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Alternate name: Good Old Games

The first video game about Available on GOG.com was released on August 1982.

Devolver Digital, Daedalic Entertainment and Sierra On-Line has published most of these games

Originally GOG stood for Good Old Games but the distributor has been moving since 2011 towards also selling newer titles (though still probably focusing on older titles where possible), so it's just GOG now without being any kind of acronym.

NOTE: Originally all GOG games for Linux supported Ubuntu and Mint. They dropped Mint specific support in 2016 and now offically only support LTS versions of Ubuntu. Mint is generally Ubuntu compatible anyhow.

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Linux 587
Windows 455
Mac OS X 165
MS-DOS 141
Win3.1 3
Mac OS Classic 2
FM Towns 1
NEC PC9801 1
PS4 1
PS Vita 1
Switch 1
Neo-Geo 1
Amiga 1
Atari ST 1

By year

8284868890929496980002040608101214161820 244611221830 ABCD
A2008 - GOG.com closed beta launch
B2010 - GOG.com shutdown hoax and end of beta
C2012 - GOG.com adds Mac support
D2014 - GOG.com adds Linux suport.

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