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Features demons, devils or any related or similar creatures.

Alternate names: Devils, Demonic creatures

The first video game about Demons was released in 1979.

Electronic Arts, Capcom and id Software has published most of these games

In most cases, games with demons should be flagged with fantasy. In some rare cases, these may fall to sci-fi genre instead.

They're often associated with magics and/or paranormal.

Stereotypically demons are red, winged, impervious to fire/heat, horned, hooved, somewhat goat-like and generally bearing resemblance to the Horned God. On the side of personality, stereotypically sinister, malicious and Evil. With a tendency for being hyperviolent.

The minimal stereotypical appearance includes two horns - usually on the forehead - and a red spade-shaped tail end regardless of any other physical traits.

Parent group

Legendary creatures

Child groups

Eastern demons, Demon spirits, Western demons, Demonoids, Other demons, Succubi


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