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Player can or must move about on foot, regardless of speed.


Alternate names: On foot, Ambulation
Name variations: running, jogging

The first video game about Walking was released in 1977.

Nintendo, Electronic Arts and Sega has published most of these games

Locomotion: Walking, Driving, Riding, Flying, Swimming, Underwater diving, ...

* Stamina
* Autorun
* Dashing
Although this may seem trivial, there's absolutely nothing in other included game info that implies that the player moves on foot, regardless of speed.

Running can be assumed to always be present when stamina tag is. Otherwise assume the character is always running. Dash has no effect on this assumption.

Applicable regardless of the speed the character moves on foot despite the primary name of the tag. So this includes walking, running, jogging, and so forth.

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Child groups

Automatic running, Hexapeds, Tripeds, Monopod, Underwater walking

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