Other (objects, etc.) concept

Not necessarily realistic. Has nothing overtly fantastic, be it magical, paranormal, psychic, mystic, super powers, technomagic, nor magical technology.


Alternate names: Mundane, No Magic

The first video game about Naturalistic was released in 1947.

Creative Computing, Activision and Electronic Arts has published most of these games

Essentially anything devoid of fantastic (decidedly reality ignoring/breaking) elements (not as in the fantasy genre).

This is not about what's known, it is about the way it works. Unknown technologies, aliens, things not of Earth and not of the known world can still behave naturalistically.

Contrasts: (any one of these disqualifies use of this tag):
* Super powers
* Psychic powers (a.k.a. psionics)
* Technomagic
* Paranormal
* Magical Technology
* Magic
... or any other supernatural phenomena or superhuman powers

Possible Contrasts: (any one of these may disqualify use of this tag):
* Magical potions (but not medical).
* Visions that are clearly presented as supernatural.
* Cartoons are rarely naturalistic. Animation however, just might be.
* In rare cases, fantasy-like creatures my be given naturalistic explanation.
* Undead can only be naturalistic if a reasonably realistic explanation is given (tuberculosis, pneumonic plague, porphyria, lyssa, chemically educed zombi/real zombies, photosensitivity, hypertrichosis, trisomy, or like causes).
* Visions are not naturalistic if they have a clearly supernatural origin.
* 'Potions' that produce a naturalistic medical effect (poison, antidote, drowsiness, hallucinations, euphoria, drunkenness, etc) might be compatible with naturalistic.

* Supernormal(Prodigies)
* Science fiction/Aliens(use your best judgment for alien telepathy as it could go either way. Examples: Star Trek has naturalistic telepathy. Star Wars does not)
Science fiction can be naturalistic, but not in the case of technomagic or weird science. Similarly fantasy can be naturalistic.
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