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"Fair" CheatingAll factions have equally balanced access to built-in cheating options.notifications1994 / 20163 games
Absolute rulershipPlayer has absolute rulership of their particular nation, its goals and policies.notifications1990 / 201670 games
Access controlPlayer manages access control on some degree, such as who is allowed to go where and who isn't.notifications1 game
Acrobatics(Acrobatic gymnasics)Involves high mobility and complex action requiring full-body coordination.notifications1986 / 201446 games
Action by inactionThe player character does something useful specifically when player does nothing.notifications2 games
AdoptionThe alternative to actual procreation, adopting one or more children to be raised by you.notifications2009 / 20113 games
Agriculture (Horticulture)[farming]Planting seeds, seedlings, etc. and nurturing them to grow until they're edible or otherwise usable, or form parts that are such (e.g. fruits).notifications1981 / 201959 games
Air control[jump steering]Player has abnormal amount of control over movement while in air.notifications1990 / 202084 games
Air Traffic Control (ATC)Keeping a safe distance between aircraft and efficient, speedy, and orderly flow of traffic.notifications1978 / 201465 games
AirdashThe protagonist can dash mid-air, causing a sudden burst of speed in the defined direction.notifications2002 / 202067 games
Ambiguous term: DivingThe term "diving" is ambiguous and thus this should not be used as is, see the child tags for more accurate instances.list_alt0 game
Arm wrestlingnotifications1985 / 201412 games
AssassinatingPlayer needs to assassinate specific targets, anyone else is unnecessary or even detrimental to kill.notifications1992 / 201422 games
Astral projectionProjecting one's spirit, soul, or similar outside of one's body for exploration, espionage, or other ghost-like activities.notifications2003 / 20165 games
Astronavigation (Celestial navigation)Includes a somewhat realistic starfield that can be used for navigation, mapping, or time.notifications1981 / 20176 games
Atmospheric flightAll or part of the flying is done within the gases surrounding any planetary body.notifications1979 / 201643 games
Attack clashing[Weapon clashing;Sword clashing]Striking a against a melee attack or weapon with your own, either by accident or timing your attack roughly at the same time with the opponent's, has effects beside the base expected from video games.notifications1 game
Backstabbing (Stealth attack)Attacking people from behind (or otherwise without them noticing you) either allows you to instantly kill them or deal significantly higher amount of damage.notifications1998 / 2020167 games
Barricading (Makeshift defenses)Player can or must build makeshift barricades. Moving furniture, hammering planks on, welding things shut, and otherwise attempting to make entrance as difficult as possible.notifications2003 / 201942 games
Base buildingInvolves building, maintaining and possibly defending your base of operations.notifications1984 / 2021330 games
Blindfiring[blindfire]Player may fire from behind cover without exposing more than their gun and the hand(s) holding it. Unreliable method, but the purpose is usually to suppress the opposition than the kill them (even if that's also desirable effect).notifications2008 / 201630 games
Block timingBlocking either requires timing from the player to function at all or provides extra effects when timed, such as stunning the attacker.notifications1 game
BlockingPlayer can block attacks, usually with a shield or similar.notifications1993 / 2019173 games
Blocking: Sectors[Directional blocking;Sector blocking]Blocking happens by choosing a sector for the block on top of your facing, rather than generic block stance or action.notifications2008 / 20176 games
BoardingForced insertion of individuals on a vessel for whatever purpose.notifications1983 / 201729 games
Boating (Yachting;Sailing)notifications1971 / 201331 games
Body PiercingA specific type of body modification whereby holes are punctured in skin in order to hold jewelry.notifications2 games
BodyslammingPlayer character can jump or drop their own body at an opponent, knocking them down or otherwise injuring them.notifications2005 / 201524 games
Bounty-huntingPlayer participates in bounty-hunting: locating, capturing and/or killing individuals.notifications1979 / 201612 games
Breath controlPlayer must control the protagonist's breathing somehow, such as pressing a button down for as long as you need to hold breath.notifications2014 / 20152 games
Bribing [bribes;bribery]The player may engage in the giving or taking of bribes.notifications1982 / 201736 games
Building designing (House designing)Player can or must design a house. Such as how many floors, where and what shaped rooms, hallways, doorways, etc. there are. Furniture, electronics, etc. not included.notifications1997 / 202071 games
Captive exchange (Prisoner exchange;Hostage exchange)Player can exchange captives somehow.notifications2 games
Capturingnotifications1986 / 20135 games
Cargo jettisoning (Emergency dumping)Player can trivially jettison their cargo, drop their backpack/bag, or similar. Usually to help move faster or gain increased maneuverability when such is needed immediately.notifications2003 / 201716 games
Cartography(Manual mapping)Player somehow interactively/manually creates navigation maps by hand in-game, possibly with some minor tools that make it simpler but do not automate it.notifications2007 / 20124 games
Catch 'em UpSome or all gameplay is colliding with [b]moving[/b] objects (catching them) while other gameplay (if it exist) does not requiring significant player attention.notifications1978 / 201763 games
Ceiling clingingThe protagonist can cling momentarily or permanently to ceilings or other mostly downward facing surfaces.notifications1995 / 201921 games
Ceiling traversalThe protagonist can freely traverse any ceiling or mostly downward facing surfaces.notifications1995 / 201530 games
Character carryingPlayer character can carry around other characters who are more or less completely awake, likely only willing ones (allies) or unwilling ones if properly bound. Not when this is limited to specific characters, unless carrying them is frequent.notifications2010 / 20169 games
Charging (Ramming;Bullrushing)[bull rushing;bull-rushing]Player character can charge at their opponents and cause damage, stunning or such with the impact.notifications1982 / 201753 games
Chasing (Tailing)[Following;Pursuing]Requires chasing or otherwise following someone, either because they're running away or you're trying to find out where they're going.notifications2007 / 201113 games
CheatingEncourages or requires cheating in the game.notifications2014 / 20165 games
CheerleadingPhysical activity based upon organized routines, in order to direct spectators of events to cheer for sports teams at games or to participate in competitions.notifications2008 / 201110 games
Chemistry (Alchemy)You can concoct potions and/or create other alchemical substances.notifications1979 / 201882 games
Chemistry: Medicinenotifications2002 / 20128 games
Chemistry: Toxinsnotifications2002 / 20127 games
Claiming(Collecting)To progress, player must collect/claim all or most of some thing - usually objects of certain type, but can be anything - to proceed in each level.notifications1978 / 20211139 games
Clambering(Mantling)Player can climb onto about waist/chest high objects or possibly higher ones.notifications1998 / 201817 games
CleaningPlayer spends time washing, mopping, brushing, etc. things clean, or can do so.notifications2002 / 201919 games
Climbing on people[Climbing on characters;Climbing on monsters]Player can climb on people, monsters, or other characters.notifications2012 / 20166 games
Cloaking (Cloaking field;Stealth field;Cloak generator)Player can turn themselves invisible - to optical and possibly other sensors - or nearly so.notifications1991 / 201962 games
Coercion(Blackmailing)notifications4 games
ColonizationInvolves colonization of a new continent(s) or even planet(s).notifications1982 / 201633 games
Combat styles (Combat stances)Characters have access to multiple combat styles they switch between of. Especially if the different styles are required to be used.notifications2002 / 201718 games
Combo break[Combo breaker]It is possible to break opponents' combos, possibly even in middle of being affected by them.notifications1980 / 201515 games
Combo moves (Combo attacks)Player can perform some devastating combo attacks and other moves by following a precise sequence of controller actions. Usually the more powerful the combo is, the less it has to do with the combination required to initiate it.notifications1980 / 201883 games
Component jettisoningPlayer can trivially jettison components, gear/equipment (such as worn armor), or similar. Usually for similar purposes as jettisoning cargo.notifications2009 / 20178 games
Constructing (Building construction)Player spends significant amount of time personally building or managing the building of singular object or structure, such as a house, possibly several but each are worked on separately and with equal effort.notifications1979 / 201944 games
ContractingPlayer can create contracts that others may try take and complete.notifications1 game
Conversion[converting]Player can somehow convert creatures, especially enemies/opponents, to their side.notifications1995 / 201648 games
CookingThe player is able to do some cooking.notifications1986 / 2018118 games
CooperationRequires cooperation between two or more characters to progress, especially if this is frequent or constant.notifications1981 / 2019163 games
Cooperative construction (Co-operative construction)One player/character can start constructing a building, unit, etc. and another player/character can join in it to help.notifications2007 / 20083 games
Corpse actionsCertain actions can be performed on corpses that are not better described by other concepts.notifications1985 / 201824 games
Corpse harvestingCorpses and other remainders of dead or destroyed creatures can be harvested somehow.notifications1997 / 201621 games
Corpse lootingPlayer must search through corpses to gain any valuables they were carrying.notifications1994 / 2020134 games
Counter attacks(Riposte)[riposting;counter attacking;counters]Player has the ability to take advantage of their opponents' attacks and turn them into devastating attacks of their own. The opponents may also be able to do this.notifications2003 / 201852 games
Cover swapThere's a simple way to swap to a nearby cover, usually much faster and more fluidly than otherwise would be possible.notifications2009 / 201313 games
CraftingFeatures item crafting.notifications1985 / 2020457 games
Crafting: Ammo[Ammo crafting;ammunition crafting]Player can craft ammunition, energy packs, or similar for their weapons and tools.notifications2011 / 201821 games
Crafting: Weapons (Weaponsmithing)notifications2009 / 201612 games
Creature designing (Species designing)notifications1997 / 201610 games
Creature identificationCreatures, be it opponents or otherwise, can be identified better than "animal" or "humanoid". May occur in multiple stages, progressing through taxonomy tree or just have one step.notifications1975 / 202020 games
Criminal activity (Law breaking)Player can or must break the law in a manner other characters object to, call law enforcers for or even personally try to apprehend you.notifications1981 / 202059 games
CrueltyEncourages and/or rewards acts of cruelty.notifications2002 / 201218 games
Cryptographynotifications2012 / 20147 games
Curse Removing (Jinx Removing)Protagonists can be cursed and have curses removed many times in the game (an occurrence, not a plot point).notifications1 game
Cybernetics (Bionics;Robotic implants;Bionic implants)Player character can or must work with cybernetic hardware (bionic and/or robotic implants), especially if it's their own. Such as fixing, installing, modifying, or replacing them.notifications1988 / 201762 games
DashingA sudden and short run or similar movement.notifications1991 / 2019103 games
Dead animationPlayer can animate the dead, regardless of the method (such as magic, technology, psychokinesis, etc.).notifications2001 / 20104 games
Deception (Misinformation)notifications3 games
Deck buildingPlayer can build custom decks.notifications1997 / 201515 games
Decomposing(Dismantling;Deconstructing;Disassembling;Break for parts)Player can break down objects into base components, regardless if this preserves all that were used in their construction.notifications2003 / 201613 games
DeductionDeduction plays a central role in gameplay.notifications1984 / 201420 games
Defense breaking (Shield breaking)[defence breaking]Defenses can be broken, disrupted, or otherwise temporarily or permanently negated. A shield flung aside, struck so hard the person staggers and can't parry for a sec, etc.notifications2000 / 201844 games
DeliveringPlayer must deliver something to someone.notifications1977 / 201545 games
DemolitionDemolition, purposeful destruction of structures, is a gameplay element (not just incidental).notifications1986 / 201340 games
DesigningA significant portion of the game is spent designing something.notifications2009 / 20157 games
Devouring aliveInvolves eating some creatures while they're still alive.notifications1993 / 201524 games
Digging (Tunneling)Involves digging up tunnels and/or chambers in rock or other solid material.notifications1979 / 2019502 games
Diplomacy(Foreign politics;Foreign relations))Negotiating (trade, immigration, research, law enforcement, military, etc.) treaties, joint operations, and so forth with foreign powers.notifications1980 / 201959 games
Dirty fightingFighting using underhanded, amoral, unfair, dishonourable, etc. methods.notifications2013 / 20143 games
DisarmingThe protagonist can somehow disarm their opponents.notifications2000 / 201843 games
DisguisingPlayer can or is required to disguise themselves.notifications1984 / 201533 games
Dismemberment[dismembering]Limbs get chopped off.notifications1983 / 2018121 games
Displays of AffectionHas notable and/or numerous incidents of couples displaying affection.notifications1996 / 20143 games
DistractingPlayer can distract others briefly, such as by tossing an object somewhere to cause noise for the enemies to investigate.notifications1998 / 201861 games
DockingPlayer can or must manually dock.notifications1981 / 20153 games
Dodging (Evasion)Includes movement functionality solely meant for dodging.notifications1978 / 2021425 games
Door slamming(Door bashing)[door-slamming]Kicking, ramming, or doing something else to a door that causes it to swivel violently at someone with the purpose of causing the door to hit them. Causing damage, stunning, and/or knocking them back/down.notifications2012 / 201511 games
DrawingInvolves drawing shapes or symbols.notifications1986 / 201831 games
Drifting (Oversteering;Fishtailing;Powersliding)[sliding;skidding]Ability to maintain momentum while turning, with the turning not affecting direction of the drift (much). Such as a car with which the driver intentionally loses traction for.notifications1998 / 202037 games
Drillingnotifications2003 / 20134 games
DrivingFeatures driving any land-based vehicle(s) as the whole point, for significant part of the game or prominent side activity.notifications1977 / 2020529 games
EavesdroppingPlayer can or must secretly listen to the conversations of others, usually gaining some inexplicably useful info in the process.notifications1998 / 201822 games
EcologyEcology (the study of the natural relationships between lifeforms) plays a key role in gameplay.notifications1983 / 201825 games
Educational Contentlist_alt0 game
Educational content: Art TechniquesGame teaches techniques for making art (color, texture, depth, shading, perspective etc).notifications1986 / 20094 games
Educational content: Astrology0 game
Educational content: Astronomynotifications1985 / 200813 games
Educational content: Biologynotifications1983 / 200918 games
Educational content: ChemistryGame teaches chemistry.notifications1979 / 19958 games
Educational content: Colorsnotifications1984 / 201155 games
Educational content: Computer scienceFeatures learning about computer science as a significant theme and element of gameplay.notifications1981 / 19889 games
Educational content: EcologyThe game teaches ecology, the relationships between lifeforms.notifications1980 / 200825 games
Educational content: English languageGame teaches the English language to native speakers of other languages.notifications1984 / 200543 games
Educational content: Finance (Money Skills;Money)Features learning about, earning, spending, borrowing, lending, etc. of money as a significant theme and element of gameplay.notifications1979 / 200942 games
Educational content: FlightGame teaches flight skills.notifications1986 / 20003 games
Educational content: GeographyGame teaches geography.notifications1972 / 2014164 games
Educational content: GeometryGame teaches geometry. The measuring of lengths, areas, angles, volumes, size, shape, relative positions, & properties of space.notifications1975 / 200611 games
Educational content: German languageGame teaches the german language for foreigners.notifications1983 / 19903 games
Educational content: GovernmentGame teaches information about how government works, including politics.notifications2 games
Educational content: GrammarGame teaches grammar, the rules governing the structure of sentences, phrases, and words of a language.notifications1983 / 200617 games
Educational content: Graphemes (Letters;Syllabograms;Logograms)Teaches letters (alphabet), syllabograms, logograms or other graphemes.notifications1984 / 201159 games
Educational content: HistoryIntended to teach about history with qualified accuracy.notifications1983 / 200842 games
Educational content: Life SkillsGame teaches practical skills generally not emphasized in text books or structured education.notifications1984 / 201426 games
Educational content: LogicGame teaches logic.notifications1981 / 200979 games
Educational content: Machine OperatingGame teaches the player how to operate machinery.notifications1974 / 201525 games
Educational content: MathematicsGame teaches the use of mathematics (math), the science of patterns, often expressed in numbers and equations.notifications1975 / 2017681 games
Educational content: Memory TrainingIncludes a significant portion of gameplay designed primarily for memory training.notifications1978 / 201032 games
Educational content: Motor Vehicle Code (Educational content: Traffic Code)Features learning about local statutes, regulations, ordinances and rules that have been officially adopted in a specific state to govern the orderly operation and interaction of motor vehicles upon the public ways.notifications1 game
Educational content: MusicGame teaches music.notifications1979 / 201132 games
Educational content: NumbersGame teaches about number systems and/or counting.notifications1979 / 201035 games
Educational content: Nutritionnotifications2004 / 20084 games
Educational content: PhonemesTeaches pronounciations, phonetics, etc.notifications1985 / 19934 games
Educational content: Physical HealthTeaches or helps player practice activities to improve/maintain their physical health.notifications2 games
Educational content: Physicsnotifications2006 / 20143 games
Educational content: ProgrammingGame teaches players how create and/or edit algorithms (computer programs).notifications1978 / 200950 games
Educational content: ReadingGame Teaches reading skills.notifications1978 / 200157 games
Educational content: Religionnotifications1987 / 20099 games
Educational content: Shapesnotifications1983 / 201141 games
Educational content: SpellingGame teaches spelling.notifications1978 / 2013162 games
Educational content: TypingGame teaches typing skills.notifications1978 / 202193 games
Educational content: Vocabularynotifications1982 / 201038 games
EjectingPlayer can exit moving vehicle without stopping it, shutting down the engine, etc. causing the vehicle to continue moving with its acquired momentum.notifications2008 / 202010 games
Emergency servicePlayer functions in scope of emergency service, likely in some government funded civil organization.notifications1983 / 201217 games
Emergency venting (Emergency shutdown;Emergency discharging)An emergency release of a buildup of something. Often limits operation during the release procedure or even completely disables it.notifications1995 / 201821 games
Emotes (Actions)Player can perform emotes. Point at things, laugh, hop, cry, etc. Things that by themselves do little, but prompt others to respond, are responses themselves or aid verbal or other cues.notifications2002 / 201919 games
EnchantingPlayer can place magical enchantments on objects that adds, changes or removes properties it normally has.notifications1996 / 201513 games
Enemy commandingPlayer may, under certain circumstances, command the enemy to do something for them, such as dropping their weapons or surrendering.notifications2 games
Engine shutdownPlayer can shutdown their vehicle's engine for whatever reason.notifications1989 / 201545 games
Environmental combatPlayer can use the environment to defeat their opponents.notifications1991 / 201878 games
EscapeA significant portion of the story involves escaping from somewhere.notifications1977 / 2020208 games
Espionage (Spying)Gathering of information without knowledge, consent, or being noticed by the target. In some cases, manipulation of information by the same means.notifications1982 / 2018144 games
Excretion (Urination and defecation)Excretion serves some gameplay purpose.notifications1979 / 201940 games
ExplorationSignificant portion of player's work is spent exploring areas, examining areas, searching for where various things can be found so they can be later exploited, etc. Best examples of this are when there's no objective markers and player can get lost.notifications1978 / 2021258 games
FarmingNurturing flora and/or fauna for food or otherwise usable materials.list_alt0 game
Feinting[Attack cancelling]Player can cancel out individual attacks as a feint to mislead enemies (especially other human players).notifications2012 / 20142 games
Fetching (Gofering)Player must fetch things for someone.notifications1988 / 201512 games
Firefightingnotifications1977 / 201824 games
First aid[first-aid]Player needs to apply first aid to properly deal with various health problems (such as staunching bleeding).notifications1994 / 201622 games
Fishingnotifications1974 / 2018354 games
Flap controlPlayer can or must manually control aircraft flaps.notifications2012 / 20153 games
Flicking(Swiping;Flick-based controls)Uses flicks for all or part of the game control.notifications2010 / 20197 games
FlippingPlayer character can turn upside down and operate more or less normally.notifications2 games
Flyingnotifications1982 / 2018168 games
Flying in cavesYou must pilot a flying vessel in confined cave-like spaces.notifications1981 / 2015135 games
ForagingSearching for food sources in the wilderness such as berries, mushrooms, and other non-animal nutrition.notifications1992 / 201834 games
Forging(Counterfeiting)[forgery]Involves producing and using forgeries, either inauthentic copies or falsified objects (e.g. false/misleading documents) of their own.notifications2013 / 20162 games
Formations (Military formations)Allows or requires the use of formations, pre or user defined arrangements of people, creatures or vehicles.notifications1995 / 201664 games
FoulingPlayer and possibly their opponents can attempt to foul, do something outside the rules of the sport to gain some sort of an advantage while hopefully not being noticed by the referees for it.notifications2009 / 20158 games
Freeform designingThe involved designing happens with very little preset limitations, allowing you to create even completely non-functional things even with all necessary parts used.notifications2009 / 20208 games
FreekickIt is a fundamental of football.notifications2009 / 20102 games
Freelancing (Contract working)The protagonist sells out his/her services for short-term contract work.notifications1995 / 201653 games
Fuel siphoningPlayer can acquire fuel by siphoning it from other usable vehicles.notifications1994 / 20176 games
Fungiculture (Mushroom farming)notifications2011 / 20152 games
FurnishingPlacing furniture, electronics and other equipment for use or show.notifications2000 / 201853 games
Gambling(Betting)Wagering money or some form of valuables in a game chance or something else with uncertain outcome.notifications1975 / 2016137 games
Garrisons (Garrisoning)Player can utilize garrisons, either by building and assigning troops to them or using whatever is already available.notifications1993 / 201626 games
Genetic assimilationInvolves assimilation of genetic material which is used to evolve, mutate or otherwise modfy the characters automatically or something akin to voluntary evolution.notifications2000 / 201311 games
GeometryGameplay requires geometry. The measuring of lengths, areas, angles, volumes, size, shape, relative positions, & properties of space.notifications2 games
Gesturing(Mouse gestures)Uses gestures for control; moving the controller in vague motions of varying complexity with or without visual feedback.notifications2001 / 201211 games
Gifting (Giving;Object transfer)Player can give NPCs objects outside of dialogs and other regular item transfer prompts.notifications1995 / 20163 games
Gliding(Slow falling)Slow falling with significant control over direction, likely for extending jump distance and/or air time.notifications1983 / 201958 games
GrammarGameplay specifically and notably requires a knowledge of grammar for the language(s) of the game.notifications2 games
Graphemes (Syllabograms;Logograms)Players must exercise knowledge of basic written language units to advance. ie: knowing the difference between "b" & "f", "!" & "?", "9" & "3", "ボ" & "ぶ".notifications1985 / 20114 games
GrapplingPlayer can take a firm hold of opponents to either to throw, incapacitate or somehow physically use them or proceed with more straightforward pounding.notifications1991 / 201655 games
Grave robbing [grave robbery;tomb raiding]Player can or must rob graves, either the corpses themselves or whatever valuables were entombed with them or both.notifications1996 / 201938 games
Gravity control (Gravity manipulation)Player can trigger changes in gravity. Reversal and switching on-off are common.notifications2006 / 201720 games
Ground divingDiving on ground head/chestfirst (though with arms usually ahead of that to reduce impact), often employed in sports such as baseball.notifications2001 / 201417 games
Ground slamming (Ground pounding)[shockwave slam]An attack performed by hitting the ground with enough force that it produces a shockwave, usually heavier characters either punch or stomp the ground directly while lighter characters usually jump in the air first.notifications1991 / 201838 games
GroupingPlayer can create arbitrary groups that either become literal groups or simple shortcuts to selecting them.notifications1995 / 201676 games
Gun clubbing (Butt-stroking;Pistol-whipping;Buffaloing)Player can use their projectile weapons to attack in melee, usually by hitting their opponent with the butt of a rifle, pistol handle, or in rarer cases with the barrel or body of the gun.notifications1992 / 201665 games
Gun tossingPlayer can throw guns or other projectile weapons at their enemies, to hurt, stun, or disorient them. Usually as a last ditch effort.notifications2009 / 201915 games
Hagglingnotifications1974 / 201213 games
HealingPlayer can or must heal other characters, usually limited to organic beings.notifications2003 / 201893 games
Health draining (Life stealing)[Life draining;Health stealing]Player can somehow transfer the health of others onto themselves.notifications1993 / 201941 games
Helming(Piloting)Player controls a watercraft, or is at least responsible for its steering.notifications2011 / 20204 games
HerdingPlayer can or must herd animals, especially wild animals. Using any means to cause the animals to move in specific direction, to be captured, killed, or simply moved for other purposes.notifications1984 / 201811 games
Hide and Seeknotifications2001 / 20112 games
Hiding (Pursuit evasion)Player can hide, especially after being noticed and chased.notifications1993 / 201872 games
Hijacking (Commandeering)Player can hijack or commandeer vehicles.notifications1983 / 202080 games
Hoarding(Kleptomaniacal gameplay;Collect everything)If the player can pick something up, they must. Simply because that thing, whatever it might be, is necessary for progress.notifications1990 / 201765 games
Holstering (Sheathing;Lowering weapons;Weapon concealment)Player can or must occasionally holster, sheathe or otherwise lower their weapons or drop a combat stance to avoid unnecessary fighting. Usually to avoid intimidating allies, neutrals, or bringing the ire of any law enforcers.notifications1996 / 201945 games
HopscotchAn object is tossed on a pattern of numbered spaces on the ground and players hop or jump the pattern according to the object's position.notifications1 game
Hover flightPlayer character can fly, ride a flying animal or control a vehicle that can fly but does not require constant forward motion or similar to stay airborne.notifications1982 / 202018 games
HuntingStalking prey, shooting or otherwise killing it, displaying some of its body as a trophy, & eating everything else.notifications1971 / 2021150 games
Imprisoning (Taking prisoners;Taking hostages;Taking captives;Arresting)Player can take prisoners, hostages or other captives.notifications1983 / 202042 games
ImprovisationPlayer is required to improvise solutions, approaches, or methods.0 game
Infidelitynotifications2010 / 20166 games
Intergalactic travelInvolves traveling between galaxies or similarly distant astral bodies.1 game
Internal resource allocation (Energy allocation;Power management)[resource distribution]Player can or must manage resource (energy, fuel, oxygen, etc.) allocation within a single system, such as a vehicle.notifications1982 / 201518 games
Interplanetary travelInvolves traveling between planets or similarly distant astral bodies.notifications1977 / 201744 games
Interstellar travelInvolves traveling between star systems or similarly distant astral bodies.notifications1992 / 201726 games
Intimidation[intimidating;threatening]Player character can somehow intimidate others, especially when this is by their own actions.notifications2004 / 201826 games
Invader ProtagonistThe protagonist activity participates in invading.notifications1 game
Investigationnotifications1984 / 201539 games
InvestingPlayer can invest some of their resources on some endeavour with the expectation that it will eventually give benefits or profit.notifications1975 / 201321 games
Jumpingnotifications1975 / 20211673 games
Jury rigging (Makeshift solutions;Item combination)[jury-rigging]A type of crafting where various items can be combined in some manner to create other items. Unlike crafting, each combination can be done only once, sometimes few more times but in all cases these are situation specific or otherwise limited in usability.notifications1993 / 201519 games
LandingPlayer must manually land some aircraft, spacecraft or any other flying vehicle.notifications1971 / 2018119 games
Landing gear controlPlayer can or must manually control landing gear.notifications2012 / 20153 games
Leader participationThe leader of the army participates in battles quite intimately, strolling about the battlefield and bringing their skills and abilities in there while also providing themselves as a high value target. This is mostly for strategy games.notifications1995 / 201773 games
Leaning[peeking]Player can lean left and right to peek around corners without revealing much of their body, either to avoid being detected or to reduce the hitting area for incoming fire.notifications1994 / 201776 games
LedgesPlayer can use ledges to pull themselves up to surfaces higher than what they can jump to, move left and right on them while hanging helplessly from them, or otherwise interact with them.notifications1984 / 2019336 games
Light (Illumination)Light and illumination plays a vital role in gameplay, and not simply by dispelling darkness.notifications1979 / 201538 games
Light dousing (Light extinguishing)Player can extinguish or destroy light sources or otherwise make them inoperable for a time.notifications1998 / 201838 games
Limb controlPlayer somehow controls the individual limbs, or the equivalent of, of the protagonist.notifications2005 / 20093 games
Living Together (Cohabitation)Features the situation of 2 or more people relating to each other due to their living in the same residence (or choosing this [i]as[/i] a relationship). 'Cohabitation' implies intimacy.notifications2 games
Lock breaking(Lock forcing)Instead of lockpicking or using a key player can break locked things instead. This may break the entire locked thing instead of just the lock itself however.notifications1996 / 201916 games
Lock pickingPlayer can or must open locks without damaging them or using the appropriate key for whatever reason.notifications1979 / 2018253 games
Lock picking: Feedback(Tumblers;Black box)Lock picking involves manipulating tumbler or pins inside the lock and identifying correct positions via some form of feedback given by the lockpicks themselves, very close to being a black box minigame.notifications2006 / 201517 games
Lock smashing(Lock shooting)Locks don't just open with keys or picklocking, but sometimes with brute force too. Often seen as padlocks or chains that you can shoot.notifications1 game
LockingPlayer can lock things. Usually doors, sometimes containers.notifications2003 / 20153 games
Logging(Treecutting;Woodcutting)Cutting down trees and other on-site processing of them that results in logs. Not including woodworking where logs are turned into other objects.notifications2011 / 201823 games
LogicGameplay involves logical reasoning.notifications1978 / 2019164 games
Logistics (Resource distribution)Player must build, manage and maintain logistics networks for storage and delivery of resources across their domain and possibly beyond.notifications1983 / 201652 games
Magazine reloading(Magazine filling)[Clip reloading;Clip filling]Besides reloading weapons, player has to reload the magazines that go into the weapons as well.notifications2012 / 201710 games
Manual harvestingPlayer themselves needs to pickup resources instead of it happening automatically on its own or by harvesters.notifications1984 / 201613 games
Manual interactionPlayer interacts with the environment manually rather than being given a generic use/manipulate command that produces a precanned result.notifications2007 / 201521 games
Manufacturingnotifications2003 / 20133 games
Map annotationPlayer can add notes on maps for whatever reason, usually to add information that is not present otherwise.notifications1994 / 201737 games
Marriage (Matrimony;Civil union)Player character(s) can or must enter into marriage or similar union.notifications1988 / 201940 games
MathematicsGameplay requires the use of Math, the science of patterns, often expressed in numbers and equations.notifications1975 / 2019574 games
Mediumship(Speaking with the dead)[Speak with the dead]Involves the player communing with dead or spirits of the dead that normal folk can't quite accomplish, whether this is by being unusual individual or one with esoteric knowledge of such.notifications1994 / 20152 games
Mêlée combatFighting unarmed or armed (excluding ranged weapons) at contact range.list_alt0 game
Mercy(Sparing)Player can show mercy to their enemies and the game recognizes the act.notifications2015 / 20173 games
MetahackingInvolves "hacking" the game you're playing itself (hacking reality, essentially) rather than in-mythos hacking as normal.notifications2014 / 20168 games
MicromanagementInvolves frequently dealing with many small details manually.notifications1994 / 201647 games
Mid-air jumping [double jump;triple jump;jumping]Player character can, for some obscure reason, jump again in mid-air once or more often (during "single" jump), reaching much higher or farther they normally would.notifications1984 / 2020292 games
Mind controllingPlayer can somehow control the minds of others, either completely or with some restrictions (e.g. not being able to make them do something they'd never consider doing of their own free will, such as suicide or murder).notifications1993 / 201220 games
Mind-readingThe protagonist can somehow "read" the thoughts of others, regardless of how completely or what part of their thoughts or even by what method (be it psychic powers, piece of mind probing technology, magics, or anything else).notifications1995 / 20159 games
Mischiefnotifications1 game
Mounted combatCombat while riding an animal or such.notifications1979 / 201641 games
Multi-taskingPlayer is challenged to track and operate two or more disparate elements simultaneously.notifications2006 / 201311 games
Nature control0 game
Naval (Navy command)Commanding a single or whole fleet of maritime vessels.notifications1978 / 2019306 games
Necromancynotifications1 game
Non-lethal elimination(Knocking out)Player can semi-permanently (barring they're woken up somehow or significant time passes, such as a whole day) remove opponents without killing them.notifications1994 / 201529 games
Object manipulation (Item manipulation)Player can somehow fiddle with objects in their hands, such as turning them around, shaking them, etc.notifications1998 / 201515 games
Objective: Elimination (Mass slaughter)To progress in the game, player must eliminate every single opponent (encountered).notifications1981 / 201670 games
Objective: Find ExitTo progress, all you have to do is find the exit or whatever serves a similar purpose.notifications1984 / 201544 games
Objective: Guide(Escort)[guiding;escorting]Player must guide someone or something besides the protagonist (if there even is one) somewhere.notifications1987 / 201945 games
Objective: Protect (Defend)The protagonist must protect someone or something besides themselves for a significant portion of the story.notifications1980 / 2017160 games
ObservationPlayer is tasked with observing things, generally noticing or locating specific things about something, and anything similar. Should only be used when nothing more specific is available and the games focus on this more than usual.notifications2013 / 20167 games
Off-roadingDriving on unsurfaced roads or tracks or on natural terrain.notifications2000 / 20217 games
Orbital flightAll or part of the flying is done in orbit around a planetary body, outside their gaseous atmosphere but close enough to be affected by their gravity.notifications1980 / 201814 games
Paperworknotifications2003 / 201610 games
Parachutingnotifications1983 / 202033 games
Parkour (Freerunning;Semi-automatic obstacle navigation)[free running;free-running]Involves parkour or parkour-like action.notifications2001 / 201740 games
ParryingPlayer can parry attacks. Not to be confused with blocking.notifications1990 / 202041 games
Particle manipulationnotifications2009 / 20103 games
PatentingPlayer can or must patent products, methods, solutions, or anything else and either lock out competitors of a solution or gain extra benefits from allowing them to use them. Possibly even fighting patent infringement.notifications2 games
PeekingPlayer can use any non-specific peeking mechanic.notifications2002 / 201626 games
PhonemesPlayers must use knowledge of phonemes, pronunciations, phonetics, & such, to make progress. ie: knowing "oo" sounds different in good, than in moon.notifications1 game
Photographingnotifications1987 / 201653 games
PhysicsPhysics play an important role in gameplay, usually puzzles that rely in understanding or manipulation of physics.notifications1979 / 2020415 games
PickpocketingPlayer can or must steal from the pockets, belt or other worn apparel something of value without being noticed.notifications1994 / 201852 games
PilotingPlayer controls an aircraft, or is at least responsible for its steering.notifications1980 / 202019 games
Planarshifting (Planeshifting)The protagonist can freely shift between two or more dimensions or planes of existence.notifications1999 / 201315 games
PlanningPlayer can or must create plans of action beforehand which are then carried out with little to no ability to alter the plan while it's being executed.notifications1997 / 201531 games
Player initiated reproductionA rarity in videogames, that players can choose for their characters to attempt have children. Not to be confused with [[tag:breeding breeding]].notifications1983 / 201942 games
PoisoningPlayer can use toxins to poison enemies.notifications1984 / 201615 games
Poles climbing (Columns climbing)Player may encounter poles or other column-like objects that they may climb up, down and [i]around[/i] more or less freely.notifications1987 / 201221 games
PossessionTaking control of other characters besides your own through possession, regardless of the specific method.notifications1990 / 201864 games
Postal ServiceProtagonist participates in mail or package delivery service.notifications1979 / 201871 games
Postures [Stances]Player can assume 3 or more different postures from upright to crawling, usually upright, crouched, and prone at minimum.notifications1991 / 201780 games
Premature detonation (Active missile defense)Player can somehow detonate explosives prematurely, such as shooting the dynamite in the opponent's hand or when they've just thrown it.notifications1997 / 201924 games
PrioritiesPlayer can somehow control the priorities of their controlled characters, units, or anything else.notifications2004 / 201625 games
Prison breakYour task is to break out of a prison or similar institution. Be this the main point or not.notifications1982 / 201650 games
ProgrammingPlayer can or must program devices or other things using a language, set of symbols or commands or any other method to perform tasks.notifications1978 / 2021107 games
Projectile deflectionPlayer can deflect incoming projectiles somehow.notifications1989 / 201847 games
Projectile recoveryPlayer can recover projectiles after firing them, usually arrows or similar.notifications1995 / 201868 games
Prospecting (Mineral exploration)notifications1979 / 2019140 games
Psychic Powers (Psionics)Player character wields psychic powers.notifications1982 / 2019238 games
Public relationsPlayer must deal with public relations somehow with customers, neighbours, demographics, foreign nations, or such. Generally maintaining amicable or better opinion of yourself, your product, your leadership, your nation, or such.notifications1 game
RacingYou can attend racing challenges, events, or gamble on them.notifications1985 / 202149 games
ReadingGameplay requires reading.1 game
Recruiting (Unit construction)Player can recruit, construct or otherwise acquire more people they can control.notifications1993 / 2019131 games
Reload (Recharge)Tools need to be reloaded/recharged occasionally to continue operating.list_alt0 game
Reload: Assisted(Assisted reloading)Player requires another character (or player) to assist in the reloading process.notifications1 game
Reload: ChamberingPlayer must manually chamber individual rounds before firing rather than the whole process being automated like magazine swap.notifications2006 / 201513 games
Reload: InterruptPlayer can interrupt the reload process.notifications2009 / 20112 games
Reload: ManualPlayer must manually initiate reloading process.notifications1984 / 2020402 games
Reload: MultistageReloading weapons and such requires more than one action from the player.notifications2012 / 20184 games
Remote controlPlayer can or must remotely control several devices, bots or vehicles.notifications1998 / 202047 games
RentingPlayer (character) can rent things to other players or NPCs.notifications2010 / 20133 games
RepairingPlayer can or must repair mechanical, electronic or otherwise artificial entities.notifications1981 / 2018120 games
RescueSignificant part of the plot involves rescuing, or attempting to rescue, one or more people.notifications1980 / 20171197 games
ResearchingInvolves researching and studying things you find or encounter.notifications1988 / 202056 games
Resource generationPlayer is required to generate one or more types of resources.notifications1993 / 201939 games
Resource harvesting (Resource gathering)Involves harvesting of one or more types of resources.notifications1982 / 2019460 games
Resting (Camping;Sleeping)Player character can or must rest occasionally, usually to combat fatigue or for other restorative purposes.notifications1984 / 2020169 games
RestorationRestoration of some thing to its former state is a major plot element or activity.notifications1995 / 20186 games
Retreating (Tactical withdrawal)notifications1992 / 201636 games
RetrofittingNewer technology put into use in older things without having to rebuild the thing from scratch.notifications2010 / 20179 games
Reverse engineeringStudying things until you know how to make them yourself, often involves taking them apart and possibly several times.notifications1 game
Ricocheting (Reflecting;Rebounding)Core gameplay involves ricocheting, bouncing, reflecting, or some similar thing.notifications1984 / 201513 games
RidingAnimal riding, either as a game element or the whole point.notifications1978 / 2020392 games
Road traffic controlnotifications1987 / 20102 games
Rolling (Skidding)Movement works in similar fashion to ball rolling, especially when player controls a ball or a character on a ball.notifications2004 / 201717 games
RomanceInvolves romance, either as the whole point or some (optional) sub-plot.notifications1993 / 2019113 games
RootingPlayer (and possibly the enemies) can cause other characters to be "rooted" in place for a time, preventing them from moving around but not from acting otherwise (e.g. from shooting, pressing buttons, or such).notifications1998 / 201729 games
Rope swingingSwinging from ropes, or any other things that serve the same purpose, often to get over death pits.notifications1982 / 2018129 games
RoutingFinding, using and designating routes plays an important role in gameplay.notifications2011 / 201614 games
Sabotagenotifications1982 / 20145 games
SacrificingFeatures sacrificial ritual or rituals.notifications1994 / 201722 games
Scavenging (Looting;Plundering)A significant amount of player's material resources are acquired from pillaging anything that comes across, stealing from the dead, and so forth – rather than by purchase/bartering, being gifted or starting out with it.notifications1994 / 2021117 games
SearchSearching for an object, a place, a person or something else is a major element and activity in the story.notifications1981 / 2020222 games
Selective breeding (Animal husbandry)Manipulating creatures to produce offspring with specific traits.notifications1989 / 201419 games
Self duplication (Self cloning)Involves somehow duplicating oneself, by time travel, illusions/magic, mitosis, or something else.notifications2008 / 201315 games
Shapeshifting (Shapechanging)Player can change their shape, voluntarily or not.notifications1983 / 2016156 games
Shield bash[shield bashing]Player can attack with shields or similar defensive tools normally used only to block attacks with. Sometimes limited to knocking back rather than dealing any damage.notifications1999 / 201948 games
Shooting-galleryShooting Gallery is a type of carnival game. That game can be seen at a traveling carnival, charity fund raiser, amusement park, or on a state and county fair midway.notifications1985 / 20168 games
ShoppingIncludes shops, merchants, traders or item dispensers where the player can purchase new items.notifications1971 / 20211743 games
Sight avoidancePlayer must avoid seeing certain things.notifications2005 / 201517 games
Silviculture[foresting;silviculturing;silvicultivation]Tending to forests, including planting new trees.notifications1996 / 201830 games
Singing / karaokeGameplay involves singing.notifications1986 / 201445 games
Skill sharing (Teaching;Instructing;Training)Player character can somehow instruct other characters (NPCs or other player characters), teaching them skill you yourself have.notifications2007 / 20092 games
SkinningPlayer can remove the skin from dead critters.notifications2001 / 201412 games
Sliding tackle[slide tackling;slide tackle]A move where you slide feet first at whatever you want to tackle.notifications2010 / 20118 games
Sliding(Butt-sliding;Skidding)[buttsliding]A move usually accomplished by dropping down on the ground and skidding along for a moderate distance. Applicable regardless of posture or purpose, though commonly used to maintain motion while reducing profile to stay in cover or to enter small crevices.notifications1985 / 201433 games
SmugglingTransportation of contraband or other goods in or out of a region without knowledge of the law keepers (e.g. customs, tax evasion).notifications1981 / 20153 games
Sorcery (Witchcraft;Spellcasting)Player character can or must employ knowledge of the arcane, cast magic spells or do other sorcerous deeds.notifications1981 / 20211284 games
SortingGameplay directly involves sorting.notifications1982 / 201439 games
Soul arts(Soul magic;Soul power)Involves manipulating one's own soul or the souls of others, regardless of method or purpose.notifications2000 / 201826 games
Space AirCharacters are exposed to space acting just as if they are in atmosphere (breathing, speaking, hearing, not decompressing, etc...)1 game
Space flightAll or part of the flying is done in deep space, outside the gravitational effects of planetary bodies.notifications1971 / 2021272 games
Space managementPlayer is challenged to make efficient use of limited space, likely with various artificial constraints that make it difficult.notifications1 game
Spacecraft Combatnotifications1971 / 201671 games
Spacewalking(Extra-vehicular activity)[EVA]Player moves around in space without the aid of a vehicle. Excluding such activity on surfaces of planets, moons, asteroids, space stations, and such.notifications1999 / 201925 games
Speak with animalsThe player can somehow speak with ordinary animals, through magic, some queer turn of fate, or being somehow just so in tune with animals. But not when this is the norm.notifications1989 / 201614 games
Spell designing (Spell creation)Player can create new spells by combining various effectors together, varying from spell properties (duration, range, power) to effects (burn, heal, create fork) to application methods (by touch, throw, "just happens", etc.) and so forth.notifications1994 / 201616 games
SpellingGameplay requires knowledge or practice of correct spelling.notifications1982 / 19855 games
StealingPlayer can or must steal items or wealth from someone.notifications1983 / 2018138 games
Stealth (Sneaking)Stealth may be required or simply possible. Avoid being seen, heard or smelt. Take care where you leave finger & foot prints, dust & even your shadow.notifications1981 / 2021782 games
Stealth: Other criteriaStealth involves some other criteria that has no better tag available.notifications1998 / 201522 games
Stock marketFinancial games that mainly deal with share / stock trading, brokerage etc.notifications1978 / 201279 games
Stomping (Curb-stomping)[trampling]Player can stomp on their (usually knocked down or otherwise incapacitated) opponents, often grievously harming them or even killing them outright. Alternatively this may be used to damage the floor/ground.notifications1984 / 201415 games
Strafingnotifications2003 / 20125 games
StranglingPlayer can somehow strangle other characters, with their bare hands or with use of tools such as a garrote, either to kill or otherwise incapacitate them.notifications2000 / 20043 games
Student ProtagonistThe protagonist is a student. Perhaps learning to do exactly what the game requires of the character while not necessarily being fully qualified.notifications1989 / 20102 games
Stunning: ModeratePlayer character can somehow temporarily incapacitate others, removing them from any consideration for a significant amount of time (e.g. 5 minutes or long enough to ransack several rooms) but not permanently as they rouse from it eventually on their own.notifications1998 / 20056 games
StuntsPerforming dangerous looking feats for an audience (including real or technical judges) and reward (score, cash, bonuses).notifications1979 / 201630 games
Summoning (Conjuration)Player can summon creatures to do her bidding. These usually (but not necessarily) perish after a set time.notifications1992 / 2021260 games
SuperjumpThe protagonist can jump abnormally high and far.notifications1984 / 201938 games
SuperspeedPlayer character can move at abnormally high speed (for whatever they are or is).notifications2000 / 20092 games
Suppressive fireAny form of activity that degrades the target's performance, commonly sustained weapons fire directed at them.notifications2006 / 201625 games
SurvivalHas an overarching goal of surviving.notifications1977 / 2021134 games
SwimmingInvolves swimming or otherwise traversing through watery bodies without the aid of any vehicles.notifications1982 / 2020347 games
Tacklingnotifications2005 / 20125 games
Tagging(Target marking)Player can tag targets, usually other NPCs, to signify something.notifications1982 / 201734 games
Tailoring (Crafting: Clothing)notifications1 game
Task syncing (Plan syncing)[task synchronization;plan synchronization]Player can synchronize certain parts of a plan, task queue, or such so whatever or whoever is carrying out the plan will perform their task in sync with others.notifications2007 / 201510 games
TauntingPlayer can taunt their potential enemies.notifications1983 / 201317 games
TaxiPlayer picks up customers and delivers them to their desired destination, usually with better pay the faster you get them there.notifications1984 / 200833 games
Taxonomy(Enemy classification;Creature classification;Monster classification)[enemy types;creature types;monster types]Characters can identify and categorize the creatures they encounter. Likely automatic and based on related skills if any.notifications1975 / 201642 games
Teaching (Training)Player must somehow teach or train characters or creatures.notifications1994 / 20189 games
Telekinesis (Psychokinesis)Player can manipulate objects at a distance, whether this is by psychic powers, magic or by some other means.notifications1994 / 201969 games
TeleportingPlayer can teleport. Always or after acquiring a device, skill or spell that accomplishes it.notifications1981 / 2019115 games
Teleswap(Teleport swap)Two characters can swap positions at significant distances.notifications2010 / 201311 games
Temperature controlnotifications1987 / 20153 games
TetheringPlayer can attach moving objects to something immobile.notifications2014 / 20154 games
Thoroughfare construction (Road construction;Rail construction)notifications1993 / 201837 games
Time changePlayer can change what time it is, usually swapping from day to night and back, or with greater control.notifications1994 / 20185 games
Time control(Time manipulation)[Time shifting]Player has limited control over time, moving it forwards, backwards, pausing/stopping it and so forth, excluding only actual time travel or simple alterations of overall speed of time.notifications1991 / 202037 games
Time freeze (Time stop)[time freezing;time stopping]Player can freeze time for everyone except themselves and perhaps a few other elements in the environment. Usually momentary. Rarely can be undone at will.notifications2006 / 20189 games
Time managementInvolves planning and enforcing time spent on various activities.notifications1991 / 201882 games
Time travelTravelling across time to the past or to the future. Excluding minute time shifting.notifications1979 / 2021427 games
Timed blocksBlocking at a specific time provides additional effects such as stunning the attacker, or is simply required for blocking to work at all.notifications2018 / 20197 games
Tool interaction (Gun interaction)Includes more interaction with whatever tools the player has besides plain use.notifications2006 / 20137 games
Tool side swap(Tool hand swap)[Weapon side swap;Weapon hand swap]Player can trivially swap on which side of the body a tool, gun, or whatever is held, usually for the purpose of rounding corners with the thing going in first instead of your body.notifications2005 / 20148 games
TortureInvolves torture, especially cases where the player takes active part as the perpetrator.notifications1999 / 201751 games
TowingVehicles and other large objects can be towed, hauled or otherwise dragged off. Usually done with a towing hook or other rope/chain like set-up.notifications2009 / 20169 games
Trackingnotifications2007 / 20164 games
TradingFeatures buying and selling goods to and from merchants, manufacturers, regular customers, prospectors, potential enemies and others for profit.notifications1974 / 2020320 games
Traffic controlnotifications1983 / 20105 games
TrainingPlayer can train others or send them to training, trading out some time out of work for increased efficiency or new capabilities later on.notifications2012 / 201511 games
Trap disarming (Trap dismantling;Mine defusing)Player can disarm or dismantle set traps, especially those not set by the player.notifications1991 / 201758 games
TrappingPlayer can set up traps, either to capture, wound, kill, tag or otherwise affect the creature(s) that set off the trap.notifications1979 / 2018236 games
Treasure huntnotifications1981 / 201519 games
TrespassingPlayer can or must trespass on areas where they have no right to be in, prompting a call for law enforcers, local guards or even personal attempt to apprehend or subdue the player character.notifications2001 / 201835 games
Triage[triaging]Player has more things to do than they have resources to handle and thus must effectively prioritize tasks and actually let some cases go unhandled, or hope they can still have time for them after handling the most pressing matters.notifications1994 / 201410 games
Trophy huntingHunting animals and removing and keeping parts of them that have little or no value in terms of living and only serve as reminders of having killed the thing. Commonly significant parts of the animals, such as horns, tusks, antlers, teeth, or such.notifications1998 / 20092 games
Tumbling (Rolling)Player can tumble, roll head over heels on the ground more or less controllably.notifications1994 / 2019106 games
TypingMajor gameplay element is simply typing text, as opposed to using hotkeys or controllers to accomplish actions.notifications1978 / 202146 games
Unarmed fighting (Hand-to-hand combat)[unarmed combat]The protagonist can attack with fists, claws, or by some other method using their bare hands, feet or other limbs or body parts.notifications1979 / 2020949 games
Undertaking (Entombing;Engraving;Cremating;Holding funerals)Player can or must perform funeral customs on the dead.notifications2005 / 20084 games
Underwater divingHumanoid character(s) spend air limited time underwater with or without equipment.notifications1974 / 2020280 games
Underwater walkingWalking (or otherwise moving) along the bottom of a body of water while completely submerged.notifications1990 / 201840 games
UnloadingPlayer can remove the ammo loaded into a weapon, batteries from electronic devices, or otherwise remove similar components for use in something else.notifications1994 / 201523 games
VaultingPlayer can climb over certain objects, such as fences, without using jumping or similar functions.notifications2008 / 202070 games
Virtual articulation (Digital articulation)A simulation heavy control mechanism where player has extensive control of a limb with possibly abstraction with fingers and similar manual dexterity related tasks.notifications1998 / 201515 games
Waiting (Loitering;Idling)Player can voluntarily skip time, often at an extreme accelerated rate or instantaneously.notifications1996 / 201521 games
Walking (On foot;Ambulation)[running;jogging]Player can or must move about on foot, regardless of speed.notifications1977 / 20213999 games
Wall climbing (Wall scaling)Involves scaling vertical surfaces without the aid of ladders or similar aides.notifications1980 / 2020118 games
Wall clingingThe protagonist can cling momentarily or permanently to walls or other mostly sideways facing surfaces.notifications1990 / 202067 games
Wall jumpingPouncing off walls to reach greater heights.notifications1985 / 2020202 games
Wall slidingA safe method to reach places below when you can't climb on walls, by gaining friction from a vertical surface to reduce or completely eliminate any harm you'd come into without it.notifications2008 / 201740 games
Wall traversalThe protagonist can freely traverse any wall or mostly sideways facing surfaces in any direction.notifications1999 / 201224 games
Wall-huggingThe protagonist can lie flat against a wall for one reason or another.notifications2001 / 201410 games
WallrunningPlayer is able to run short distances on the walls, usually to sides avoiding something or as some other mechanic.notifications2002 / 201448 games
Warp travel (Warping;Hyperspace;FTL travel;Superluminal travel)Includes any method of travel that breaks known laws of physics by usually exceeding the speed of light or using alternate dimension - such as hyperspace, subspace, etc. - to achieve effects similar to it. Excluding outright teleportation.notifications1974 / 2019102 games
Weapon combiningPlayer can combine 2 or more weapons so they function together simultaneously or separately via alt fire.notifications2011 / 20134 games
Weapon designingnotifications2013 / 20144 games
Wilderness survivalFeatures wilderness survival as either the main or side activity. Fighting against starvation, dehydration, and any other difficulties you might encounter when living out in the back without the safety nets of modern society.notifications1988 / 201826 games
Wind controlPlayer can more or less control wind.notifications2006 / 20186 games
Word input (Textual control;Typed-in commands)Player controls the game or part of the game by typing in full or partial sentences that are interpreted as commands.notifications1972 / 20213306 games
World rotation(Level rotation)Player is required to rotate the world around, with implicit effects on gravity direction changing with it.notifications2009 / 201711 games
Zoning(Functional zoning)Instead of designating building places of pre-defined structures, player defines zones on which such can be built or what uses certain areas are for.notifications1997 / 201838 games
Educational content: Foreign languageGame teaches a foreign language.notifications1983 / 200547 games
Stunning (Incapacitating)[knock out;knocking out]Player character can somehow temporarily incapacitate others, removing them from any consideration for a short while.notifications1981 / 2018166 games
Audience ParticipationThese games with zero or more main players can not only be watched by an audience, but the audience can interact as well.notifications2 games
BarteringUses bartering (swapping/trading of goods and services) as a significant economic tool (as opposed to trading mainly with a currency).notifications1975 / 201952 games
Black Box gameplayA significant portion of gameplay involves discerning what the player is not shown by observing the effects of manipulating or interacting with said unseen elements.notifications1972 / 2020177 games
BlinkingPlayer specifically controls eye blinking, for whatever reason. Clearing vision, vision worsening with extended time without, etc.notifications2008 / 20195 games
Body dragging [body carrying]Player can or must carry or drag unconscious or dead people or other creatures about. Usually to hide them so others do not find them and raise an alarm.notifications1986 / 202091 games
Bone breakingYou can break bones from people without killing or dismembering them.notifications2003 / 201513 games
Bounty placingPlayer can place a bounty on something or someone.notifications2003 / 20093 games
Bullet time(Adrenaline time;Focus time;Frozen time;Dead time)Player can somehow trigger temporary slow motion, giving them more time to assess their situation, aim their weapons, and so forth.notifications2001 / 201850 games
Color matchingMatching or selecting specific colors is part of gameplay.notifications1982 / 2020152 games
Communication (Social)Any tags relating to communication between players, player characters or possibly even with NPCs.list_alt0 game
Composite attacksIncludes foes that virtually require a sequence of different attacks to be defeated.notifications1991 / 201610 games
Creating (Constructing)[creation;construction]Anything dealing with creating new objects or things.list_alt0 game
Dialog: Questions to Answer[i]General gameplay[/i], not just DRM, character creation, saving, etc, includes questions the player must answer. These answers also have effects.notifications1 game
Door peepPlayer can peep through doors, via keyholes, cracking them open slightly, via devices (e.g. wire cam), magic, extraordinary senses, or by whatever other means.notifications2006 / 201834 games
Educational content: PropagandaNon-impartial information intended to change the attitude of a the target toward some cause or position.notifications1980 / 201544 games
EmbezzlingEmbezzlement is rightfully and legally accepting funds authorized for a certain purpose but then secretly spending those funds on a different purpose.notifications1 game
Energy draining(Mana draining)Player can somehow transfer the energy of others onto themselves, either when they're still alive or after they've perished. Including draining non-character energy sources.notifications1993 / 20102 games
ExecutingPlayer can initiate execution(s)notifications1978 / 20147 games
Fall-off transitionsFalling out of the play field results in transitioning to a different area. As opposed to death. This can coexist.notifications1983 / 199110 games
Forethought RequiredNot planing ahead can lead to irreparable consistences, is extremely detrimental to advancement or will end the game immediately.notifications1974 / 2021578 games
GerrymanderingThe dark art of redrawing boarders to artificially favor and/or marginalize selected groups. Named for Gov. Elbridge [b]Gerry[/b]'s 'sala[b]mander[/b] shaped' districtsnotifications2007 / 20162 games
Group actions(Group combo moves;Teamwork)[Paired combo moves;Team moves;Team actions]Includes actions that can only be performed with 2 or more characters working together.notifications2008 / 201510 games
HackingPlayers can or are required to hack or otherwise tamper with computers and other electrical devices. Usually accomplished by some puzzle minigame.notifications1983 / 2020235 games
ImmolationSetting someone on fire, purposefully and their reacting in a somewhat realistic manner.notifications1 game
InterrogatingFormally/Officially questioning someone, especially a suspect or especially in the course of investigating a crime.notifications1985 / 201514 games
Meat shield (Human shield)The player character can use the bodies of other characters - dead or still living - as shields.notifications1981 / 202074 games
MemoryChallenges player's ability to memorize things - regardless what those are, such as patterns, shapes, placement, sounds, etc. - either short-term or long-term.notifications1972 / 2016249 games
Negotiated Conflict ResolutionsIn short, players can resolve conflicts and advance without violence. It may be talking, bribing, magical, technological, or any other means than violencenotifications1981 / 201517 games
NumbersNumbers themselves are featured.notifications1977 / 201666 games
PathfindingComputer controlled characters often need to avoid obstacles while traversing the game world.list_alt0 game
PoliticsEstablishing and enforcing policies, treaties, and other government related things within a nation.notifications1980 / 201927 games
Power throw (Gravity gun)Player character has the ability (or a tool that accomplishes the same) to pick up rather ungainly objects and toss them forcibly somewhere, usually to lethal effect.notifications2004 / 201962 games
Projectile destructionPlayer can destroy projectile attacks somehow. This may also include NPCs doing the same.notifications1983 / 20142 games
PyromaniaSuggestive of or directly involves Pyromania Disorder (compulsion to start fires for gratification or release of mental tension).notifications1982 / 20132 games
Real EstatePlayer is involved in the buying, selling, transfer, and/or development of land for the purpose of financial gain (likely their own).notifications1 game
Real RobotGames designed to make a machine in the real world react to it, typically a 'robot' character. The real machine may also be able to affect the game.notifications1984 / 19853 games
Repulsion (Prodding;Pushing)[kicking]Player can exert a force that pushes everything away from them, either in front of them or all around.notifications1984 / 201658 games
Resource controlSimply controlling a resource point, structure or such brings those resources to the player, no resource delivery is needed.notifications1998 / 201530 games
Resource processingInvolves processing of resources, converting one resource into another and so forth. Such as ore to ingots, cotton to fabric, flour and water to dough, sugarcane to sugar, etc.notifications1998 / 201932 games
Resuscitation (Resurrection;Raising dead;Re-animation)Player can somehow resuscitate fallen allies, either on the spot or by bringing their corpse to some doctor or miracle worker.notifications1982 / 2020112 games
Shape matchingMatching or selecting specific shapes is part of gameplay.notifications1984 / 202012 games
Spectacular CrashCrashes are emphasized more then necessary or replayed for no practical reason. The player may even need to take special action to recover from a crashnotifications1979 / 202022 games
StationaryThe played character(s)/object(s) might pivot, lean, dodge but they otherwise remain firmly attached to their location in some way.notifications1980 / 201645 games
Stealth: Light (Illumination;Darkness)Player's ability to sneak around is affected by how bright the area is.notifications1998 / 201861 games
Stealth: Line of SightPlayer character's ability to sneak around is affected by the line of sight of NPCs.notifications1982 / 2018187 games
Stealth: SmellPlayer's ability to sneak around is affected by how they smell (what they smell like and how strongly).notifications2 games
Stealth: Sound (Audio;Noise)Player character's ability to sneak around is affected by the sounds they make.notifications1998 / 2018141 games
Stealth: TouchNot for noting that direct touch by the player spoils sneaking. Player's ability to sneak around is affected anything else enemies can feel.1 game
Streetracingnotifications1988 / 20214 games
TamingAnimals or monsters can be tamed to be kept as pets or minions.notifications1998 / 201822 games
Task queuing (Command queuing)[task queue;command queue]Player can queue tasks for completion.notifications2000 / 201631 games
Touchscreen gameplayAny tags that describe gameplay elements that were primarily invented for touchscreens.list_altnotifications2007 / 20085 games
Trampling (Roadkilling)Player can injure or kill NPCs by walking or driving [i]over[/i] or on them.notifications2003 / 202093 games
Turn TimerA limit of some sort is imposed on a player to limit the time they take to finish a turn.notifications1 game
Visual memoryChallenges player to memorize how or what things look like.notifications1 game
Water jumpingPlayer can somehow jump from water surface without having anything solid beneath their feet to produce that jump.notifications1996 / 201832 games
Winding (Reeling)Player must supply unmonobase control to simulate winding or reeling some sort of line.notifications1993 / 201915 games