Air control

Activities theme

Player has abnormal amount of control over movement while in air.


Name variations: jump steering

The first video game about Air control was released in 1991.

Capcom, Cellar Door Games and Team Meat has published most of these games

Contrast: no air control

Related: (more natural ways to accomplish control over jumps)
* Charged jump
* Targeted jump
The most unnatural cases are when you can make a running jump forward and land where you started (reversing your direction mid-jump) or jumping around corners. Normally humans (nor other natural beings without wings) have no control in such situations, instead, they kick off or swing from some fixtures to accomplish something similar.

This is usually done to counter the lack of precise control before launching oneself into the air in games.

Does not include ability to turn, spin, etc. that don't affect where you're going with the jump.