Word input

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Player controls the game or part of the game by typing in full or partial sentences that are interpreted as commands.


Alternate names: Textual control, Typed-in commands

The first video game about Word input was released in 1972.

Infocom, Level 9 Computing and Sierra On-Line has published most of these games

See also: typing (when typing otherwise is involved, e.g. speed typing whatever appears on screen)

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MS-DOS 414
Amstrad CPC 247
ZX Spectrum 238
C64 219
Mac OS Classic 149
Apple II E 108
Atari ST 106
Amiga 103
Tandy Coco 103
BBC 56
Atari 400/800 54
Linux 51
Amstrad PCW 41
Commodore PET 38
C128 32
Oric 31
TRS-80 27
C16/Plus4 23
ZX Spectrum 128 22
NEC PC8801 21
MSX 20
Electron 19
Apple IIGS 19
Ohio Scientific 17
MICRO 7 - FM7 17
Coleco Adam 16
NEC PC9801 11
VIC-20 10
Tatung Einstein 10
Windows 9

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