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A pseudo-genre derived from Roguelikes leaving only procedural map generation and permadeath while adding meta progression.


Alternate names: Roguelike-like
Name variations: Roguelite

The first video game about Rogue-lite was released on September 1, 2009.

Defiant Development, Cellar Door Games and Harebrained Schemes has published most of these games

Generally these are either falsely advertised as roguelikes by their makers and players alike. In less contradictory instances they say they're inspired by roguelikes, but don't really match any known definition of a roguelike while still containing some of roguelike traits.

Alternate approach in describing these is roguelike-like with the redundancy.

Permadeath has a tendency to not be true such in these, such as player progression or similar that is applied to all following characters being gained.

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