Other (objects, etc.) theme

Includes digitized speech.


Alternate names: Talkie, Voice acted, Digitized Speech

The first video game about Voice-overs was released in 1981.

Ubisoft, Electronic Arts and LucasArts has published most of these games

This is for all voice acted content, diagetic or not.

* Voice-overs in pre-rendered FMVs do NOT count.
* Short grunts/taunts/screams by characters do NOT count
* (temporary) Should NOT be used for games released in 2004 or after

Valid even if only the main story dialog is voice acted while side stories and similar are not.

As such, use your own reasoning to determine when a game has actual speech and not.

The 2004 time barrier was added because voice overs became quite common part of games around that time. It should remain in place until a solution is deviced to deal with the excessive number of titles that would be tagged.

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Full voice-overs

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