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Tools need to be reloaded/recharged occasionally to continue operating.


Alternate name: Recharge

The tags here refer mostly to clips and mags, however, they should be considered to refer to anything that holds the ammunition or equivalent, be it an actual magazine, clip, fuel canister, magic crystal, battery, or whatever.

Parent group

Tool simulation
Active reloadReloading can be sped up under certain circumstances, such as by repeatedly hitting reload button or hitting it at a specific time.2005 / 201830 games
Magazine reloadingBesides reloading weapons, player has to reload the magazines that go into the weapons as well.2012 / 201710 games
NPC reloadingNPCs need to reload their weapons as much as the player does, giving somewhat predictable pauses in their firing other than random stops as well as visible/audible feedback of it.2012 / 20155 games
Reload: AssistedPlayer requires another character (or player) to assist in the reloading process.1 game
Reload: AutomaticCharacter automatically begins reloading when the weapon runs out of ammo or when it is otherwise appropriate to do so. This may require attempt to shoot with the empty gun before it starts.1996 / 2019205 games
Reload: ChamberingPlayer must manually chamber individual rounds before firing rather than the whole process being automated like magazine swap.2006 / 201513 games
Reload: DetrimentalReloading weapons is detrimental in some manner in all situations besides removing the possibility to shoot with the weapon for a time, such as slowing down your movement speed or impairing visibility.2009 / 20102 games
Reload: ForcedReload process can't be interrupted by anything.0 game
Reload: InterruptPlayer can interrupt the reload process.2009 / 20112 games
Ammo reload: Keep partialReloading a weapon before it is empty causes the partial clip/mag to be kept as is, causing some later reload to give only partially full clip/mag even if you have plenty of ammo left in total.2005 / 20124 games
Ammo reload: LossyReloading a weapon before it is empty causes the partial clip/mag (and remaining ammo in it) to be discarded.2000 / 201820 games
Reload: ManualPlayer must manually initiate reloading process.1984 / 2019398 games
Reload: No interruptPlayer can not interrupt reloading, but can still discard the weapon during it and select another weapon instead.2005 / 201610 games
Reload: OpportunisticCharacter automatically reloads weapons when they feel there's an opportunity to do so without prompt from the player. Not including when magazine or such runs out of ammo entirely.2007 / 20139 games
Reload: PassiveReloading happens even when the thing isn't held out, continuing as the player swaps to other weapons or tools.2012 / 20144 games
Reload: PhasedReload works in phases or is pauseable. In both cases reloading can be interrupted but is not reset/cancelled entirely but rather continues either exactly or nearly where you left off.1984 / 20122 games
Ammo reload: RealisticUpon reloading a weapon, the previous clip/mag is discarded or stored back as partial clip/mag instead of filling the current clip/mag with the number of missing bullets.1986 / 201418 games
Ammo reload: RefillReloading a weapon with partially depleted magazine acts as if the partially depleted magazine is refilled from a stock rather than the magazine being swapped in any manner.2013 / 20143 games
Reload: SlowedReloading can be slowed down under certain conditions, such as by walking/running or by failing active reload (slowed more than ignoring it does).2 games
UnloadingPlayer can remove the ammo loaded into a weapon, batteries from electronic devices, or otherwise remove similar components for use in something else.1994 / 201523 games