyboard type controller.


The first video game about Keyboard was released in 1954.

Creative Computing Software, Infocom and Level 9 Computing has published most of these games

Primarily when keyboard is unusual, but also for other cases where keyboard is the primary or only controller used (unless it is the only controller available on the platform).

Such as, Win3.1 and Win32/64 are often perceived as keyboard+mouse platforms, but there are games where only one of the controllers is actually used, or the other only intermittently.

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MS-DOS 356
Tandy Coco 245
Linux 158
Memotech MTX 136
ZX Spectrum 126
Windows 105
Ohio Scientific 98
C64 91
Amstrad PCW 80
Apple II E 79
Mac OS Classic 74
TRS-80 66
Atari 400/800 56
Atari ST 44
BBC 41
Mac OS X 40
Amiga 38
Amstrad CPC 33
VIC-20 28
QL 22
MSX 21
C16/Plus4 21
Tatung Einstein 20
Atom 18
Win3.1 18
Electron 17
Apple IIGS 14
DEC PDP-1 13
Dragon32 12
Archimedes 11

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