Unarmed fighting

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The protagonist can attack with fists, claws, or by some other method using their bare hands, feet or other limbs or body parts.


Alternate names: Hand-to-hand combat
Name variations: unarmed combat

The first video game about Unarmed fighting was released in 1983.

Sega, Capcom and Activision has published most of these games

* Melee weapons
* Defenseless - in case you're unarmed, but can't fight back.
Including cases where the player wears gauntlets, brass knuckles, or similar devices that (supposedly) make such attacks more devastating.

Without this tag, it is fairly simple to assume player is defenseless unless they attain some type of a weapon, which they may always have anyway.

Does NOT include jumping on people's heads (head jumping).
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Parent group

Mêlée combat

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Striking martial arts

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