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Player can tag targets, usually other NPCs, to signify something.


Alternate name: Target marking

The first video game about Tagging was released on September 28, 2004.

Ubisoft, Muse Games and Electronic Arts has published most of these games

* Markers - markers usually can't be placed on characters or such, but serves similar purpose.
In tactical shooters this is usually to indicate who should be taken out first, or has the highest priority for it.

This is NOT for adding labels to targets, though this may additionally allow that. As in, think of the game of tag rather than the thing you see here on UVL or other sites.

Note also that this is different from direct "kill this person", "protect this person" or "follow this person" as it may simply be "try to stay near this person", "kill this person as soon as possible if you can" or some such. The imperative (do this before you do anything else) is removed and turned into a preferral, and the order affects all your allies (always) rather than single unit or those you've selected. The tag is obviously automatically removed only when it is finally achieved.