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Player character can or must rest occasionally, usually to combat fatigue or for other restorative purposes.


Alternate names: Camping, Sleeping

The first video game about Resting was released in 1984.

SSI, Beamdog and Deep Silver has published most of these games

* Fatigue
* Finite energy
* Random encounters - can sometimes occur during camping
* Waiting
Resting/sleeping is usually for the purpose of healing characters, combating fatigue, replenishing magical energy, and possibly other purposes.

When resting out in the wilds, the character or characters may build a small temporary camp to rest in, though this may be limited to building a simple fire. Occasionally they may be equipped with tents or they may build a primitive lean-to (from sticks and foliage). A sleeping bag may be used or they may simply huddle in their travelling cloak or such. Commonly this camp is automatically built and dismantled and has no bearing on anything than the graphics shown during resting.

Parent groups

Realism, Survival simulation


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