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Alternate name: Tolkien Elves

Tolkien Gnomes (Ñoldor;Noldoli)
The Ñoldor of Middle-Earth where a clan of the elves. Their alternate name hearkens to the 'knowledge' origin of the word 'gnome'. They where the second clan of elves. They tended to have dark hair and skin except for those with Vanyarin clan in their ancestry who sometimes had blond hair and very light skin. The came to Middle-Earth in pursuit of Morgoth and ended up at war with the Teleri clan. Their clan was divided in the first age with many returning to the Undying Lands. In the By the third age the rest mostly settled in Rivendell with Galadriel being a notable exception. Many returned to Undying Lands near the end of the Third Age and the rest were lost to history with the exception of Arwen, granddaughter of Galadriel. In the fourth age, Arwen became Queen of the Reunited Kingdom of Arnor and Gondor when she married Aragorn. Their loving children, Eldarion and several daughters, were not enough to heal her broken heart when Aragorn died at 210 years of age and she died of grief a year later. They were married 122 years. Through their parents, Eldarion and his sisters represented the lineage of all the kings of all the houses of all the clans of men and elves of Middle-Earth and also the heritage of the Maia (Arwen & Aragorn were descended from Thingol the elf & Melian the Maia). It is presumed that no more marriages between men and elves occurred. Thus, Eldarion and his sisters were the lasts decedents and the booldline heritage of the Tolkien Gnomes.

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Use traditional fae instead if these are not of Tolkienin-inspired kind.

The first Elves video game was released in 1975.

Nintendo, SSI and Electronic Arts published most of these games.

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