Other (objects, etc.) concept

Features anything definitely magical or strange mystic powers.


Alternate name: Mystic powers

[ Magic ]
Variations: Somatic, Verbal, Symbolic, Focal, Innate

See also: superhuman powers.

* Super powers
* Psychic powers (a.k.a. psionics)
* Technomagic
* Finite energy
* Automatic energy regeneration

* Sorcery - when the player themself employs knowledge of the magical arts.

* Naturalistic
Implies the presence of fantasy genre on the game entries.

Not for the more "subtle" cases such as dragons breathing fire, faeries flying around and glittering glowing dust and the like. If it can be accounted as an innate non-magical ability, then this tag is not for it. Divine "abilities" can also be ignored for this if used by such creatures (demons, angels, and such).

Generally where the magic part is more obvious, like wizards blasting people to smithereens with magical energy or fireballs, blatant mentioning of magic or magical energy (such as mana), witches casting more obvious curses. Telekinesis that is not related to psionics, and the like.

This is also where Ki or similar originally non-magical thing is used in a magical way to shoot energy and such, cases where they just reaches paranormal levels of application should be ignored.

Doom series is a good example of a case where this should NOT be used, the only magic-like things in there are all related to demons and there's no clear uses of magic although some elements are magical (floor tiles floating in the air without support and the like), hellknights throwing balls of plasma, lost souls and the arch-viles with their powers of resurrection. Paranormal horror is more suited for this.

The first Magic video game was released in 1974.

Electronic Arts, SSI and Sega published most of these games.

Parent groups

Fantasy elements, Supernatural phenomena

Child groups

Delayed magic, Held magic, Magic ingredients, Magic: Innate, Instant magic, Pre-cast magic, Magic: Rare, Magic: Somatic, Magic: Sigils, Magic: Verbal, Spell memory, Sorcery, Magic artefacts, Magic weapons, Magic circles, Power foci, Theurgy, Wild magic, Magic fail

Related group

Psychic Powers


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