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A notably pungent plant, or especially its bulb, that is used for culinary, medicinal, magical, or super natural purposes.


The first video game about Garlic was released in 1981.

Origin, Pony Canyon and Fujitsu has published most of these games

Garlic is often used in both fiction and reality to ward of evil creatures, especially vampires, by those that believe in its effectiveness.

Garlic is in reality used as a medical ingredient for a variety of aliments. Conditions treated by it and opinion of effectiveness has vastly shifted over time. Use in warding off a cold is one of the present uses, evidence of effectiveness is inconclusive but favors it as fact.

Garlic is proven to contain antibiotic, insecticidal, and antifungal compounds or the ingredients thereof. Some of these compounds are created only by the chemical reaction that occurs when the plant, especially its bulb, are crushed or damaged. Many of these reactions can be avoided if the plant, especially its bulb, are damaged without damaging the individuals cells of the plant. For instance, a few sharp knife will cleave a garlic bulb and break open or slice open relatively few cells.

Garlic is used to add flavor to a variety of food. It is kind of a semi-spice. Some foods use it in large amounts as if it were food, other's it is present in small quantities as a spice.

Garlic was once thought to be a source of strength. This myth as replaced by Popeye's spinach.

A myth claims that Garlic was 'created' when Satan stepped on an onion plant on his way out of eden and perverted (mutated) the onion plant.

Because of its real and mythic properties, it is often used in fiction as a magical ingredient for spells and potions.


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