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Features any goblin-like creatures, from actual goblins to trolls and orcs.

Trolls are often goblinoids too, but since the name is used quite freely for almost any monster, this is not reliable.
Goblins themselves are humanoids of small stature, large nose and large, possibly bat-like, ears. Trolls are largely the same as goblins except they tend to be much taller and ganglier. Orcs are likely in the middle in terms of height with stockier build and the size of their nose and ears might not be as prominent. Jutting jaw is fairly iconic to orcs. Both trolls and orcs occasionally have tusks of varying size (orcs tend to have smaller if either has them). Hobgoblins are tend to be indistinguishable from any depiction of orcs.

Stereotypically orcs are evil while goblins are merely mischievous and trolls are either. Trolls are most likely of the three to eat humans and their own kind (cannibalistic). Trolls are in some rarer instances depicted as something close to a sasquatch (bulky and hairy), but more often as savage and less hide from everyone and more of kill everyone who sees you kind.

This ignores the old depictions of trolls which generally were very vague group of fae that were interchangeably called goblins or gnomes.

This is NOT for simply cases where creatures are labeled as goblins, orcs, or trolls, the same as we won't consider a toad that's being insisted that it's a dragon as a dragon.

Generally they distinguish themselves from other humanoid creatures by being ugly, disfigured or somewhat monstrous (from human perspective). Green is the most common skin color for these but brown and gray are also fairly common.

The first Goblinoids video game was released in 1981.

Starcraft, SSI and Blizzard published most of these games.

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Orcs, Goblins, Goblinoid protagonist, Trolls

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