Neutral NPCs

Creatures entity

Includes neutral non-player characters that do not by default attack the player or anyone else without provocation. Usually not including people that can't be interacted by player's opponents.


Alternate names: Bystanders, Non-belligerents
Name variations: civilians, non-combatants

The first video game about Neutral NPCs was released in 1982.

THQ, Ubisoft and Bethesda Softworks has published most of these games

NOT applicable to cases where there's a three or more factions where the factions outside of the main conflict do not side with either of the main factions (meaning, they work like any other monster that attacks anyone who comes too close).

Occasionally strategy games have "neutral" factions, these often do not function like normal factions with aggressive expansion, but they do not stand aside either if you approach them. These do NOT count.

Adventure and role-play games commonly have neutral NPCs, but their definitions do NOT require such. Therefore, this tag is effectively usable in all game types, even if the priority is on games other than adventure and role-play.

This does NOT include characters on the same side of the conflict as you, nor your companion nor your personal party of adventurers.

Nor does this include characters met only in safe / weapons-free zones.

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