Title mentioned

Other (objects, etc.) concept

The game's title is mentioned in dialogue, cutscene or some other story related thing.


Alternate name: Eponym

* Cases delivered while breaking the 4th wall do NOT count. Unless this is the default mode of the game.
* Tutorials do NOT count.
* Parts of the title are not sufficient (e.g. Mario from "Mario Bros." is not eligible).
* Episode #, Chapter #, Book #, etc. that is some fancier expression of an individual game in a series.

* Title and sub-title should be considered separate. So for "Foo: Blaz" it is enough that either Foo or Blaz is mentioned, not necessarily both.
* Difference by singular and plural forms can be ignored.
* Lack of a, an or the articles can be ignored, same for other languages which use such.
* Numbers can be ignored if they have no significance beyond stating the game's place in series (e.g. Turok 3 should be considered simply as Turok), however Earth 2140 would count as whole.
* The "Some Person's" bit can be ignored when it's the game's creator, so "American McGee's Scrapland" would count as Scrapland and "Sid Meyer's Civilization" as Civilization. Same for "this and that presents".
* "Some Person in Some Thing" should be treated same as being "Some Person: Some Thing", also many other permutations of this kind of naming.
* "Something and Other" style titles can be treated as same as "Something: Other" when the two have no direct connection, for example Ori and the Blind Forest.

* Original language has the priority, but translations are applicable as well (not fan translations, though).
* A quote would be nice, but not necessary.

The first Title mentioned video game was released in 1983.

Electronic Arts, Ubisoft and Bethesda Softworks published most of these games.

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