Health draining

Activities theme

Player can somehow transfer the health of others onto themselves.


Alternate names: Life stealing
Name variations: Life draining, Health stealing

The first video game about Health draining was released on August 6, 1993.

Majesco, 2K Games and dtp entertainment has published most of these games

* Devouring
This includes literal magic, vampires drinking the blood of their victims, eating others whole, and so forth. Although the tag name does not exactly suit cases where the victims are eaten, gameplay-wise they're the same.

In case of live victims, it is NOT required the victim dies in the process though this is often a side effect. Logically when they're completely drained, but not when only partially (except when they're eaten).

* Statistic: each attack restores either a set amount of health or amount derived from the damage dealt.
* Special attack: a special attack that is necessary to use to gain any benefits of this. For example, a vampire's blood drinking.
... or some more obscure that only triggers sometimes either randomly or by following a set criteria (such as every 6th attack), only targets marked somehow, etc.
If no life is lost from the "source", then it's simple healing ability even if it requires multiple characters to be present.