Creatures entity

Ghosts, or other spirits of the dead, evil or not.


Alternate name: Spirits of the dead

Note that if the creatures are not specifically labeled as ghosts of the dead or somehow tying them with the departed, use spectres tag only. This is NOT for ghost-like things, spectres is.

The first Ghosts video game was released in 1978.

Activision, Electronic Arts and Atari published most of these games.

Parent groups

Legendary creatures, Spectres, Undead


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Linux 97
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Amiga 19
Amstrad CPC 19
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Atari ST 17
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PS3 15
MSX 11
Tandy Coco 11
Master System 10
Mac OS Classic 9
Atari 400/800 9
Arcade 8
Atari 2600 6
PS4 6
GB 6
Nintendo DS 6
C16/Plus4 5
X68000 5
Atari 7800 5
Apple IIGS 5
PS 5
Memotech MTX 5

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