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Significant part of the plot involves rescuing, or attempting to rescue, one or more people.

See also: rescuees and captives (in case such exist but are not so vital for the plot)
Not limited to people, but also animals, anthropomorphic toasters and other things that supposedly are "alive".

The first Rescue video game was released in 1980.

Sega, Ocean and U.S. Gold published most of these games.

Parent group

Goals / objectives

Child group

Damsel in distress


NES 99
C64 91
ZX Spectrum 88
Linux 74
Amstrad CPC 71
Amiga 53
Windows 50
Arcade 47
Atari ST 44
MSX 42
Apple II E 39
Atari 400/800 32
Master System 31
Mega Drive 20
Tandy Coco 20
GB 18
Famicom Disk System 18
VIC-20 18
C16/Plus4 16
Atari 2600 16
Mac OS Classic 15
PC Engine 12
Game Gear 11
X360 10
Sharp X1 10
ColecoVision 10
PS2 9
MICRO 7 - FM7 9
Mac OS X 9

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