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Features any kind of undead creatures: beings that are clinically dead, beings that have died but are now still moving around of their own accord, or such.


Alternate names: Living dead, Unquiet dead

The first video game about Undead was released on June 1979.

Sega, SSI and Electronic Arts has published most of these games

Paranormal cases probably shouldn't be included, but that's just my personal preference as in them they aren't thought of as undead, I think. For example, the ghosts in System Shock 2, Prey and BioShock are way different from what you'd understand undead to be. Closer to hallucinations, though not strictly speaking them either.

Commonly undead are limited to humans or the protagonist's own species (or to sentient species), so cases where this extends outside of them are interesting enough to know (e.g. animals and "monsters").

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Re-animated dead

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Ghosts, Mummies, Liches, Animated skeletons, Undead protagonist, Undead menace, Undead animals, Undead monsters, Unhealthy undead

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Vampires, Zombies


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