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Player character can or must employ knowledge of the arcane, cast magic spells or do other sorcerous deeds.


Alternate names: Witchcraft, Spellcasting

[ Sorcery ]
Manner: Instant - Delayed - Held
Safety: Safe - Hazardous
Variants: Ingredients - Pre-casting
This is NOT for cases where the player uses magic artefacts or other tools that produce magic-like effects, but for actual spellcasting - drawing magical symbols, uttering words of power, weaving magical energies, cursing, or whatever else. So cases where the player employs their Supreme Wand of Flaming Death do NOT count.

The use of intermediary objects becomes somewhat confusing with foci and inscribed magic symbols, but there's a clear difference in that the object itself does not have any magical properties the user invokes but rather uses the object to help do what they can do otherwise without aid. In case of inscribed runes, the act becomes closer to enchanting objects but can be occasionally considered a variation of drawing those symbols in air.

Object enchantment and summoning should not be considered part of this tag, even if magic is used by the player to accomplish them.

The first Sorcery video game was released in 1981.

SSI, Electronic Arts and Paradox Interactive published most of these games.

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Spell designing

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Magic artefacts, Magic weapons

Mystic protagonist


Superhuman powers


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