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Player can take a firm hold of opponents to either to throw, incapacitate or somehow physically use them or proceed with more straightforward pounding.


The first video game about Grappling was released in 1991.

Ubisoft, LucasArts and Feral Interactive has published most of these games

Usually requires the player to immediately follow with some action like throw or some form of attack lest the person they're grappling counters the move, though in some cases player can wait for as long as they want before doing anything about it.

In some cases player must drag the person about so they can perform some action in stead of them or possibly to use them as a living meat shield (however inhumane that is).
* Knockback
* Meat shield

Or did you want gappling hook?

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Interaction: Characters, Mêlée combat

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Grappling martial arts

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