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Involves parkour or parkour-like action.


Alternate names: Freerunning, Semi-automatic obstacle navigation
Name variations: free running, free-running

The first video game about Parkour was released on November 14, 2007.

Ubisoft, Techland and Ubisoft Entertainment has published most of these games

The concept of parkour began its development sometime prior to WW1 by Georges Hébert, whose ideas manifested as fitness training (méthode naturelle) and obstacle course (called `parcours´) for the French military during the war. By 1997 a small group of enthusiasts (Yamakasi, a word in African Lingala language meaning strong body/spirit/person) had started to apply the méthode naturelle in everyday life, turning the streets of their home town into the parcours obstacle course, though with childish joy of doing the whole thing rather than fitness training. Sometime after this, parkours started to gain media attention, such as the 2001 film Yamakasi of the initial group.

Note that although jumping from rooftop to rooftop is common in fictional depictions of parkour, it's quite rare in real-life due to legal problems in doing so (parkours aren't criminals of any sort) and the general lack of convenient access to and between them as opposed to streets themselves.
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* Jumping
* Auto-jumping - a limited form of this.
* Wallrunning
* Walljumping
* Wall climbing - not so much as this tends to be slow
* Ledges - only when hoisting yourself up on them, not slowly going left and right

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