Environmental combat

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Player can use the environment to defeat their opponents.


The first video game about Environmental combat was released on June 1991.

Ubisoft, Blizzard Entertainment and Robot Entertainment has published most of these games

See also: NPC environmental vulnerability (when this is possible but not actively encouraged or empowered to do, and happens mostly by accident)
NOT for fighting the environment itself, but rather using it against your enemies.

* Pushing people off cliffs
* Smashing them into hazardous objects (e.g. spikes, electrocuted fences, or such)
* Causing them to trip traps meant for the player

Effectively combat where you don't really attack the person, but indirectly cause their demise. Of course, kicking/throwing them off cliffs is more direct case, but still belongs to this tag as the opponent would've unlikely died solely from the kick or throw.

Using telekinesis to levitate an opponent and smack them to walls, floor and so on does not really count even if it is lethal to the victim, though. And similarly picking random objects and attacking your enemies with them doesn't count either, even if it was a door frame or similar part of the environment.

If this is limited to say boss fights, then it's not really part of this tag.

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Combat, Environmental hazards, Improvisation


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