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Includes something with three legged locomotion.


Alternate names: Tripods
Name variations: three legged

The first video game about Tripeds was released in 1985.

Electronic Arts, Origin and Pony Canyon has published most of these games

No land animal is known to be naturally tripedal. Macropods use their tales on the ground to aid in motion and so come close but not quite. However, some ocean creatures are tripedal. Real mechanical devices (robots and walking machines) are the most likely candidates for tripedal motion.
Other than these real cases, it is expected that the tripod tag will be applied to aliens, supernaturals, mutants, biroids, fictional robots, fictional machines, or other fictional creatures. Anything that is injured or augmented from its original state and must learn tripedal motion, does not count. However any injured or augmented that had a preexisting instinct for tripedal motion does count.
* Hexapeds

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