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Player is part of a group and can issue some form of instructions to (or, in some instances, assume full control of) the other members.


Alternate names: Squad-based, Party-based

The first video game about Group was released in 1975.

SSI, Electronic Arts and Spiderweb Software has published most of these games

Applicable to strategy games where the player is in control of single squad (or few small ones). Usually these are squad tactics games.

Requires that single player is in control or lead of multiple characters (excluding other human controlled characters). So this is not for MMOs where you can form a party with other players without having those additional characters.

Pets do not count unless they're represented as actual characters by the game (not tied to the existence of the actual player character).

Usually groups have the added benefit that you can't truly die unless the whole group is wiped out, though sometimes it is enough that the protagonist dies (though this is usually the case when you can't directly control the others).
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Companions and subordinates, RPG elements

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Group subset, Group leader, Switch control within group, Multiple groups, Ragtag gang, Natural leader, Group creation

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