Gold bars

Other (objects, etc.) entity

Gold that has been melted down and shaped into similar sized bars. Presumed to be purified to one degree or another.


Alternate name: Gold ingots

The first video game about Gold bars was released in 1981.

Activision, Exult Team and Origin has published most of these games

In reality, gold bars are nearly the exclusive product of governments and government operations. But in entertainment, huge and impossibly expensive 400 ounce London Good Delivery bars are usually seen and seen in the most unlikely places such a in caves, abandon or private mines, jungles, etc...

Ingots are generally incidentally purified to a small degree simple by a minimal amount of foreign materials being destroyed by the melting process. They and often roughly shaped and sized in a somewhat standard way. The shape and sized are the goal, not purification. This aids in transport, as gold ingots can be contained and transfered more efficiently than random sized nuggets (chunks) or powder. Ingots can be made at the mining site itself and even inside the mine.

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Gold in any form


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