Media: Download

Software concept

Full game legally distributed as digital download.


Alternate names: Digital distribution
Name variations: Downloadable

The first video game about Media: Download was released in 1982.

Paradox Interactive, Choice of Games and Devolver Digital has published most of these games

This is tag presumes the full game is authorized for digital distribution. This tag is not meant to apply to shareware or demo versions which are always assumed to be legally downloadable.
For keeping record which games were distributed as download for the future game media options.

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Child groups

Not on Console Classix, Console Classix, Wii Virtual Console, Available on, Xbox Live Marketplace, WiiWare, PlayStation Store, Consoleclassix-pending, Available on Steam, Ubuntu Software Center - Paid for Application, DSiWare, Nintendo eShop, 3DS Virtual Console, Available on Gameolith, Available on Desura, Available on Gamersgate, Available on, Wii U Virtual Console, Games Republic, GameAgent, Available on Epic Games Store


Linux 11056
Windows 1275
Mac OS X 536
Android 270
MS-DOS 104
BSD 45
Tandy Coco 38
BeOS 35
PS3 28
PS4 25
PS Vita 25
Pandora 23
Mac OS Classic 22
iOS 21
X360 21
Unix 20
Win3.1 16
Atari 400/800 15
Amiga 13
ZX Spectrum 13
Solaris 13
Xbox One 12
C64 12
Switch 12
PSP 12
Nintendo DS 12
3DS 11
Ouya 11
Palm 10
C16/Plus4 9

By year

8284868890929496980002040608101214161820 2812703140621090 ABCD
A2004 - D2D launched
2004 - Steam launched
B2005 - XBLM launched
C2006 - PSN launched
D2008 - WiiWare launched

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