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STRIDER Capcom (Double Helix Games)2014 aircontrol autozoom bloodless bossbattles bossmeter ceilingclinging ceilingtraversal city collectibles eliteprotagonist ingamecinematics maintainedjump meleeweapons metroidvania midairjumping minimap ninjaprotagonist nofalldamage objectiveindicator rating-pegi-12 strider swords titlementioned titularcharacter unlockable-art upgradesystem wallclimbing walljumping wallsliding
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (CoD:AW) Activision (Sledgehammer Games;Raven Software)2014 aircontrol airdash assaultrifles beamweapons callofduty customengine dashing dynamicaccuracy energyweapons firearms grenades jumping midairjumping minimap mp-gungame nofalldamage precisionrifles reload-manual shields streakbonuses streakbonuses-preselect walking