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AbominationsMonstrous beings taken a step beyond, beings so hideous that viewing them drives people insane or their very existence is affront to laws of nature. Or just some exceptionally ugly monsters that do not resemble much anything real.notifications1987 / 201543 games
Abstract protagonistPlayer controls some abstract thing with no clear representative, such as an unexplained geometric shape that can't really be identified as an object, a being, or any other such more specific thing.notifications3 games
Adventurer protagonist (Explorer protagonist;Treasure hunter protagonist)The protagonist is an adventurer by profession, gaining wealth and fame by doing jobs that are deemed too hazardous for the common folk, such as slaying monsters, exploring uncharted regions, seeking lost treasures, and so forth.notifications1987 / 201940 games
AethonsFiery/burning horses of greek mythology.notifications1 game
Agaric Fungus (Spotted Toadstools)This is the stereotypical toadstool with a white stem, red cap, & white spots. Tag indicates it is featured in gameplay or story.notifications3 games
Alien animalsNon-sentient alien beings that resemble little or nothing found on Earth.notifications2009 / 201929 games
Alien monstersAlien beings that are utterly monstrous in appearance and likely behaviour, likely animals of some sort but their appearance makes them seem something altogether.notifications1 game
Alien protagonist (Extra terrestrial protagonist)Space aliens, extra terrestrials (E.T.s), and other beings not native to Earth as the main protagonist.notifications1980 / 2017147 games
AlligatorsLarge, long lived solitary (adult males), territorial, reptiles. Has a reflexive bite and death roll with the bite alone legendary for crushing bones.notifications1980 / 201784 games
Aloe PlantsFlowering succulent plants (cactus) renowned for the medical uses of their gooey innards.notifications2 games
Amalgams (Amalgamated creatures;Chimeras)Includes beings that are seemingly a (chaotic) combination of two or more creatures, likely of same species.notifications1999 / 201829 games
AmazonsFemale warriors ("barbarians") who live in matriarchal and largely exclusively female society where males are only temporary or lower class presence.notifications1986 / 201620 games
Ambient creatures (Ambient life)Includes creatures of some sort that live about on the environment without much impacting on gameplay, often having absolutely no meaningful interactions to do with.notifications1984 / 201896 games
American Indians (Native Americans;Amerindians;Amerinds)Features indigenous Americans. Originally mistakenly called Indians.notifications1982 / 201837 games
American Robins (North American Robins)A songbird thrush known for its red breast and singing variants of [i]cheerily[/i] just before and during sunrise.notifications2 games
Amerind protagonist(American Indian protagonist;Native American protagonist)[Amerindian protagonist]The protagonist is one of Amerind peoples or has the likeness of such.notifications1984 / 201833 games
Amphibian protagonistHas a frog, toad, salamander, newt, or caecilian as a main protagonist.notifications1980 / 2017142 games
Anatids (Anatidae)Ducks, geese, swans, teals, & moa-nalos. Anatids are [b][i]Not[/i][/b] coots, divers, gallinules, grebes, or loons.notifications1 game
Android protagonist(Humanoid robot)The protagonist is a humanoid robot.notifications1983 / 201734 games
Androids (Synthetic humans;Human-like robots;Humanoid robots)Includes androids, robots that emulate the humanoid form.notifications1978 / 201877 games
Angelic protagonistThe main character is any kind angelic creature, such as plain angel, cherub or seraph.notifications1985 / 201614 games
Angels(Cherubs;Seraphim)Includes anything identified as angels or similar entities; generally feathery winged human-like divine beings.notifications1986 / 201993 games (45 characters)
Animal peopleAnimals that walk, talk and act like people - or close enough.notifications1992 / 201871 games
Animal protagonistThe player character is a non-anthropomorphic animal.notifications1978 / 2019527 games
Animate armor (Living armor)[animated armor]Body armor, usually full plate mail, that moves and fights on its own.notifications1989 / 201912 games
Animate object protagonistnotifications1982 / 2019131 games
Animate objectsSomething inanimate, such as an umbrella or a marble, inexplainably moves by itself but has no other traits of living things.notifications1982 / 202047 games
Animate weapons (Living weapons)[animated weapons]Weapons (the kind normally wielded by someone) that fight on their own without anyone wielding or otherwise controlling them.notifications1998 / 201518 games
Animated skeletonsSkeletons - animated and held intact by magic, supernatural spirits, or something else - often seen as part of more fantastic undead, unaffected by many ailments that those made of flesh suffer of.notifications1979 / 2021714 games
AnkylosaurusHerbivorous quadrupedal 'armored' dinosaurs with distinctively tiled and keratin plated osteoderms. Their flail-like tail could break T-Rex legs.notifications1990 / 20027 games
Anthropomorphic animal protagonistProtagonist is an animal character that exhibits significant human traits, such as bipedal locomotion (in case of quadrupeds), human facial expressions, ability to work with tools, and so forth.notifications1981 / 2019773 games
Anthropomorphic animals (Funny animals)list_alt0 game
Anthropomorphic object protagonistThe protagonist is an anthropomorphized object, such as a toaster with a human-like face and capability to speak.notifications1983 / 201858 games
Anthropomorphic objectsObjects given human-like traits, personalities, intelligence and capacity for speech.notifications1986 / 201762 games
Anti-hero protagonist[selfish protagonist]Protagonists who lack traits commonly attributed to heroes, such as nobility, bravery, selflessness, etc. Generally any villainous and/or selfish protagonist though includes cowards, fools and others.notifications1983 / 2020239 games
AntsAnts are social colonies of workers, soldiers, drones, & queens (usually 1). Not all casts are present in all species & other specialized casts exist.notifications1982 / 201770 games
Anuroids (Frogmen)Includes frog or toad-like creatures, especially if they share traits with humanoids.notifications1991 / 201820 games
Apemen (Humanzee;Chuman;Manpanzee)Features any beings that seem like a cross between apes/monkeys and humans.notifications1983 / 20138 games
Apple TreesFeatured in gameplay or story. The trees on which Apple grow. Commonly arranged in orchards.notifications2 games
Aquatic animals (Marine animals)notifications1 game
Arachnid protagonist (Spider protagonist)The protagonist is an arachnid of any kind.notifications1982 / 201516 games
ArachnidsSpiders (aranae), scorpions (scorpiones), etc.notifications1983 / 20082 games
Archeologist protagonistnotifications1984 / 2018153 games
Aristocrat protagonist (Noble protagonist;Royal protagonist)[aristocratic protagonist]The protagonist is one of the aristocracy, such as royalty, nobility, or some other significantly higher social class.notifications1987 / 201728 games
AristocratsAristocrats of any kind (royalty, nobility, high profile merchants, business magnates/moguls, or some other significantly higher social class) play a significant role in the plot or gameplay.notifications2002 / 201632 games
Arthropod protagonist0 game
Arthropods0 game
Artisan protagonistThe protagonist is any type of artisan by profession.notifications1991 / 20115 games
Artist protagonistThe protagonist is in some field that requires creativity and imagination, such as painting, fiction writing, song writing, or such.notifications2 games
Asian protagonist (Mongoloid protagonist;Oriental protagonist)The protagonist belongs to any of the Mongoloid (East and South-East Asian) races or has the likeness of such.notifications1997 / 201412 games
Assassin protagonist (Hitman protagonist)The protagonist is an assassin.notifications1984 / 201772 games
Asymmetric creatures[asymmetric beings]Includes any creatures that have severe asymmetric traits in their body, such as having left side twice as big as the right.notifications1997 / 201913 games
Atypical creatures (Non-standard creatures)Depicts well known creatures in an atypical manner, but still in a way that identifies them as the base creature.notifications1999 / 20016 games
Avatars(Incarnations)Incarnated divine beings or physical personifications of ideas or concepts. Including proxy beings of such.notifications2011 / 20174 games
Avianoids(Birdmen)Includes humanoid creatures that resemble (humanoid) avians.notifications1993 / 201838 games
Baby protagonist (Toddler protagonist)The protagonist is something even younger than what could be called a child, usually up to one year old.notifications1985 / 201435 games
Badgers (Brocks)Short-legged, heavy-set, wide stance omnivores related to weasels. They can be fierce in contrast to their size compared to opponents & have reputation of being ill-tempered.notifications1991 / 20094 games
Barbarian protagonistThe protagonist is a barbarian. Usually has scarce leather or fur clothing (such as just fur loincloth), long unkempt hair, and somewhat limited cultural skills. But not so primitive as to be a caveperson or civilized enough to be viking or some other.notifications1983 / 2016158 games
Bards (Skalds;Warrior poets)Musical and poetic entertainers who in fiction often are skilled fighters and in some instances even adepts at magical arts. Often depicted as swashbuckling heroes and jacks-of-all-trades.notifications1998 / 201935 games
BasilisksLarge reptiles with three or more pairs of legs and occasional ability to kill or petrify creatures with their gaze or touch.notifications1988 / 201723 games
Bats (Chiroptera)Insectivore, frugivore, & a few carnivore mammals that truly fly with their hands, not just glide. The smaller ones have sophisticated echolocation.notifications1979 / 2020432 games
BeastmenAnimalistic humanoids that look vaguely like antropomorphic animals but can't be pinpointed to any particular real species reliably (to be actual anthropomorph), often having claws, horns, animal-like muzzle, sometimes shaggy fur or scales, etc.notifications2001 / 201516 games
Bees (Honey Bees;Killer Bees;Anthophila;Bumblebee)Insect known for black & yellow color, ability to deposit one stinger in a target, & making honey. Though many species lack one or all of these traitsnotifications1982 / 201788 games
BeholdersIncludes beholders, floating eyes with fanged mouth and possibly several eye stalks surrounding a large central eye. Usually they can unleash bolts of energy or magic spells from the central and/or the surrounding eyes.notifications1975 / 201664 games
Berserkers[berserks;berzerkers;berzerks;confusion;charm]Characters or other entities that (under certain conditions) fight in uncontrollable frenzy, attacking anyone in their way or near them regardless if they're friend or foe.notifications1998 / 201935 games
Big catsnotifications1984 / 201525 games
BikersFeatures members of the motorcycle subculture, stereotypically members of criminal biker gangs.notifications1994 / 201721 games
Biomimic protagonistProtagonist is a robot that mimics behaviour and/or appearance of a biological organism.notifications1990 / 19984 games
BiomimicsRobots that mimic behaviour and/or appearance of biological organisms.notifications1990 / 20175 games
Bird protagonist (Avian protagonist)The main protagonist is a bird.notifications1980 / 2018233 games
Bison (American Buffalo)Originally misnamed buffalo, they were exceedingly numerous until pioneers, politicians and railroads nearly caused their extinction.notifications1985 / 20155 games
Bizarre creatures (Unique creatures;Inexplicable creatures)Includes creatures that follow no sensible design you'd see on Earth, making them appear quite otherworldly.notifications1982 / 202094 games
Black protagonistThe protagonist is of any Sub-Saharan African race descent (including Afro-American, Afro-Asian, and such), or is Australian Aborigine race descent, or has the appearance of either.notifications1988 / 201648 games
Blackberry Bushes (Blackberry Shrubs)Blackberry bushes a featured in gameplay or story, not just as scenery.notifications2 games
Blind creaturesFeatures people, beings, animals, or such that are blind and do not react to anything that they might see but rather using hearing or other methods of detection, allowing the protagonist to do certain things they would not otherwise be able to undetected.notifications1972 / 201547 games
Blue JaysAn aggressive, intelligent & curious bird with strikingly blue plumage & crest plus black, & white markings. It can mimic other birds & human speech.notifications2 games
Bovinesnotifications1982 / 200612 games
Brains (Brain creatures)Includes beings that resemble little more than exposed brains or otherwise have brain-like appearance as the main or most noticeable feature. Often seen residing inside a jar or equipped with tentacles.notifications1993 / 201226 games
Brewer's Blackbird (American Blackbird)The New World Blackbird. Males have a slightly iridescent head and yellow eyes. The females are actually a dark charcoal color.notifications2 games
Brigand protagonist(Robber protagonist)[marauder;raider;mugger;privateer]The protagonist is an outlaw specializing in brigandry, robbing and plundering people off their possessions with aid of violence and intimidation.notifications1982 / 201620 games
BroodlingsSome beings can inject some small being(s) into the bodies of others, bursting from their bodies when they die or shortly after being injected (usually killing the host). These newborn then go about acting on their own.notifications1998 / 201514 games
BurrowersIncludes animals, plants or machines that burrow underground or into any semi-solid substance where the player can't follow and occasionally rises to attack.notifications1991 / 2018104 games
Buttercups (Ranunculus)A slightly toxic plant with small lustrous yellow flowers. Featured in gameplay or story as more than scenery.notifications2 games
Camouflagers[Chameleonic enemies]Includes any creatures, people, or such that blend into the surroundings so much that they're possibly impossible to notice. Often the camouflage requires they remain absolutely still.notifications1989 / 20148 games
Canidae protagonist (Canine protagonist;Dog protagonist;Wolf protagonist)Has any type of canine as the protagonist.notifications1980 / 2018129 games
Caninesnotifications1991 / 20106 games
Caninoids(Dogmen)Includes humanoid creatures that resemble canines.notifications1991 / 201774 games
Caprinoids(Goatmen)Includes humanoid creatures that resemble goats or sheep.notifications1996 / 201727 games
Captives (Prisoners;Hostages)Confined prisoners, hostages or other captives play a part in the story.notifications1983 / 2020234 games
CardinalsAn fire engine red crested stout billed new world bird. Named after a Catholic cardinal's vestmentsnotifications2 games
Carnivorous plants (Insectivorous plants;Man-eating plants)Includes plants that trap and digest animals.notifications1984 / 201774 games
CarnotaurusA bipedal predator with a long neck, four finger hands, narrow face & binocular vision. Known to definitely have bumpy skin & not feathers.notifications2 games
Caspian TigersA species officially extinct but genetics have shown them to have been a type of Siberian tiger adapted to the Middle-East.notifications1981 / 19865 games
CaterpillarsThe larval stage of moths & butterflies before cocooning themselves. They typically ungulate & appear to have many legs but only 6 are actually legs.notifications1986 / 201520 games
Caucasoid protagonist[Europid;Europoid;Caucasian]The protagonist belongs to any of the Caucasoid races.0 game
Cavalry (Dragoons)Mounted infantry.notifications1995 / 201521 games
CavemenA fictional depiction of prehistoric humans who usually look like modern humans in fur swimming suit instead.notifications1983 / 201561 games
CelebritiesCelebrities of all kinds, except the ones known for station.list_alt0 game
CentauroidsIncludes creatures that have humanoid torso attached to quadruped body.notifications1986 / 201887 games
CentaursFeatures centaurs - creatures with the upper body of a human attached in place of the head and neck of a horse.notifications1981 / 201553 games
CephalopoidsIncludes anthropomorphic humanoid style creatures that resemble cephalopods (octopus, squids).notifications1991 / 201513 games
Cervids (Cervines;Cervidae;Deer)Features any cervids.notifications1977 / 201841 games
Chanterelle FungusA delectable golden colored symbiotic mushroom with a irregular funnel shaped cap. Featured in gameplay or story not merely scenery.notifications2 games
Chargers (Rammers;Bullrushers)[bull rushers;bull-rushers]Creatures that attack by forcefully rushing at others with the aim of knocking them down, back or skewering them with horns, spikes or some weapons.notifications1993 / 2017117 games
Cherry TreesFeatured in gameplay or story. Makes cherries.notifications2 games
ChickadeesSmall birds that call "chick-a dee dee dee" when alarmed. They sing many songs and are rarely silent.notifications2 games
ChickensFlightless domestic fowl, usually bred for their eggs and meat. Considered to be great source of humor by some.notifications1982 / 2019153 games
Child protagonist (Pre-teen protagonist)The protagonist is a pre-teen child, usually around 1 to 12 year old.notifications1984 / 2018445 games
Child soldiersChildren acting as soldiers, often viewed as tragic but can be seen as heroic (child doing an adult's job, especially if player is child him-/herself) or "cool" if voluntary/wanted.notifications1997 / 201919 games
Chimeras (Chimaeras)A fire breathing monster from Greek mythology that was a combination of lion, goat and snake.notifications1990 / 20165 games
Civilian protagonistThe protagonist is a civilian, a regular joe, or some other unnotable person.notifications1986 / 2020182 games
Civilized savagesCertain group of people are initially depicted as savages, but after that image has been perfectly established, it is revealed they're actually quite civilized. Often with a plot twist where the protagonist seeks aid from the "savages".notifications1997 / 20094 games
ClamsMollusks.with two shells, bivalves. known for their abilities to close tightly, make pearls, & taste good in chowder.notifications1983 / 201732 games
ClergyPlayer encounters and deals with any kind of religious leaders, such as priests, rabbis, imams, shamans, oracles, or such. Also characters the general folk deem authoritative on the matters even if they do not necessarily have the rank (e.g. monks).notifications1997 / 201531 games
ClingersIncludes creatures that viciously cling to the player character, usually impairing movement and other activities while also dealing their own share of damage. Often small and work in swarms (e.g. leeches).notifications1992 / 201647 games
Cloaked NPCs (Invisible creatures;Stealthed NPCs)Includes creatures that are either completely or partially invisible.notifications1993 / 2017106 games
Clockwork Creatures (Clockwork Automatons;Clockwork Robots;Clockwork Animals)Creatures (most likely constructed) of clockwork mechanisms, that demonstrate animal like or sentient level intelligence. Clockwork automatons/robotsnotifications2006 / 20187 games
ClonesDuplicated beings, regardless of the method of duplication, be it magic, technology, divine intervention, or some other cause.notifications2000 / 201954 games
CloversPlant famous for it trifoliate leaves & rare quadfoliate mutants (4 leaf clovers). Every part of it is editable & high in protein. Also makes good teanotifications2006 / 20184 games
ClownsIncludes clowns in a traditional or an untraditional role.notifications1982 / 201757 games
CnidariansIncludes animals of the phylum cnidaria, of which jellyfish is perhaps the most recognizable example.notifications1990 / 201524 games
CoelacanthsAll Coelacanths and related species were deemed extinct since the end of the Cretaceous period by scientists until one was caught in 1938, and several others at later dates.notifications1 game
CollaborationistsFeatures people who collaborate with enemy forces for any reason. Especially if organized rather than random individuals.notifications1997 / 20179 games
Collective consciousness (Hive mind;Group consciousness)The player is not in control of a single character, but the collective consciousness of a group, nation or species.notifications1989 / 201831 games
Colossi (Colossal creatures)Includes creatures that dwarf even giants.notifications1991 / 201973 games
Combat animals (War animals;Military animals;Warbeasts;Beasts of battle)Any animals used in and trained for war, combat, or such as something else than basic beast of burden or mount.notifications1989 / 202059 games
Combining entities (Combining creatures;Combining vehicles;Combining characters)Two or more creatures, characters, vehicles, etc. that can combine together somehow to form a single, presumably much more powerful, entity.notifications2004 / 20087 games
Commanders (Squad leaders)Creatures or people that may or may not do much by themselves, but improve the effectiveness of others around them, either due to improved coordination, target acquisition, prioritization or other reason.notifications2004 / 20106 games
Communists[socialists;marxists]Prominently features adherents of the communist political views.notifications2003 / 201621 games
Companions and subordinateslist_alt0 game
Composite foes (Composite opponents)[enemies;monsters]Player encounters opponents that are made of multiple parts that can be destroyed separately, either in specific order or as the player sees fit. It may not be necessary to destroy all parts, but it may be beneficial to do so.notifications1982 / 201736 games
Courtesans (Geisha;Chevaliers)Entertainers who, especially the female ones, later became known primarily for their sexual services rather than the artistic ones they also provided in abundance. Commonly only in service of the the better social classes, but also the wealthy.notifications1984 / 20083 games
Crazed animalsFeatures crazed animals. Likely behaving oddly and exhibiting very unusual level of aggression.notifications1984 / 201528 games
Crazed sentients (Crazed humans)Features sentient beings driven to some crazed state in which they may be difficult comprehend and usually are quite aggressive. Panic, fear, even some "subtle" outside influences can cause this.notifications1998 / 201919 games
CrowdsLarge numbers of people or other creatures that are hard to move through.notifications2007 / 201214 games
CrowsA highly intelligent black bird. With the related Raven, thought of as harbingers of doom & death.notifications2009 / 20133 games
Crustacean protagonist (Lobster protagonist;Crab protagonist;Shrimp protagonist)Has a barnacle, brine shrimp (Sea Monkey), crab, crayfish, horseshoe shrimp, lice, lobsters, krill, shrimp, or soft shell crab, as a protagonist.notifications1988 / 20055 games
Crustaceansnotifications1992 / 201614 games
CrustacoidsIncludes humanoid creatures that resemble crustaceans.notifications1995 / 201510 games
Cryptids(UMA;Unidentified Mysterious Animals)Animals that are the subject of cryptozoology, that may exist but are not accepted as real, usually due to lack of proper evidence.notifications1980 / 201711 games
Crystal entities (Crystalline creatures)Features creatures that appear to be made out of crystal or similar inanimate material.notifications1990 / 201433 games
CuckoosA variety of birds. The common cuckoo is known for its "coo coo" call imitated by cuckoo clocks.notifications2 games
CultistsFeatures members of some cult or another.notifications1993 / 201954 games
Cyborg protagonistThe main character is an amalgam of flesh and machine, a cybernetic organism, more commonly known as cyborg.notifications1981 / 2020146 games
Cyborgs (Cybernetic organisms)Includes creatures that are an amalgam of flesh and machine, [u]cyb[/u]ernetic [u]org[/u]anisms, more commonly known as cyborgs.notifications1982 / 2019385 games
Daisy (Common Daisy;Lawn Daisy;English Daisy;Daisies)Featured in gameplay or story. Its flower appears to have a yellow center surrounded by lone white pedals. But each pedal is a flower itself.notifications2 games
DancersCreatures, generally humanoid, generally non-hostile, that continuously dance. Can also be enemies.notifications2001 / 20143 games
Dark knights (Hell knights;Death knights;Fallen paladins;Anti-paladins)Knights that have either become corrupt or never followed the knightly code to begin with.notifications1996 / 201717 games
Death fakersAny creatures that lie about looking quite dead but stir to life under certain conditions, or seem to die from taking some damage but instead are simply "playing dead" until they can attack the unsuspecting protagonist again.notifications1998 / 201942 games
Deep space creatures (Deep space dwelling lifeforms)Features creatures that live in deep space without aid of machines or other artificial means of surviving in the environment.notifications1998 / 201512 games
DeinonychusIts very large hands may have been feathered. This species lead to the bird-dinosaur & warmblooded theories. It was likely an intelligent pack hunter. Often confused with velociraptors.notifications1990 / 19954 games
DemihumansFeatures beings (nearly) indistinguishable from humans.0 game
Demon spirits (Spectral demons)Demons are depicted primarily as spirits or other spectral entities.notifications2 games
Demonic protagonistDemons, demonhosts, fallen angels and other fell creatures. Be they demonic by their nature or not.notifications1988 / 201750 games
DemonoidsCreature that aren't demons but have some physical aspects that stereotypically appear that way. (red skin, horns, spaded tail, goat shaped legs, sharp teeth)notifications1985 / 201530 games
Demons (Devils;Demonic creatures)Features demons, devils or any related or similar creatures.notifications1979 / 2020663 games (1 characters)
Desi protagonist(Indian protagonist)The protagonist is of Desi descent (India and nearby regions) or has the likeness of such.notifications1988 / 201420 games
Devotees (Aficionados;Partisans;Fans)[aficionadi]The protagonist has or can have one or more devotees of almost any sort and may or must interact with them.notifications2004 / 20074 games
DimetrodonQuadrupedal apex predator that had extremely large back sails & 2 types of mammal-like teeth that could chew pray into smaller bits, gulping unneeded.notifications1990 / 20188 games
Dinosaur protagonistThe protagonist is a dinosaur of any kind.notifications1988 / 201540 games
DinosaursFeatures dinosaurs or dinosaur-like creatures of any kind.notifications1980 / 2018379 games
Dire animalsLarger and often more vicious variants of regular animals, though usually not large enough to be considered gigantic in relation to other animals (but may be in relation to the original animal).notifications1998 / 201915 games
Disabled protagonistThe protagonist is considered physically disabled to some degree.notifications1992 / 201511 games
Disembodied heads (Skulls)Disembodied heads that somehow move on their own, either by (usualy) rolling or bouncing on ground or by flying/floating.notifications1986 / 201993 games
DoomsayersPeople who predict a dire future and spread the prediction, often loudly.notifications2002 / 20094 games
DovesSmall birds often used for symbols of peace & gentleness.notifications2 games
Dragon protagonistnotifications1984 / 201677 games
Dragons: Eastern StyleEastern or Asian dragons generally have fish-like plumage (sometimes bird like), relatively long serpent-like bodies, do not breath fire, and rarely have wings.notifications1987 / 201826 games
Dragons: Other styleFor any dragons that are still identifiable as dragons but can't be called either eastern or western.notifications1999 / 20139 games
Dragons: Western StyleWestern or European dragons generally breath fire (or something else dangerous), have reptilian plumage, wings, and stout bodies.notifications1980 / 2019167 games
Dragons(Drakes)Features one or more dragons or dragon-like creatures.notifications1978 / 2020749 games
Driders (Centauroid spiders)A humanoid torso joined on top of a spider body or legs.notifications1978 / 201815 games
Dromaeosaurs[Raptors;Velociraptors;Utahraptors;Deinonychus;Achillobator]A group of bipedal carnivores with tearing claws on feet. Likely pack hunters. Colloquially called "raptors".notifications1993 / 201819 games
Drones(Unmanned vehicles)Remotely controlled vehicles or robots that have no notable autonomy of their own.notifications1994 / 201625 games
Druggies (Stoners;Addicts)People who due to habit, addiction, or some other reason use drugs somewhat frequently.notifications2001 / 20149 games
DruidsFeatures druids, commonly nature-themed magic users with overtones similar to that of priests. Often depicted as extreme conservatists obsessed with maintaining (or restoring former) status quo despite their claims for "balance".notifications1998 / 201646 games
DryadsTree nymphs from Greco-Roman mythology, that were shy minor deities usually indistinguishable from human women.notifications1993 / 201913 games
DucksMostly aquatic birds, usually smaller than geese and swans. Ducks are [b][i]Not[/i][/b] coots, divers, gallinules, grebes, or loons.notifications1981 / 201844 games
Dummiesnotifications1992 / 20108 games
Dungeons & Dragons creaturesAny creatures invented for D&D but have gained popularity outside of it.list_alt0 game
DwarvesFeatures dwarves or dwarf-like creatures. Humanoids of small stature, with large beards, often loud voice, grumpy demeanor and an unhealthy appreciation of Dwarven ale.notifications1975 / 2020363 games
Earwigs (Dermaptera;Pincherbugs)Insects with large pincher's on their back end. Though said to enter human ears to lay their eggs in the brain, they do not do this.notifications1983 / 19988 games
Eccentric protagonist(Quirky protagonist)The protagonist has very odd behaviours, ticks, or other quirks that come up frequently.notifications1 game
Elderly protagonistThe protagonist is old but not necessarily unfit. Generally gray hair indicates this status but other factors may as well. Likely 60-70 or older.notifications1985 / 201536 games
Eldritch abominationsThings that disregard laws of nature, appearing utterly alien and inconceivable. Usually related to cosmic horror and Lovecraftian genres of horror fiction.notifications1992 / 201735 games
ElementalsFeatures "elementals", creatures embodying one of the old prime elements of fire, water, air and earth, or any other elements the used mythos has.notifications1983 / 201672 games
Elephant (Elephantidae;Elephants)The largest and among the most intelligent existing land animals. Also know for having tusks, prehensile noses (trunks), and long memories.notifications1982 / 201629 games
Elephantoids(Elephant men)Includes humanoid creatures that resemble elephants, mammoths, or such.notifications2000 / 20159 games
Elite protagonist (Veteran protagonist)The protagonist is presented as being among the best if not [i]the[/i] best in their field of expertise.notifications1983 / 201794 games
Elites (Elite units;Hero units;Named units)Player controls characters that are significantly more powerful than anything or anyone else around them.notifications1994 / 201771 games
Elven protagonist(Elf protagonist)The protagonist is an elf or elf-like being.notifications1980 / 201767 games
Elves (Tolkien Elves)Features Elves or Elf-like creatures.notifications1975 / 2020548 games
Energy-based creaturesIncludes creatures made of light, heat, fire, lightning, sound, radiation, gravity, magnetism, force, atomic energy, or other real non-matter.notifications1990 / 20167 games
Engineer protagonist (Mechanic protagonist)The protagonist is an engineer, mechanic or anything similar that invents, builds, repairs or maintains machines.notifications2002 / 201739 games
Entertainer protagonistThe protagonist is some type of entertainer by profession, such as singer, stage comedian, musician, parlor magician, and so forth.notifications2009 / 201813 games
Equid protagonist (Equidae protagonist;Horse protagonist)notifications1994 / 20157 games
Erratic foes(Staggering foes;Wobbling foes)Includes opponents that move/act in significantly erratic fashion, making defeating them a challenge mostly due to this. Often seen with them flailing their primary weak point in a way that's hard to follow accurately.notifications2008 / 201717 games
Eskimos(Inuit;Yupik)notifications1984 / 201611 games
European fae(Fairies;Faeries)Features folkloric European fae and those similar to them.notifications1984 / 201272 games
Exotic mountsRiding creatures that are exotic in the real world, such as birds, elephants, camels, and such.notifications2015 / 20177 games
Extinct specieslist_alt0 game
ExtremistsPeople who go to rather unusual lengths to drive their point, such as vandalism, imprisonment, torture, murder, and others. Often involving outsiders in their conflict by posing them with the ultimatum: you're either with or against us.notifications2010 / 20114 games
FacelessCreatures that lack a face, generally mouth and eyes though nose is also commonly absent.notifications2001 / 20105 games
Faceless protagonistThe protagonist's face is never seen, either because he/she is always turned away or wearing something that covers the face completely (such as a full helmet or a mask). Or he/she literally has no face at all.notifications1984 / 2019145 games
Fae protagonistThe protagonist is a humanoid fae creature of European mythology.notifications1982 / 201413 games
Fae(Faeries;Fairies)Features non-specific fae, regardless of if they match any real world mythologies or folk lore about such.notifications1988 / 201636 games
Familiars(Familiar spirits)Beings magically or spiritually bound to a person (commonly a witch or other magic user), usually in master-servant style relationship. Appearing commonly as regular small animals, such as house cats, but are not required to be such.notifications1990 / 201933 games
Famous protagonistThe protagonist is known (and recognized) by many, especially those they've never met before (and are not out there to try kill/capture/whatever him/her specifically).notifications2004 / 201920 games
Fanaticsnotifications1997 / 20157 games
Fast zombiesA variation of your regular slowly shambling zombie; they're fast, very fast.notifications1993 / 201319 games
Fatties(The morbidly obese;Slobs)Includes excessively fat people or creatures. Usually there for comedy (bouncy and tend to roll about) or some grotesque horror (oozing pus/sweat/saliva, excessive folding of skin, etc.).notifications1993 / 201880 games
Felid protagonist (Feline protagonist;Cat protagonist;Domestic Cat Protagonist)The main character is a felid (cat, lion, bobcat, tiger, panther, house cat, etc...)notifications1982 / 2017178 games
Felinesnotifications1 game
FelinoidsIncludes humanoid creatures that resemble felines.notifications1991 / 201695 games
Female antagonistThe primary character opposing the player character is female.notifications1992 / 201794 games
Female protagonistPlayer controls apparently female character.notifications1974 / 20212854 games (12 characters)
Fictional creaturesAny creatures invented for known works of fiction that can't be categorized as legendary creatures.list_alt0 game
Fire based creaturesFire with animal level intelligence or higher, or a complex creature made from fire or a fiery like substance.notifications1981 / 20106 games
Fishnotifications1978 / 2017342 games
Fish protagonistnotifications1978 / 201638 games
FlowersFlower(s) are featured as more than just scenery. They play a part in gameplay or story.notifications1983 / 201410 games
Flying jellyfish(Flying medusae)Jellyfish or jellyfish-like creatures that fly above ground instead of swim underwater.notifications1988 / 201732 games
Flying spore podsGiant, flying, bulbous pods commonly featuring dangling tendrils or similar. These usually are fairly mindless "creatures" that attack by suicide exploding or spewing various substances (one would assume some form of spores).notifications2011 / 20156 games
Food characters (Food creatures;Animate food)notifications1984 / 20107 games
Foolish protagonistThe protagonist is a fool (idiot) or exhibits traits of such. Including intellectually deficient, mentally slow, exceptional lack of common sense, and so forth.notifications2006 / 201310 games
FoxesSmall carnivorous canids know for long narrow snout & bushy tail. Has reputation for being sneaky, taking chickens & geese, and being highly adaptablenotifications1987 / 201830 games
Fragile protagonist (Weak protagonist;Low health)The protagonist dies extremely easily (though not from single hit from [i]everything[/i]).notifications1989 / 2019104 games
Frog (Frogs)Includes a frog or frogs.notifications1980 / 2019293 games
Futanari (二成;二形;ふたなり;Futa;Dickgirls;Hermaphrodites;Intersex)[shemales]People of generally female form but having the genitalia of both genders.notifications2004 / 201511 games
Gangs (Criminal gangs)Outlaws who work in groups of 3 or more.notifications1990 / 201717 games
Gangsters (Mobsters;Mafiosos)notifications1984 / 201182 games
GargoylesWinged humanoid monsters, usually equipped with sharp teeth and claws besides that. Typically made out of stone or other inorganic natural substance or are otherwise stone or earthen colored.notifications1986 / 201649 games
Gaseous creaturesMist, fog, or other gas-like substance behaving seemingly with animal or human intelligence rather than being just visible particles floating in the air.notifications1 game
Gays (やおい;Yaoi)[gay people]Features male homosexuals.notifications2002 / 20146 games
Gelatinous cubesLarge (enough to block a hallway completely) animated cubes of gelatin like substance with animal-like intelligence, commonly found in "dungeons" where they primarily serve as automated janitors, collecting and melting any trash and vermin.notifications1974 / 201430 games
GhoulsFeatures ghouls of one sort or anothernotifications1987 / 202031 games
Giant animalsIncludes gigantic variations of regular animals, perhaps most commonly giant rodents.notifications1982 / 202057 games
Giant arachnidsGiant variety of arachnids.notifications1 game
Giant beetles (Giant coleoptera)Features giant beetles (coleoptera) or beetle-like beings.notifications1992 / 201633 games
Giant crustaceansnotifications1991 / 201619 games
Giant gastropods (Giant slugs;Giant snails)Giant variation of gastropods (snails and slugs) or creatures that resemble such.notifications1994 / 201835 games
Giant humanoids (Giant humans)Features human(s) or human like person(s) who is exceptionally above normal height range compared to the people around him or her.notifications1988 / 2019159 games (1 characters)
Giant insects (Giant invertebrate)Features giant insects or insect-like critters.notifications1982 / 2019388 games
Giant monster protagonistPlayer controls a giant monster.notifications1981 / 201373 games
Giant monsters (大怪獣;daikaijū)Includes monsters that are extraordinarily large.notifications1981 / 2020369 games
Giant myriapods(Giant centipedes;Giant millipedes)Features gigantic variety of myriapods (centipedes, millipedes, and such) or creatures like them.notifications2005 / 201813 games
Giant protagonistThe protagonist is a giant, a being much taller/larger than most others or simply much taller than humans.notifications2000 / 201411 games
Giant rats(Dire rats)Gigantic variety of rats or similar rodents.notifications1982 / 201834 games
Giant robotsnotifications1984 / 2015104 games (1 characters)
Giant rodentsnotifications1982 / 201417 games
Giant scorpionsunnaturally large scorpions.notifications1982 / 202050 games
Giant SeahorsesBased on the real hippocampus creature. The fictional versions often serve as mounts for humanoids.notifications1985 / 201524 games
Giant snakes (Giant serpents)notifications1992 / 201916 games
Giant testudines(Giant turtles;Giant sea turtles;Giant tortoises;Giant terrapins)Turtles that are abnormally large with height going at minimum to around waist of normal full grown human (about meter high).notifications2014 / 20152 games
Giant wolves(Wargs;Dire wolves)notifications2001 / 202018 games
Giant worms(Giant annelids)Includes giant worms or worm-like creatures.notifications1988 / 201891 games
GiantsFeatures any creatures that are significantly larger than the protagonist.notifications1985 / 2020183 games
Gnolls (Werehyenas)Humanoid hyena-like caninoids.notifications1974 / 201733 games
GnomesIncludes gnomes, extremely diminutive and shy humanoids that prefer to dwell underground. Though other types exist.notifications1982 / 2017139 games
Goblinoid protagonist (Troll protagonist;Orc protagonist;Goblin protagonist)The protagonist is any type of goblinoid creature from actual goblins to trolls and orcs.notifications1987 / 201739 games
GoblinoidsFeatures any goblin-like creatures, from actual goblins to trolls and orcs.notifications1981 / 2019185 games
GoblinsDiminutive, often green, creatures often thought to be malicious.notifications1980 / 2020266 games
Godling protagonist (God-like protagonist;God protagonist;Demi-god protagonist)The protagonist is a god, demi-god or anything similar.notifications1986 / 2018132 games
GolemsFeatures golems, vaguely humanoid living constructs given life through magic. Traditionally made out of clay.notifications1986 / 2017106 games
GrapplersIncludes characters, creatures, etc. that take hold of the player character and prevent them from functioning normally.notifications2006 / 201858 games
GremlinsFeatures mischievous and pointy-eared creatures of small stature.notifications1984 / 201676 games
Greys (Zeta Reticulians;Roswell aliens)A diminutive humanoid alien extremely commonly seen in various media dealing with aliens, conspiracy theories, and so forth.notifications1994 / 201445 games
Group mind (Hive mind;Collective consciousness)Includes a collective of creatures that operate through a group mind.notifications1995 / 201946 games
Gryphons (Griffins)Includes gryphons.notifications1986 / 201743 games
Guard protagonist (Watchman;Security officer)The protagonist is a guard, watchman, or other security and safety enforcing person.notifications1984 / 201328 games
Gunslingers (Gunfighters)Features gunslinger character(s). Often mistakenly called cowboys. Usually linked with the western fiction genre, but not always.notifications1975 / 201955 games
Hags (Gorgons)[witches;furies;fury]Ugly women, seemingly human but aren't, that bear a striking resemblance to some depictions of witches. Often magical and malevolent in nature.notifications1993 / 201511 games
Halflings (Hobbits;Kender)Small child-sized humanoids, often with unusually hairy feet.notifications1981 / 2017134 games
Harpies[harpy]Women (or hags as they're more often called) with wings in place of arms and bird's clawed feet.notifications1988 / 201745 games
Harvesters(Collectors)Features characters, vehicles, robots, etc. that wander about collecting resources (and bringing them to storage or processing).notifications1992 / 201897 games
Hatchers (Eggs;Cocoons)Creatures that emerge from eggs, cocoons, or other things that can be destroyed beforehand if noticed.notifications1993 / 201730 games
HeadlessCreatures that seem to lack a head, either literally or due to bizarre anatomy.notifications1993 / 201422 games
HellhoundsA hellish/demonic canid, usually either red or black, occasionally capable of breathing fire or has other fire-based abilities.notifications1982 / 201727 games
HereticsGame contains people who change or add to previously establish belief in a way considered incompatible by those who hold to the established belief.notifications1992 / 20142 games
Hero protagonistThe protagonist is a hero or a would-be-hero, someone who has decided to save the day or otherwise jump into action to do something about the problem, unlike the rest of the populace who cover in terror in the face of danger and oppression.notifications1983 / 2019160 games
HeroesThese aren't just people who oppose evil and wrongdoers, they're admired by others, and generally labeled as heroes or champions of good or of the people. Or there's several such people who insist on being heroes.notifications1997 / 201725 games
HeronsA long necked & legged bird associated with wetlands. Though of as a fishing bird, but it eats a variety of aquatic and semi-aquatic prey.notifications2 games
Hexapeds (Hexapods)[six Legged]Includes something with six legged locomotion.notifications1995 / 201733 games
High-born protagonist[Noble protagonist;Royal protagonist;Aristocrat protagonist]The protagonist is high born, such as royalty, nobility, or some other significantly higher social class since birth. Not necessarily still holding the rights or powers such have.notifications1982 / 2020188 games
HippiesStereotypically somewhat airheaded peace/nature activists who use large amounts of non-intravenous drugs.notifications2009 / 20125 games
Hippopotamus (Hippopotamuses;Hippopotami)A large pig like extremely territorial (males in water) huge mouthed huge toothed herbivore that is the deadliest animal ever.notifications1982 / 200820 games
Hispanic protagonist (Latino protagonist)The protagonist is of Hispanic descent (Iberian peoples [Spanish and Portuguese], Italians, Latinos, etc.) or has the likeness of such.notifications2002 / 201310 games
Homeless protagonist(Vagrant protagonist;Hobo protagonist)The protagonist is a homeless individual, possibly a vagrant, hobo, or some other unfortunate or questionable fellow.notifications2002 / 20189 games (1 characters)
Homosexual protagonistThe protagonist is homosexual with no option to deviate from this.notifications1989 / 20159 games
Homosexuals[gay;lesbians]People who are romantically and/or sexually attracted to people of same gender as they, regardless if they're exclusively so (e.g. bisexuals would also count).notifications1986 / 2018249 games
Hostile flora (Hostile plant-life)[hostile plants;dangerous plants]Features any kind of actively hostile flora (plant-life).notifications1985 / 201430 games
Hot air balloonsnotifications1985 / 20157 games
Human monstersFeatures monsters, demons, evil spirits or such that are indistinguishable from regular people, animals, or such.notifications1992 / 201811 games
Human weaponFeatures humans (or member/s of some other sentient species) that have been or are turned into living weapons.notifications2003 / 20098 games
Human-faced creatures (Human-faced animals;Human-faced monsters)Non-human creatures with human face or head.notifications2004 / 201619 games
Humanoid animalsnotifications1988 / 2016133 games
Humanoids(Humanoid extraterrestrials;Humanoid aliens;Abhumans)Includes non-human humanoids.notifications1987 / 2019177 games
Hybrids (Cross-breeds;Mongrels)notifications1992 / 201612 games
Hyper enemiesIncludes enemies that move, attack, and generally attack at excessively fast speed compared to anything else, likely twice as fast or even faster.notifications2008 / 20156 games
Hypermobile foesThe opponents are significantly more mobile than the protagonist is or ever will be.notifications1984 / 201023 games
Ichthyoids(Fishmen)Includes humanoid creatures that resemble fish.notifications1986 / 201662 games
IchthyosaurusA dolphin like aquatic reptile that gave birth to many live young.notifications1 game
IdiotsPeople who suffer from severe lack of common sense.notifications2000 / 20188 games
Ignorant protagonistThe protagonist expresses unusual levels of ignorance of things everyone else seems highly familiar with.notifications2001 / 20042 games
Imaginary beingsBeings that have come to existence from mere thought of them (whether conscious or not).notifications2001 / 201718 games
Immortal protagonistThe protagonist is incapable of reaching final death through natural causes such as age, often excluding violence but not always even that.notifications1992 / 202050 games
ImpsDiminutive humanoid demons or other supernatual beings often accused of mischief rather than evil doings. Often winged even if incapable of flight.notifications1982 / 201742 games
Infantrynotifications1970 / 2016130 games
Inorganics (Inorganic creatures)Includes creatures that appear to be made of inorganic material, such as rock.notifications1990 / 201762 games
Insane antagonistOne of the antagonist's main traits is that they're demented, insane, or such. As opposed to being simply evil, greedy bastard, anti-villain, well intentioned extremist, or such.0 game
Insane protagonist(Mentally ill;Deranged;Mad)The protagonist is insane, mentally ill, or such. Likely suffering from delusions of some sort or other severe mental disorders.notifications1997 / 201756 games
InsectoidsFeatures creatures that resemble insects in some manner but aren't.notifications1982 / 2020450 games
InsectsArthropods, with two antennae, compound eyes, 3-part bodies, 6 jointed legs, & an exoskeleton. Generally not considered appealing to western societies.notifications1978 / 2017197 games
Intelligent animalsFeatures regular looking animals that demonstrate human-like intelligence or greater, not simply ability to follow orders and be well trained, possibly with ability to communicate intelligibly as well.notifications2011 / 201816 games
Invisible foes (Invisible enemies)Includes opponents that are visually completely undetectable.notifications1992 / 202014 games
IsolationistsPlayer encounters and deals with people who want to remove themselves from contact with other people, nations, or species - or have already done so. Often depicted extremely xenophobic or otherwise untrusting of or hostile to outsiders.notifications1997 / 201118 games
Jinn (Djinnis;Genies;جني;Jinnī)Supernatural beings of Arab folklore, commonly depicted (in the west) as blue, muscular humanoids with smoke in place of legs and feet.notifications1985 / 201527 games
Joke characterIncludes one or more characters whose whole existence is a joke; often easter eggs of some form. This tag is only meaningful when the game itself is not comedy/parody.notifications2011 / 20185 games
Journalist protagonist (Reporter protagonist)The protagonist is a journalist of any type by profession.notifications1985 / 201646 games
Juggernauts (Indestructible foes;Unstoppable foes)Includes one ore more enemies that can't be killed, destroyed or banished for good, except when it's for the plot.notifications1982 / 2020125 games
Kemonomimi (獣耳;Animal ears;Catgirls)Features kemonomimi, humans or human-like beings that have animal ears and often tail too. May include gloves/boots that resemble paws or having such actually or other minor traits. Face and the body generally is always extremely human.notifications1991 / 201940 games
Killer rabbitsCreatures that [i]should[/i] be utterly harmless aren't, possibly far more dangerous than their outward appearance would ever suggest.notifications1985 / 201945 games
KoboldsOriginally an European faerie spirit, commonly depicted as small humanoids with varyingly human or inhuman characteristics ranging from beautiful to ugly.notifications1975 / 202038 games
Kraken[giant squid;giant octopus]Features one or more colossal tentacled sea monster(s) capable of dragging entire ships beneath the waves, often depicted as a gigantic squid or octopus though some deviate from such classification by fair bit.notifications1991 / 202011 games
Lagomorph protagonist (Rabbit protagonist)The protagonist is a hare, rabbit or pika.notifications1983 / 2017101 games
Lagomorphs (Hares;Rabbits;Pika)Includes hares, rabbits, and/or pika.notifications1982 / 2018103 games
Land CephalopodsIndicates cephalopods that dwell comfortably on land. Real cephalopods are capable of awkward land transit but cannot persist as they must live in waternotifications1999 / 20148 games
Law enforcer protagonist (Police protagonist)The protagonist is any form of a law enforcer: a cop, a detective, and the like.notifications1979 / 2020482 games
Law enforcers(Police)Player encounters and deals with law enforcers, such as police.notifications1986 / 201686 games
Legendary creaturesAny mythological or folkloric creatures.list_alt0 game
Leporoids [Rabbit men]Includes humanoid creatures that resemble rabbits or hares.notifications1991 / 201720 games
Lesbians (Yuri;百合)notifications1986 / 2020112 games
Liches (Liche)An animated corpse. Generally a magician, king, or other powerful character uses something to remain bound to their body after death.notifications1985 / 201555 games
Lily Pads (Water Lilies)Plant rooting in underwater soil but has surface flowers & leaves (Lily Pads) that tend to have upturned edges & can support very small animals.notifications1995 / 20134 games
Linux Mascots (Open Source Mascots;Free Software Mascots)Tux the penguin, and all his friends.notifications1999 / 201536 games (35 characters)
Liquid-based creaturesCohesive liquid with animal level intelligence or higher, or other complex creature made from liquid. Often has preternatural control over liquid they're made out of even outside their bodies.notifications1995 / 20136 games
LlamasA domesticated humpless camelid species from the Americas. Used as a pack animal, herd guard, for wool, for leather, and for meat.notifications1983 / 20043 games
LootersFeatures people who illegally scavenge people's (usually abandoned) properties.notifications1 game
Lost soulsA soul of a person or thing that has become lost forever, unable to reach afterlife. Possibly having devolved into something monstrous as a result.notifications5 games
LuchadoresMexican professional wrestlers usually recognizable and characterized by their colorful masks.notifications1993 / 201436 games
LudditesPeople that oppose technological change/progress or technology itself.notifications2001 / 201315 games
Lunatics (Madmen)Features completely insane people.notifications1977 / 201536 games
Mage slayers (Witch hunters)People who by profession hunt, capture, and/or kill mages or others with supernatural powers. Often specifically capable of nullifying those supernatural powers.notifications2000 / 201517 games
Maggotsnotifications2007 / 20135 games
Male protagonistPlayer controls apparently male character.notifications1974 / 20201434 games
Malevolent protagonist (Sadistic protagonist;Malicious protagonist;Evil protagonist;Villainous protagonist)The protagonist is there to kill, torture, terrorize and otherwise bring misery to the world.notifications1983 / 2017106 games
Mammoths (Woolly Mammoths)Extinct elephant-like creatures with long curved tusks and long hair in some species.notifications1986 / 201625 games
Man-eaters[cannibals]Creatures of any type, including humans, that have a preference for human in their diet.notifications3 games
Maple Trees ()Featured in gameplay or story. Tree with a distinctive leaf shape. Many develop reddish leaves. Symbol of Canada. Has distinctive 'whirlybird seeds'.notifications2 games
Marsh Mallow (Marshmallow;Common Marshmallow)Featured in gameplay or story. An edible marsh plant from which the candy originated. It has numerous food & medical uses.notifications2 games
Marsupial protagonistThe protagonist is a marsupial, a mammal most recognizable by the pouch they all have.notifications1982 / 201675 games
MarsupialsA mammalish class of animals that do not have a placental sac in utero but instead carry their young in a separate pouch.notifications1991 / 20094 games
MartiansAlien lifeforms native to the planet Mars.notifications1994 / 201617 games
Masochistsnotifications1999 / 20136 games
MastodonA stockier and furry relative of the elephant with four tusks, 2 of which the males shed after youth.notifications1 game
Mediums(Spiritists)Involves people who communicate with spirits of one form or another, including but not limited to the spirits of the dead, who otherwise are hard or even impossible to communicate with without the aid of the medium.notifications1994 / 201716 games
Men in Black (G-Men)[MIB]Ominous people often assumed to be secret government agents involved in black ops, members of some extremely well doing criminal organization, or members of some other less than legit organization.notifications1997 / 200520 games
Mercenary protagonist(Bounty hunter protagonist;Freelancer protagonist)The protagonist is some type of gun for hire.notifications1982 / 2018201 games
Merfolk (Mermaids;Mermen)Includes mermaids and/or mermen.notifications1983 / 201648 games
Meta protagonistThe actual protagonist is not the character the player controls but something deeper or beyond that. Such as themselves in case of breaking the fourth wall, or someone mind controlling the protagonist from elsewhere.notifications1999 / 201814 games
Mexican protagonistThe protagonist is of Mexican Amerindian or mestizo race.notifications1 game
Micro-organismsFeatures micro-organisms.notifications2006 / 201513 games
Middle-aged protagonist(Adult protagonist)The protagonist is roughly 40 to 60 years old (in human terms).notifications1995 / 201571 games
MillipedesLong segmented arthropod with 2 leg pairs per body segment, excluding the legless 'neck'. They actually have 36 to 750 legs.notifications1983 / 19989 games
Mind flayers[illithid]Includes mindflayers or creatures that resemble them: tall and slender alien humanoids with 4 or so tentacles surrounding a beak-like mouth used to devour the brains of their victims (food).notifications1974 / 201524 games
Mindless creaturesCreatures that behave as if they were completely mindless, seemingly lacking even half-a-brain. Commonly seen doing something repeatedly (such as walking back and forth on a spot) with little to no reaction to what happens around them.notifications2009 / 20126 games
MinotaursIncludes humanoids that resemble a crossbreed of man and bull, usually human body with bull's head although the bull traits may be more prominent than that.notifications1979 / 2017101 games
Minstrels (Buskers;Street performers)[street musicians]notifications1995 / 20114 games
Mint (Mentha)A flowering invasive aromatic herb. Featured in gameplay or story. More than just scenery.notifications2009 / 20166 games
Mitotic creatures (Self-cloning creatures)Includes creatures that split, either by themselves or when attacked or killed. The split counterparts may continue this same process indefinitely.notifications1989 / 201323 games
Mixed creaturesIncludes creatures clearly distinguishable as having parts of or heritage of 2 or more real &/or fictional creatures. Theorized real hybrids count.notifications1982 / 201832 games
Mobile Plants (Unrooted Plants)Not necessarily a plant without roots but one that can move from place to place. And not necessarily quickly.notifications1988 / 201626 games
MoeritheriumSomething like a pig-hippopotamus. These small riverbank & river dwellers resembled tapirs. Had small tusks & possibly a prehensile upper lip.notifications7 games
MolemenUnderground living humanoid moles or rodents. Likely excellent diggers.notifications2005 / 20166 games
Mollusk (Mollusc;Molluscs)Cephalopods, cuttlefish, octopus, squid, nautilus, gastropods, snails, slugs, abalone, limpets, conch, bivalves, clams, oysters, scallops, mussels.notifications1978 / 201027 games
Monopod (One Leg;Uniped)A creature or machine that uses sustained Monopedal motion.notifications1994 / 201913 games
Monster girls(モンスター娘)[もんすたーむすめ]Female monsters that still retain some form of cuteness, beauty, or such.notifications1991 / 201832 games
Monster hunters (Vampire hunters;Demon slayers;Dragon slayers)People who by profession hunt, capture and/or kill monsters.notifications2001 / 201526 games
Monster protagonistThe protagonist is a non-specific monster.notifications1987 / 201659 games
MonstersIncludes any kind of creatures with terrifying or otherwise horribly deformed/repulsive (monstrous) appearance, regardless if their personality matches this. Commonly assumed to be mindless savages.notifications1974 / 20212933 games
Monstrous childrenChildren turned monsters or monsters with partial guise of a child.notifications2004 / 201515 games
Mouse protagonistnotifications1981 / 201361 games
MummiesFeatures mummies or similar undead creatures.notifications1981 / 2017123 games
Murinoids(Ratmen)[rodents]Includes humanoid creatures that resemble rats or mice.notifications1992 / 201865 games
Mushrooms (toadstools)Spore-bearing fruiting part of a fungus. Generally including a stem, a cap, & gills (but all are optional, scientifically speaking)notifications1986 / 201620 games
Musician protagonistThe protagonist is a real or fictional well known musician. Typically a rockstar.notifications1984 / 200019 games
Mutant protagonistThe protagonist is a mutant of any species.notifications1989 / 201856 games
MutantsIncludes mutants of any kind.notifications1982 / 2020398 games
Mycoid protagonistnotifications2 games
Mycoids (Mushroom creatures;Fungal creatures)Includes (possibly sentient) fungi-like creatures.notifications1990 / 201871 games (4 characters)
Mystic protagonist (Magic-user protagonist;Wizard protagonist;Mage protagonist)[witch;sorceror;sorcerer;sorceress;magician]The protagonist is a wizard, shaman or some other character whose occupation delves into the mystical realm.notifications1982 / 2018290 games
Mystics (Wizards;Shamans;Sorcerers;Witches;Magic-users)[sorcerors]Includes wizards, shamans or other characters whose occupation delves into the mystical realm.notifications1975 / 2020556 games
Mythical protagonistThe protagonist is a mythical, legendary or folkloric creature.notifications1982 / 202155 games
Nāga (Nagas;Gorgons;Medusa;Lamia)Features nāga - humanoids with lower body of a snake, often with multiple pairs of arms - or nāga-like creatures.notifications1986 / 201693 games
NeanderthalsA divergent race of humans once thought to be a separate genus from modern humans.notifications1 game
NecromancersMystics dabbling into arcane or esoteric knowledge of death and the dead; commonly perceived as inherently evil or malevolent occupation.notifications1994 / 201771 games
Neutral monsters (Friendly monsters)Player encounters creatures ("enemies") that one would normally expect to attack the player character outright, but these do not. Instead, they might even talk to you and leave you alone.notifications1991 / 201995 games
Nightingales (Northern Cardinals;Redbirds;Common Cardinals)Known for its song & brilliant coloring that can change based on diet. It is almost entirely urbanized.notifications2006 / 20184 games
Ninja protagonist (Shinobi protagonist;Kunoichi protagonist)The protagonist is a ninja.notifications1983 / 2019232 games
No humansThere are no humans.notifications1982 / 2018312 games
No sentientsThere are no beings with above animal intelligence.notifications1994 / 19952 games
NomadsPeople who do not settle permanently anywhere, either by choice or by necessity.notifications1982 / 201110 games
Non-human protagonistThe main character or characters are far from human and can't be better described by any other tags.notifications1984 / 2018260 games
NPC behaviour (Creature behaviour)[NPC behavior;creature behavior]Any tags that describe NPC behaviour or activity rather than the creatures themselves.list_alt0 game
NPC occupationslist_alt0 game
NPC teleporting (Teleporting NPCs)Includes NPCs capable of teleporting at will.notifications1992 / 201525 games
Nymphsnotifications1982 / 201613 games
Oak TreesFeatured in gameplay or story. Oak produces famously hard wood & the trees have prominent roles in history, myths, & religions.notifications2 games
Octopi[octopus]Octopus by definition have eight arms. The also tend to have a rounded body distinct from their legs.notifications1978 / 201670 games
Oliphaunts (Oliphaunts;mûmak;Mûmakil;mumak;Mumakil)Fictional Mammoth/Elephant-like creatures of middle earth. Used as beasts of burden & for fighting warsnotifications2004 / 20096 games
One-eyed CreaturesFeatures any creature that has only optic sensing organ.notifications1989 / 201822 games
OpossumsNorth America's Marsupial. More teeth than any land mammal. Prehensile rear feet & tail. Virtual snake immunity. Fakes death brilliantly. & its tasty.notifications2 games
OrcsFeatures Orcs or Orc-like creatures.notifications1975 / 2020302 games
Ordinary protagonist(Mundane protagonist)The protagonist is just an ordinary person, they have nothing special going for them that distinguish them from anyone else, no special skill, no special talents, no unique feature in their genetics, not chosen by any supernatural thing, nothing.notifications1984 / 20176 games
Orphan protagonistThe protagonist's parents are dead or the protagonist was abandoned/lost at an early age, may have stepparents, lived in an orphanage or as a street urchin or similar.notifications1993 / 201975 games
Other demonsDemons or other creatures identified as such that do not match any traditional depictions of them.notifications2006 / 20156 games
Other protagonistThe protagonist is of some obscure type that is hard to define or simply too rare to have its own concept for.notifications2013 / 20172 games
Outlander protagonist (Foreigner protagonist)The protagonist is an outlander within the setting, a foreigner from land you don't get to see.notifications1996 / 201722 games
Outlaw protagonist (Criminal protagonist)The protagonist is an outlaw, mobster, thief, or any other criminal.notifications1978 / 2019267 games
Outlaws (Thieves;Ruffians;Scoundrels;Raiders;Highwaymen;Bandits)Includes mostly unorganized outlaws or others who partake in criminal activities (or behaves like one in a place with no laws to mark them as outlaws).notifications1983 / 2018292 games
Owlbearsnotifications1975 / 201335 games
Packaged enemies(Crate enemies;Barrel enemies)Includes opponents who're packed away into crates, barrels, or other such that the player normally opens or destroys for loot and pop out when such are destroyed, opened, or even approached.notifications2011 / 20184 games
Pagans(Old faith believers)Player encounters people who are branded pagans, old faith worshippers, or similar.notifications1998 / 20124 games
PaladinsHoly warriors who often wield supernatural powers attributed to well from their faith in some higher power. Often embodying the knightly virtues of old even more so than actual knights.notifications1994 / 201750 games
ParasitesFeatures any kind of parasitic lifeforms, especially non-microscopic kind.notifications1990 / 202069 games
Parent protagonistThe protagonist is a parent (mother/father) of one or more children.notifications1999 / 202067 games
Parrots (Psittacines;Cockatoos;Nestoridae)Usually have a strong curved bill, are known for audacious coloring & ability to mimic human speech & other sounds. A few can actually speaknotifications1984 / 201832 games
Passive foesPlayer's enemies mostly passively oppose the player, usually walking casually about hoping the player touches them.0 game
Pegasus (Πήγασος;Pégasos;Pegasi;Pterippus;Pterippi)A strong winged horse from Greek myth.notifications1984 / 201718 games (2 characters)
PenguinsFeatures penguinsnotifications1982 / 2018174 games
Perverts (Sexual deviants)[pervs]notifications1992 / 201212 games
Pholiota Fungus (Pholiota Muahrooms)A type of non-poisonous mushroom variously described as edible but tasteless.notifications2 games
Physical gods (Mortal gods)Some or all gods' natural form in the setting is physical (and likely mortal), much like other non-supernatural beings of the world.notifications1993 / 201611 games
Piecemeal creatures[Frankenstein's monster]Includes creatures that are seemingly made of haphazardly attached parts.notifications1994 / 201519 games
Piñata creatures(Treasure goblin)[Piñata enemies;Loot goblin]Includes beings that give exceptionally large number of or high value rewards compared to what one would normally expect, especially if the challenge level of defeating them is that of an actual piñata.notifications1989 / 201838 games
Pine Cone Amanita Fungus (Pine Cone Amanita Mushroom)Featured in gameplay or story. This poisonous mushroom's cap sometimes bears a striking resemblance to a pine cone.notifications2 games
Pirate protagonistThe main character is a piratenotifications1982 / 201516 games
PiratesIncludes pirates of any kindnotifications1978 / 2019386 games
Plant creatures (Plant monsters;Sentient plants)Includes creatures that resemble plants but act as if they were animals by exhibiting traits of self-awareness, capacity for communication, and possibly of sentience.notifications1985 / 2018147 games
Poltergeists (Poltergeist phenomena)[poltergeister]Unseen spirit or ghost that usually causes noise and objects to move/fly about. Alternatively (recurrent) spontaneous psychokinesis (RSPK) or other equivalent phenomena.notifications2004 / 20129 games
Polycephalids (Multi-headed creatures)Features any kind of creatures with two or more heads.notifications1982 / 201828 games
Polymath protagonist (Multi-talented protagonist;Jack of all trades;Renaissance Man)The protagonist is exceptionally multi-talented.notifications1993 / 201112 games
Polyplopic enemies(Illusion cloners)[doppelganger enemies;mirror enemies]Includes enemies that create multiple false images (illusory clones, doppelgängers, holograms, or such) of themselves and the player must somehow identify the real one to defeat them.notifications1998 / 201632 games
Porcini Fungus (Cep Fungus) Features in gameplay or story. A symbiotic delectable convex capped mushroom.notifications2 games
PorcupinesLarge slow rodents with a defensive coat of sharp spines or quills. Not hedgehogs or echidnas. Wild ones live to be about 18, pets as long as 23.notifications1987 / 20097 games
PossessedCreatures that are being controlled by something, likely against their will.notifications1992 / 201923 games
Primate protagonistHas a member of the scientific order of primates excluding the genus of homo as a main protagonists.notifications1982 / 201878 games
Proboscidea (Elephant-like Creatures)Elephants, mastodon, mammoth, moeritherium, and other elephant-like creates like the 'shovel tuskers', 'four tusks', and 'two trunked' elephant-likes.notifications2006 / 200913 games
Prodigal protagonist (Genius protagonist)[superhuman protagonist;prodigy]The protagonist is exceptionally, possibly even preternaturally, talented in some demanding field of expertise (especially if young of age).notifications1990 / 201417 games
Prodigies(Supernormal Characters;Extraordinary Characters)[prodigy;prodigal]Includes non-supernatural, non-psychic, non-magical characters with extraordinary (super normal) abilities.notifications1 game
Protagonist agelist_alt0 game
Protagonist ethnicities (Protagonist races)list_alt0 game
Protagonist variants(Player character variants)Any tags relating to what the character players control is.list_alt0 game
Proto-humansFeatures any proto-humans that clearly distinguish them from apes (generally any Homo erectus before Homo sapiens), like Neanderthals, Java men, and Peking men.notifications2006 / 20094 games
Psychic animals(Psychic insects;Psychic monsters)Animals or other supposedly non-sentient beings demonstrate psychic talent of one form or another.notifications2007 / 20154 games
Psychopomps (Soul guides)People, animals, supernatural entities, or other things that deal with the souls of the dead, usually guiding them to afterlife or otherwise assisting them.notifications1998 / 201610 games
Pterosaurs[pterodactyls]Features one or more pterosaurs, including pterodactylsnotifications1982 / 201732 games
Puppet protagonist (Action figure protagonist)The protagonist is a somehow animate puppet, doll, or similar entity.notifications1995 / 201828 games
Purple Fairy Club Fungus (Purple Coral Fungus;Purple Spindles;Purple Squid Mushroom;Kyjanka purpurová;Purpurgrå køllesvamp;Purppuranuijakkaat Purppura;Clavaire Pourprée;Purpurfarbige;Gråfiolett Køllesopp;Goździeniec Purpurowy;Клавария пурпурная;Kyjačik puFeatured in gameplay or story. A tall slender community of virtually capless purple stems. Editable but not considered delectable.notifications2 games
PygmiesIncludes creatures that resemble pygmies in stature and tribal gear, whether they actually are human or not.notifications2000 / 201610 games
RaccoonsInclude raccoons.notifications1982 / 201925 games
Ragers[berserkers;berzerkers]Enemies that under certain conditions (usually from being brought below half health) suddenly become enraged/frenzied and attack the player with much greater ferocity, speed, and such. Commonly accompanied by them turning red.notifications1989 / 201950 games
RaidersIncludes people who raid. Pillaging and plundering their targets and vacating the premises before help arrives.notifications1989 / 201634 games
Rakshasa (Rakshasi;Rakshas)[rakshasha]Supernatural shapeshifters who were expert warriors, magicians, and illusionists in Hindu mythology; in fiction often depicted as powerful magic wielding warriors in humanoid lion/tiger shape.notifications1987 / 201110 games
Rapidly Moving Plants (Rapid Plant Movement)Typically any plant based creature that can accomplish an action in seconds. Real or fictional.notifications1988 / 201731 games
Ratsnotifications1982 / 2020153 games
RavensIncludes ravens or birds that resemble them, especially if numerous, thematic or extra attention is drawn to them. Used to be considered ill omens or related to death.notifications1988 / 201824 games
ReactionariesPeople who want to return to the old, the previous state of affairs, old ways or methods and such.notifications2003 / 20136 games
Real AntagonistThe antagonist, or at least a significant number of characters, really exist or have existed in life.notifications1986 / 20148 games
Real monstersCharacters that actually are personality-wise monsters, especially if these are humans or others not appearance-wise monstrous, and even more so if there are actually physically monstrous beings that don't fit it personality-wise.notifications2012 / 20147 games
Real protagonistThe protagonist, or at least a significant number of characters, really exist or have existed in life. May not apply to sport games as most of them feature real sportsmen.notifications1982 / 201793 games (9 characters)
Real robots (Real mecha;Realistic robots)Mecha, robots, and such that have their abilities and functionality explainable by real world science.notifications2002 / 20122 games
Rebel protagonist(Insurgent;Freedom fighter;Revolutionary;Terrorist)The protagonist is actively opposing the government or other ruling body of the land, nation, or such.notifications1994 / 201758 games
Reborn protagonist (Resurrected protagonist;Reincarnated protagonist)The protagonist has been brought back to life.notifications1993 / 202052 games
Red PandaThis tree climbing, bushy tailed, raccoon faced, bamboo eating mammal is not panda, bear or raccoon as once thought. It has a panda-like false thumb.notifications2 games
Rednecksnotifications1997 / 20134 games
Refugeesnotifications2006 / 201813 games
Religious protagonist (Pious protagonist;Faithful protagonist)The protagonist is exceptionally religious, likely citing the teachings of their faith to themselves or to others or otherwise using religiously charged dialog, rituals or other behaviour.notifications2001 / 20176 games
Renegades(Traitors;Deserters)[rebels]Prominently features traitors, deserters, or other renegades who've betrayed or deserted their cause, friends, or such.notifications1994 / 20137 games
Reptilian protagonist[reptile protagonist;lizard protagonist]notifications1994 / 201215 games
RescueesPeople, creatures, or such that need or want to be rescued from something besides captivity.notifications1984 / 201750 games
RhinocerosesVery large herbivorous mammals with characteristic horns on their snouts.notifications1991 / 201616 games
Robot protagonist (Android protagonist;Droid protagonist)The main character is a robot or other mechanical being.notifications1980 / 2019425 games (1 characters)
Robots (Droids)Includes robots of any kind.notifications1977 / 20211669 games
Rodent protagonistThe protagonist is member of the Rodentia order: mouse, rat, hamster, gerbil, squirrel, chipmunk, etc.notifications1981 / 2018117 games
Rodentsnotifications1979 / 201689 games
Rogue A.I. (Rogue Artificial Intelligence)Features one or more A.I.s that function outside their original programming or otherwise in a strange interpretion of it and/or have (unintentionally) gained self-awareness.notifications1988 / 201783 games
Rogue protagonist(Gone rogue)The protagonist has abandoned or abandons their former allies and joins the other side or some third party or even goes solo, usually with the intent of opposing their former allies.notifications2000 / 201312 games
Rookie protagonist (Beginner;Newcomer;Trainee)The protagonist is a fresh recruit or someone who has just started on the job with zero experience on real life conditions and possibly minimal to no theoretical knowledge either.notifications1994 / 201965 games
Saber-tooth tigers(Saber-toothed tigers)A popular imaginary prehistoric feline not actually anything like the real saber-toothed cats (Smilodons) of prehistory.notifications1 game
SamuraiInvolves members of the pre-industrial Japanese warrior caste, called samurai.notifications1980 / 202062 games
Santa ClausYou know, this old man who gives you presents for Christmas...notifications1983 / 201639 games (1 characters)
Sasquatch (Bigfoot;Yeti;Skookum;Yeren;Mapinguari)[big foot]A cryptid primate reported around the world but especially in the pacific northwest of the USA.notifications1980 / 201622 games
Satan(The Devil;Lucifer)Features Satan, who in modern times is thought to be same as the fallen angel Lucifer, or some analog of him. Stereotypically red skinned and with horns, possibly with pitchfork, bat wings and goat hooves thrown in.notifications2004 / 201625 games
Sauroid protagonistThe protagonist is a saurian (reptiles, dinosaurs, etc.) or saurian-like being.notifications2009 / 20102 games
Sauroids (Dinosauroids;Lizardmen)Includes humanoid creatures that resemble lizards or other reptiles, including dinosaurs.notifications1981 / 2017240 games
Scientist protagonistThe protagonist is, by profession, a scientist of any kind.notifications1990 / 202064 games
Scientists (Researchers)People who perform research, regardless of method.notifications1997 / 202089 games
Sea AnemonesWater predators typically with tentacles to stun fish & crustaceans which the take in and digest. Usually attached to surfaces but can swim or move.notifications2004 / 201512 games
Sea monstersIncludes sea monsters, usually the giant variety.notifications1986 / 201834 games
Sea SerpentsMythical/legendary snake-like creatures that inhabit the sea or large lakes.notifications1985 / 200418 games
Seers (Prophets;Soothsayers;Clairvoyants;Oracles;Diviners)Features one or more characters who predict the future, either the possibilities or things that [i]will[/i] happen.notifications1991 / 201817 games
Semite protagonist(Arab protagonist;Jew protagonist)[semitic protagonist]The protagonist is of Semite descent (Arabian, Hebrew, Akkadian, Phoenician, Maltese, etc.) or has the likeness of such.notifications1983 / 201194 games
Sentient plantsIncludes plant-like creatures that express a level of sentience higher than that of regular animals.notifications1992 / 201625 games
Sessile creatures (Immobile creatures)Includes creatures (animals) that are incapable of moving about on their own, often growing directly into a surface itself.notifications1991 / 201436 games
Shapeshifters (Changelings)Includes creatures capable of changing their shape.notifications1986 / 2019181 games
SharksFish with a skeleton of cartilage and five to seven gill slits. They also have several rows of replaceable teeth that look frighting in many species.notifications1974 / 2017127 games
Sheepnotifications1980 / 201865 games
ShrimpShrimps (or like creatures) are part of the game.notifications1 game
Silent protagonist (Mute protagonist)Protagonist appears not to communicate (verbally).notifications1984 / 2020173 games
Simulacrums (Evil twin;Mirror image)[simulacra;doppelganger;doppelgänger;homunculus;homunculi]Beings that appear to be the same as the protagonist, often with faint or even quite noticeable differences. Often these are an evil clone or twin, or some manifestation of the Evilness in the protagonist, or even almost literal mirror images of them.notifications1988 / 201983 games
SkunksA distinctively stripped mammal known for defensively spraying a fowl smelling liquid from its anal glands.notifications1990 / 20097 games
Skywhales (Flying marine animals)[flying aquatic animals]Any marine animals that for some bizarre reason live in the sky, or treat air as water.notifications1988 / 201518 games
Slavic protagonistThe protagonist is of Slavic descent or has the likeness of such.notifications2006 / 201510 games
Sluts (Nymphos)Features one or more sexually promiscuous characters (people with loose sexual morals or lack of inhibitions on the matter), regardless of gender.notifications1991 / 201217 games
Snipers (Sharpshooters)Player encounters enemies that attack at such extreme range that they may be unable to retaliate.notifications2003 / 201820 games
Socialist protagonist (Marxist protagonist;Communist protagonist)The protagonist participates on behalf of [i]governmental[/i] socialist ideals including socialism, communism, or marxism.notifications1975 / 201716 games (2 characters)
Soldiers (Warriors;Troopers;Grunts)Includes grunts of some more or less organized military force.notifications1981 / 2020137 games
Space aliens (Extraterrestrials)Features (sentient) extraterrestrial alien creatures.notifications1971 / 20211521 games (1 characters)
Space demonsnotifications2000 / 20184 games
Special Agent protagonistThe protagonist is a special agent, a spy, or some other professional with unusually broad range of authority and whose job often requires subterfuge.notifications1981 / 2016167 games
Spectral protagonist (Ghost protagonist;Spirit protagonist)The protagonist is a ghost, spirit or some other spectral apparition.notifications1984 / 201458 games
Spectres(Apparitions;Phantoms;Spirits)[specters]Includes spectral beings, spirits, or other similar apparitions regardless if they are actually undead or other spirits of the dead.notifications1982 / 2019163 games
Spiderbots (Spidertanks)notifications1996 / 201656 games
Spiders (Arachnids)[spider]notifications1980 / 2018325 games
Spindly characters[lanky;gangly]Features characters, specially those that are seen often, that are depicted as abnormally tall and slender.notifications2009 / 201818 games
SpinosaurusAt up to 10 tons & 18 meters long, it is the biggest land predator known. Mostly bipedal, had a slender croc-like skull & a 2 meter sail (or hump) on its backnotifications2000 / 20023 games
Spirit hosts(Demon hosts)People who willingly, without any form of coercion, become hosts to demons, ghosts, or other spirits. Also willing hosts to physical parasites, symbionts, or similar.notifications1996 / 201610 games
Splitting creaturesIncludes creatures that release one or more creatures other than clones of themselves upon death.notifications1997 / 201748 games
Spriggans[green man;green men]Ugly plant-like creatures often in humanoid shape.notifications1996 / 20155 games
Sprites(Pixies;Faeries)[Fairies]Generally small glowing flying faerie like creatures. Either corporal or incorporeal. Always magical or supernatural.notifications1990 / 201661 games
Spy protagonist(Secret agent protagonist)notifications1986 / 201425 games
SquattersPlayer encounters squatters, people who unlawfully occupy - usually abandoned - buildings.notifications2003 / 201512 games
SquidSquid have a strong beak on their mouths, tentacles that tend to blend with their body. & a pointy head.notifications1987 / 20038 games
Starfish aliensSentient (and possibly even non-sentient) alien beings that reject the all too common similarities with human or animal appearance and instead resemble little to nothing found on Earth.notifications1990 / 201772 games
Stealing NPCs (Thieving NPCs)[thieves]Includes characters, creatures or some such that snatch something directly from the player characters and try to make a run for it.notifications1983 / 201740 games
StegosaurusHerbivorous quadrupedal armored dinosaurs with many triangular sails on its arched back & long spikes on its tail. Some species have pointed sails.notifications1988 / 20027 games
Stinkhorn Fungus (Phallaceae;Stinkhorn Mushrooms)Featured in gameplay or story. Their fowl smelling spore masses attract insects to aid spore distribution.notifications2 games
Stone creatures (Rock creatures)Living creatures that appear to be made of stone (or mostly of stone)notifications1982 / 201732 games
StyracosaurusA triceratops-like dinosaur with only the large central horn & many, many other smaller horns on its frill & and face.notifications2000 / 20023 games
Succubi[succubus;succubuses]Female (appearing) demons that tend to be far more human in shape than other demons. Although traditionally they fed on energy from men (through sexual interactions), in fiction this aspect tends to be omitted or ignored.notifications2002 / 20168 games
Suicide attackers (Suicide bombers;Kamikaze bombers)Includes creatures, people, robots, or whatever else who attack you only to die themselves as a result of their attack. Usually blowing up some large explosive they're carrying in an attempt to take you and others with them.notifications1984 / 2019221 games
Super robots (Super mecha)Mecha, robots, and such that have fantastic capabilities, durability, weapons and such.notifications1 game
Superhumansnotifications1999 / 20052 games
Supernatural protagonistThe protagonist is a supernatural entity of one type or another.notifications1999 / 201833 games
Support NPCsAny (enemy) NPCs that primarily support their fellows rather than directly oppose the player character.notifications1994 / 201851 games
Swarm protagonist(Gestalt protagonist;Swarm control)[Horde control;Horde protagonist]Player controls a swarm/horde of beings with no control on the individuals within it.notifications2012 / 20169 games
SwarmersIncludes any creatures that alone are not of much consequence besides minor annoyance, but tend to attack in considerable swarms when they're meant to give a challenge.notifications1985 / 201753 games
TauntaunsA bipedal bovine-like species with 4 way cloven hooves downward facing horns along the sides of their heads. Easily tamed for carrying people & cargonotifications1992 / 19932 games
Teen protagonistThe protagonist is roughly the age of 12 to 18.notifications1984 / 2019269 games
Tentacle creaturesIncludes creatures whose dominant trait is tentacles.notifications1990 / 2020120 games
TerroristsPeople who resort to acts of terror to drive political, ideological, religious, or even personal goals.notifications1987 / 201552 games
Texas LonghornsTexas Longhorn breed of cattle are included in these games..notifications4 games
The Soulless(Soulless creatures)[Soulless people]Beings that lack a "soul", either by nature or they've somehow lost it. Commonly perceived as evil, though some depictions have them as simply lacking of notable ego ("self").notifications1999 / 201617 games
Therianthrope protagonist (Zoanthrope protagonist)The protagonist is a therianthrope, a creature normally human in shape but capable of transforming into an animal or some part-human part-animal shape.notifications1990 / 201422 games
Therianthropes (Zoanthropes)Features therianthropes, creatures normally human but capable of transforming into animal or part-human part-animal shape.notifications1990 / 201528 games
Thief protagonistThe protagonist is an outlaw specializing in thievery, stealing the property of others hopefully without them ever noticing them doing it. Unlike brigands thieves do not use intimidation or violence to achieve this.notifications1994 / 201728 games
Thieves (Robbers;Pickpockets;Burglars)Criminals who perform theft while maintaining secrecy and concealing their identity or otherwise attempting to do it completely without notice before they're long gone.notifications1982 / 201639 games
TigersLargest of the Big Cats. Know for their dark vertical stripes over a white to redish-orange coat. 3 species are extinct and the rest are threatened.notifications1981 / 201861 games
Tingle (チンクル;Chinkury)A short, fat man (35yo) obsessed with fairies. Also interested in collectibles. Says, "Tingle-Tingle, Kooloo-Limpah!" a lot.notifications2000 / 201313 games (1 characters)
Tiny foesFeatures opponents that are so small that defeating them is difficult solely because of their minuscule size (hard to hit or aim at).notifications1995 / 202019 games
Touristsnotifications1 game
Toy protagonistThe protagonist is a somehow animate toy of any kind.notifications1992 / 201455 games
Treants (Treemen;Ents;Huorn)Features treants, sentient or animalistic tree-like beings, or similar entities.notifications1985 / 2018104 games
Tribalsnotifications2005 / 201722 games
Triceratops (Trikes)Named for 2 horns above the eyes & 1 between them it also had a usually hornless bone frill from the back of its skull extending well over its neck.notifications1990 / 201817 games
Tripeds (Tripods)[three legged]Includes something with three legged locomotion.notifications1985 / 201659 games
TroglodytesA strange humanoid creature that lives underground, commonly blind and bears some likeness to eels, fish and/or reptiles.notifications1999 / 20139 games
TrollsHumanoid monsters of varying size, shape and other features.notifications1978 / 2021196 games
UltraterrestrialsBeings who previously inhabited one's homeworld but left or disappeared for a some reason, and now have returned, usually to reclaim the planet. Commonly depicted as far superior to the current natives both technologically and physically.notifications2007 / 20115 games
Undead (Living dead;Unquiet dead)Features any kind of undead creatures: beings that are clinically dead, beings that have died but are now still moving around of their own accord, or such.notifications1979 / 20211121 games
Undead animalsUndeath is not limited to humans as it usually is.notifications1996 / 201937 games
Undead monstersnotifications1993 / 20157 games
Undead protagonistThe main character is one of the living dead. An animated corpse, skeleton, ghost or whatnot.notifications1981 / 201878 games
UnicornsFeatures European style unicorns.notifications1981 / 201774 games
Unique protagonistThe protagonist is presented as somehow unique in the depicted events/setting, such as being the only representative of a specific profession, ethnic group or even species. Possibly even being the only one of their kind ever.notifications1993 / 202064 games
Unlikely sentientsIncludes creatures that one wouldn't normally expect to be sentient in the slightest.notifications1993 / 20127 games
Unseen charactersThese are continuing characters, NOT the protagonist, important to the game and/or story yet remain obscure in a significant way or fully unseen.notifications2003 / 20102 games
Unseen protagonistThe protagonist is never seen. A common trait of strategy and managerial games.notifications1982 / 2020174 games
Unusual mounts(Bizarre mounts)Riding creatures that seem unsuitable for it or are otherwise bizarre in this capacity.notifications1982 / 201981 games
Unusual protagonist (Extraordinary protagonist)The protagonist is somehow unusual compared to rest of her kind, either she has a skill no other has or is significantly more talented than the rest, or perhaps she's just "different" in some unexplainable way.notifications1990 / 2017175 games
Uplifted animalsAnimals that have been uplifted to have higher cognitive abilities, making them more intelligent, capable of understanding technology, improved communicative capabilities, and such expected of sentient beings.notifications2008 / 201712 games
Ursine protagonist (Bear protagonist;Panda protagonist)notifications1983 / 201462 games
Ursinoids(Bearmen)Includes humanoid creatures that resemble (humanoid) ursines (bears).notifications1996 / 201612 games
Uruk-haiA special breed of orc in the Tolkien universe that are physically and redemptively 'better' than their fellows.notifications1991 / 20095 games
Utah RaptorA very large species of Dromaeosaurs (Velociraptor). About the size of the ones in Jurassic Park (But this species was discovered after the movie.)notifications2010 / 20122 games
Vagrants(Homeless;Hobos)Player encounters and has to deal with variety of homeless and jobless individuals.notifications2000 / 201837 games
Vampire protagonistThe main character is any kind of vampire (hybrids included).notifications1982 / 201859 games
VampiresFeatures vampires.notifications1979 / 2021327 games
Vegetable protagonistThe protagonist is a vegetable.notifications1986 / 20067 games
Vehicle protagonistPlayer controls a vehicle, and the vehicle driver is not identified.notifications1981 / 199518 games
Velvet Foot Fungus (エノキタケ;Enokitake;Golden Needle Mushroom;Winter Mushrooms;Velvet Stem Mushrooms;金針菇;Jīnzhēngū;팽이버섯;Paengi Beoseot;Trâm Vàng)Featured in gameplay or story. Cultivated store-bought Enokitake are wahite, very tall & very, very skinny. Wild ones vary in appearance.notifications2 games
Vigilante protagonistThe protagonist fights wrongdoers by going over what law allows. Likely believing that the law system provides insufficient punishment for the wicked and they must thus deliver it themselves.notifications1985 / 201438 games
VikingsScandinavian seafaring traders. Known as warriors & pirates. They colonized or raided the known world & beyond, mostly Europe from 8th to 11th centuries. Including any people that clearly resemble them.notifications1982 / 2018121 games
Villain protagonistThe protagonist is a villain of some sort.notifications2001 / 202014 games
Viral creatures (Contagious creatures)Includes beings that somehow turn others into more of themselves, spreading much akin to a virus.notifications1994 / 201627 games
Wall crawlersIncludes creatures that can move on walls and possibly even on ceilings.notifications1999 / 201421 games
Walnut TreesFeatured in gameplay or story. Makes walnuts. Hard resilient wood changes colors for how its dried. Used in gun stocks, cabinets, cars, stringed instrumentsnotifications2 games
WalnutsA large hard shelled seed (nut kernel). The insides are eaten raw or cooked.notifications2 games
WampaUrsidae-like upright bipedal carnivore. They subsist on Tauntauns. They prefer to be solitary and are territorial but will form packs when advantageousnotifications1992 / 19973 games
Warrior protagonist (Fighter protagonist)The protagonist is an aspiring warrior or already experienced combatant.notifications1987 / 2020184 games
Warrior-Mystics (Warrior Monks;Fighter Mages;Battlemages)[battle mages]People who employ esoteric knowledge in arts of martial combat and possibly outside of it, while also being fully competent in more mundane methods of fighting.notifications1994 / 201420 games
Weakling protagonistThe protagonist is perceived by others and possibly by themselves as a weakling.notifications2002 / 20103 games
Weaponized animalsAny animals "armed" or integrated with weapons besides spiky armor or similar.notifications1999 / 20146 games
WeaselsSmall, long, narrow, short legged, hyperactive predatory mammals.notifications1986 / 20095 games
Wee folk (Little people;Small humanoids)Includes any small humanoid beings that are largely indistinguishable from humans, such as halflings, dwarves, gnomes, small elves, and some others.notifications1975 / 2017437 games
Wee folk protagonistThe protagonist is any kind of small humanoid being that is largely indistinguishable from humans, such as halfling, dwarf, gnome, small elf, and some others.notifications1982 / 201360 games
Weeping WillowsAn ornamental willow tree hybrid that has branch tips that hang straight down.notifications2 games
Weirdos (Eccentrics)[freaks]Includes characters that behave, speak, or dress (or something in that direction) in a very strange manner.notifications1998 / 20169 games
Werewolves (Lycanthropes)Features werewolves (lycanthropes) or werewolf-like creatures.notifications1982 / 2020167 games
Western demonsRed, spade tailed, goat-legged, pitch-fork carrying and bat-winged monstrous humanoids wreathed in fire. Some even have ram's head.notifications1 game
WidgeonsWidgeons are a type of duck.notifications2 games
Wild Boars (Wild Pigs;Boars;Wild Hogs;Razorbacks;Pineywoods;European Boars)Undomesticated version of the pig. "Wild Boar" is the proper term to differentiate from "Boar" (meaning any male swine). They have course hair & tusksnotifications1988 / 201829 games
WildlifeIncludes animals that run about free trying to give the impression of a living world.notifications1995 / 201976 games
Will-o'-wisps (Will-o'-the-wisps;Will o' the wisps)A floating light or group of lights, usually much brighter or at least visually larger than fireflies or fairies (in case the latter emits light in any manner).notifications1985 / 201644 games
Willow TreesFeatured in gameplay or story. A common type of tree.notifications1985 / 201634 games
Winged humanoids(Winged humans)Features winged human-like beings, possibly easily mistaken with angels and sometimes with demons. Not for monstrous humanoids that are better identified as something else than human (e.g. gargoyles).notifications1991 / 201624 games
Witch hunters (Mage slayers)[mageslayers]People who hunt, kill, and/or capture witches and other magic users and possibly related creatures.notifications1999 / 200911 games
WolvesFeatures one or more wolves.notifications1982 / 2020103 games
Worm protagonist (Annelid protagonist;Leech protagonist;Nematode protagonist)Has a legless animal that is called a worm by biologists as a protagonist.notifications1985 / 201742 games
Worms (Annelide;Leeches;Nematodes)Features legless animals that biologists call worms (but not caterpillars, or legged insects)notifications1982 / 2018149 games
WyvernsIncludes wyverns - a small dragon-like species with wings and no arms, often equipped with poison stinger at the tip of their tail.notifications1988 / 201737 games
Young adult protagonistThe protagonist has recently reached adulthood and is no longer considered teenager by those around them, though may not yet show significant maturity that one gains with age. Generally of 20 to 30 of age.notifications1996 / 2019102 games
AardvarksAardvarks are medium-sized, burrowing, nocturnal mammals native to Africa.notifications1 game
AcrocanthosaurusBipedal predator known for a ridge of back spines from neck to tail tip. It was probably muscled, a 'hump' rather than a sail or external spines.notifications1994 / 19952 games
AI protagonist (Artificial Intelligence)The protagonist is an artificial intelligence, software that mimics natural intellect.notifications2008 / 202022 games
AlbertochampsaA small extinct alligatorid. Like a modern alligator but smaller.notifications2 games
AlbertosaurusA bipedal predator scientifically related to the much larger T-rex.notifications2 games
AllosaurusTop predatory bipedal theropod. Though land dwelling, it may have been accustom to long swims in the sea.notifications1990 / 20027 games
Amoeboid protagonist (Blob protagonist)The protagonist is a living amorphous mass.notifications1983 / 2019111 games
Amoeboids (Blobs;Slimes;Oozes)Features creatures that don't resemble much more than a living amorphous mass.notifications1982 / 2020474 games
AmphibiansEctotherms hatched in water as fish-like water breathers that later developed air breathing ability. Frogs, toads, salamanders, newts, & caecilians.notifications1991 / 201719 games
Angel of Death (Death;Grim Reaper;The Reaper;Supernatural psychopomp)Include the/an Angel of Death or similar life transitioning entity.notifications1986 / 201633 games (4 characters)
AnimalsIncludes non-sentient animals of any kind.notifications1982 / 2018262 games
Apatosaurus (Brontosaurus)Massive quadrupedal dinosaur with thick long necks, massive legs, & thick tails that tapered to a whip tail that may have snapped loud like cannon.notifications1990 / 20025 games
ArgentinosaurusA 30–35 meter (98–110 ft) long quadruped that weighed up to 110 tons.notifications1994 / 19952 games
Barghests (Black dogs)A legendary monstrous (possibly spectral) black dog.notifications1995 / 201210 games
BeaversLarge semi-aquatic rodents know for a large flat tail, buck teeth which they use to cut down trees, and building dams with those trees.notifications1983 / 201717 games
BeetlesIncludes beetles or beetle-like critters.notifications1982 / 201944 games
Birds (Avians)Feathered, winged, beaked, egg-laying creatures. Most of which can fly & move perhaps awkwardly (unless flightless) on land. Some also dive & swim.notifications1977 / 2018395 games
Brachiosaurus (Brontosaurus)Quadrupedal sauropod dinosaur. At 20m long, one of the largest creatures to ever live. Thought to be terrestrial as its feet were not good for mud.notifications1993 / 20044 games
ButterfliesAn insect known for beautiful wings. Unlike most insects, most people don't mind butterflies, even touching them.notifications1986 / 201647 games
CamelsLong lived even-toed ungulate mammals well adapted to desert conditions. Dromedary have 1 hump, Bactrians have 2. They can carry cargo & provide milk.notifications1982 / 201529 games
Cattle (Cows)notifications1975 / 201846 games
CentipedesLong segmented arthropod with 1 leg pair per segment, rarely 100 exactly. Numbers of segments are variant. They always have an odd number of leg pairsnotifications1980 / 200751 games
CerberiIncludes Kerberos-like three-headed dogs.notifications1988 / 20097 games
CetaceansIncludes cetaceans, such as whales, porpoises or dolphins.notifications1982 / 200537 games
Childrennotifications1983 / 2018151 games
Cockatrices [Basilisks]A winged animal with a lizard's or dragons tail/body and a rooster's head with the ability to petrify even after death much like medusa.notifications1982 / 201956 games
CompsognathusA turkey sized bipedal carnivorous theropod dinosaur (but with a long neck and tail).notifications5 games
Computer VirusGame includes at least one computer virus.notifications1992 / 20172 games
CootsA black water fowl that appears to have a receding hairline. Source of the expression, "as bald as a coot".notifications2 games
CrabsA wide flat decapod crustacean with 2 big claws. Most live in sea water, there are also fresh water crabs. But most species can travel terrestrially.notifications1983 / 201798 games
Crocodiles[b]Very[/b] large aquatic reptiles with a high tolerance for seawater. Streamlined for swimming & surprisingly fast on land or sea. Some species can gallop.notifications1982 / 201367 games
Crocodilians (Crocodilia)Alligators, Crocodiles, Gharial, and Caimans.notifications1982 / 201424 games
Cyclopes (Cyclops)Features one-eyed humanoid giants.notifications1985 / 201661 games
Dead protagonistThe protagonist is dead. Whatever you're seeing is likely a manifestation of their former self in afterlife.notifications1982 / 201638 games
Deities (Gods;Divinities)Features deities of any kind.notifications1975 / 201855 games
DilophosaurusA bipedal carnivorous dinosaur with two large round bone crests on top of its skull and a crocodile-like mouth. It is about 2.5m tall and 6m long.notifications6 games
Disembodied handsIncludes creatures that resemble severed hands.notifications1984 / 201518 games
DogsDescendent's of domesticated wolves. Thought of as loyal companions often trained to work, tricks, & general help . Often called 'man's best friend'.notifications1981 / 2018210 games
Domestic Cats (Cats)notifications1981 / 2018160 games
Donkeys (Burros)Stout tough Equid. Smaller than horses but some are up to 1.6m. Best known as a beast of burden. They will defensively kick, bite, stomp, & vocalize.notifications1991 / 20116 games
Doppelgängers (Changelings;Homunculi)Includes creatures that pretend to be something other than what they actually are. These are commonly shapeshifters or beings capable of somehow affecting other people's perceptions of them.notifications1992 / 201838 games
DragonfliesHas large multifaceted eyes, 2 pairs of transparent wings that extend horizontally and perpendicular from a long body. They are associated with water.notifications1983 / 201724 games
Dwarven protagonist[dwarf protagonist]The protagonist is a dwarf; a short, stout, and bearded humanoid who often enjoy ale, mining and metalworking.notifications1987 / 201616 games
EaglesGames includes these birds of prey.notifications1988 / 201811 games
EchidnaAn small spiny egg laying mammal. Hard to catch and keep caged. Smarter than a dog.notifications1995 / 20143 games
Electric EelsActually they are 80% air breathing knifefish (not eels) that can generate electric shocks up to 500 volts & 1 amp for self defense or attacking prey.notifications1984 / 199216 games
ElephantsElephants are large land mammals in two genera of the family Elephantidae: Elephas and Loxodonta. Three species of elephant are living today: the African Bush Elephant, the African Forest Elephant and the Asian Elephant (also known as the Indian Elephannotifications1983 / 201424 games
Equines (Horses;Equids)notifications1975 / 2018251 games
Fauns (Satyrs)Otherwise largely human but has goat-like lower body and horns, often much smaller than humans.notifications1997 / 201514 games
Feral children (Wolf children)Human (or roughly equivalent sentient being of the setting) children brought up by animals or even by themselves in the wild.notifications1983 / 200213 games (3 characters)
Firefighters (Firemen)notifications1977 / 201244 games
Fleas (Siphonaptera)Blood sucking insect parasites. Know for infesting domestic animals, especially dogs & cats, each having a specific species that prefers them.notifications1980 / 199826 games
Floating eyes (Evil eyes)Includes creatures that resemble floating disembodied eyeballs, possibly with tendrils or similar additives.notifications1982 / 201878 games
Geese (Goose)Generally larger than ducks & smaller than swans.notifications1982 / 200914 games
Ghosts(Spirits of the dead)Ghosts, or other spirits of the dead, evil or not.notifications1978 / 2020710 games
Giant ants(Giant formicids)[giant formids]notifications1982 / 201733 games
Giant birdsIncludes any unusually large birds or bird-like creatures, including emus, ostriches, terror birds, and so forth.notifications1982 / 201944 games
Giant spidersnotifications1981 / 2018281 games
Giant wasps (Giant vespids;Giant bees;Giant hornets)Includes giant variety of wasps or wasp-like critters.notifications1986 / 201620 games
GiraffesAn animal known for its long neck & legs. It also has large brown spots that nearly cover its yellowish coat.notifications1991 / 201515 games
GorillasThe largest living primates known to science. [i]Mostly[/i] herbivorous. Males get as big as 1.83m & 25kg & 1 protects a group with the help of younger malesnotifications1983 / 201829 games
HackersA technically minded group good at rearrange things, often computer code, to work to their's or a clients advantage in a more useful of efficient way.notifications1993 / 201533 games
Hadrosaurs (Duck-Billed Dinosaurs)Bi/quadruped herbivore with an adapted bill like mouth that could both slice vegetation from high branches & it had teeth to chew.notifications2002 / 20123 games
HedgehogsSmall spiny mammal that is known for eating smaller pests such as insects & snails though some are herbivorous also. Can curl into a tight spiky ball.notifications1984 / 201718 games
Hermit CrabsDecapod crustaceans that utilize discarded shells of gastropods (or anything available) to protect soft abdomens. Some are terrestrial &/or shellless.notifications1993 / 20177 games
Hicks (Hillbillies;Rednecks;Yokels)notifications1997 / 19983 games
Human protagonistnotifications1979 / 2021159 games
Humanoid protagonistThe protagonist is a non-human humanoid.notifications1985 / 2020299 games
Humansnotifications1975 / 2018328 games
Hybrid protagonist (Cross-breed protagonist)The protagonist is a cross-breed of two or more different things, whether scientifically possible or not.notifications1994 / 201937 games
Hydrae (Hydras)Includes giant multi-headed reptilian monsters of Greek mythology and any creatures resembling them.notifications1985 / 201855 games
IcaronycterisAn extinct species of bat from the Eocene epoch. Had a long tail connected to its legs with a flight surface. It rested upside down like modern bats.notifications2 games
IguanodonsA bi/quadrupedal beaked herbivore. Could shift movement mode. Had a mysterious large thumb spike & dexterous little finger that scientists contemplatenotifications2000 / 20023 games
ImmortalsIncludes creatures that either refuse to die or refuse to stay dead unless something special is done to them.notifications1986 / 202034 games
Insect protagonist (Invertebrate protagonist)The protagonist is an insect.notifications1981 / 2015114 games
Investigator protagonist (Detective protagonist)The protagonist is a detective, an investigator, or similar professional who attempts to uncover the truth, regardless if they are private, part of some agency, or part of the police.notifications1981 / 2019358 games
Isopods(Trilobites;Pill bugs;Woodlouse)[pillbugs]Includes isopods or isopod-like creatures, a group a crustaceans with no claws and flat and long segmented body, and legs usually hidden almost completely underneath the main body.notifications2001 / 20065 games
JaguarsIncludes Jaguarsnotifications1982 / 19939 games
Jiangshi (Kyonshi)Features any kind of "Jiangshi", a hopping vampire originating from Chinese folklore.notifications1987 / 19907 games
Knights[paladins]Medieval nobles serving as soldiers of higher rank and often of better training, usually depicted dressed in full platemail or lighter armor with decorative tunic over it.notifications1975 / 2020142 games
Larvae (Grubs)notifications1998 / 201520 games
LemursA type of primate named for their brilliant eyes.notifications2 games
Leprechaunsnotifications1982 / 201412 games
LionsThe lion (Panthera leo) is one of the four big cats in the genus Panthera, and a member of the family Felidae.notifications1977 / 201223 games
Living shadows (Animated shadows)Animated shadows or other shadow-like creatures, may appear as proper shadows cast on surfaces with no actual being creating them or as pitch black entities (likely somewhat transparent) which lack visible depth.notifications1990 / 201638 games
Living SnowmanA Snowman come to life.notifications1990 / 201610 games (1 characters)
LobstersDecapod crustaceans with a fat tail & most have claws. They are nearly ageless and grow until death. They rarely scavenge. Taste good cooked in butternotifications1991 / 20135 games
ManticoresFeatures manticores, man-faced lions with tail ending in a spike clutch.notifications1990 / 20035 games
MeganeuraThe largest flying insect known to have existed. It had a 75cm wingspan. Resembled the modern dragonfly.notifications3 games
Mercenaries (Bounty hunters;Professional Warriors;Fighters)Freelancers hired to be tough for a living, go to war, apprehend wanted people, kill the enemy in battle, protect/escort, & generally do jobs with life & death risknotifications1989 / 201865 games
Mice [Mouse]A type of rodent often considered cuter than rats.notifications1981 / 201895 games (2 characters)
Militant protagonist (Soldier protagonist;Knight protagonist)The protagonist is member of some organized military force.notifications1971 / 20191121 games
Mimics (Mimic monsters)Includes creatures that disguise themselves as harmless objects hapless adventurers are likely to approach, such as elaborate chests.notifications1985 / 202084 games
MolesSeveral types of small burrowing subterranean adapted mammals. Also known for poor eyesight/blindness, odd/pointy noses, odd feet adapted for digging.notifications1988 / 201717 games
MomotarouFeatures the famous character Momotarou from Japanese folklore (also known as Peachboy).notifications1983 / 200747 games
MooseThe largest extant cervids. They have large twig-like antlers that include broad surfaces. Due to their size, they fear only bear, tiger, & wolf packsnotifications1983 / 201715 games
MosquitoesBlood sucking gnats.notifications1983 / 199811 games
Neuter protagonist (Sexless protagonist;Genderless protagonist)The protagonist is neuter, lacking any gender-specific organs.notifications2001 / 20053 games
Neutral NPCs (Bystanders;Non-belligerents)[civilians;non-combatants]Includes neutral non-player characters that do not by default attack the player or anyone else without provocation. Usually not including people that can't be interacted by player's opponents.notifications1982 / 2020328 games
Ninja (Ninjas;忍者;Shinobi;忍の者;Shinobi-no-mono;くノ一;Kunoichi)Includes stealthy assassins, saboteurs, spies, or scouts of Japanese origin who are skilled in martial arts, especial alternative arts of war.notifications1983 / 2019442 games
Ogres (Oni)A large humanoid monster.notifications1975 / 202078 games
Orca (Killer Whales)The largest of the dolphins. Known for preying on other cetaceans, seals, & sharks though regularly on fish. The are distinctly pied black & white.notifications1986 / 200512 games
Outsiders (Extradimensional beings;Extradimensional creatures)Beings from other dimensions, realities, or such where even the laws of nature may be alien.notifications1997 / 20199 games
OviraptorsVery bird like non-flying bipedal dinosaur often depicted stealing eggs due to its name.notifications2 games
OwlsMostly nocturnal (or crepuscular), solitary, stealthy birds that hunt mostly small mammals. Eyes & ears fixed forward.Owl are commonly thought of as wisenotifications1984 / 201616 games
Pandas (Giant Pandas)A distinctively black & white bear native to central China that subsists on bamboo (practically exclusively). Replaced the dragon as the modern symbol of China.notifications1988 / 201417 games
Phoenixesnotifications1993 / 20118 games
Pigs (swine)notifications1982 / 201842 games
Pinnipeds (seals;sea lions;walruses)Semi-aquatic marine mammals that are more graceful in water than on land.notifications1984 / 201613 games
PlesiosaurExtinct (but for the occasional cryptid) carnivorous aquatic reptiles.notifications1990 / 20025 games
Posthumans (Evolved humans)[post-humans]The next step of human evolution.notifications1999 / 201622 games
Primates (Apes;Simians;Monkeys)notifications1980 / 2019193 games
ProstitutesIndividuals of who perform sexual acts in exchange for currency or barter.notifications1985 / 201676 games
Psychics (Espers)Includes people or creatures with psychic powers.notifications1987 / 2017221 games
PteranodonPterosaurs with up to a 9m wingspan. Probably soared, occasionally flapping. Quadrupedal on ground. Probably required bird-like intelligence to fly.notifications1990 / 20006 games
Puppets (Dolls;Marionettes)Includes animate or animated puppets, dolls or other similar things.notifications1995 / 200810 games (1 characters)
Re-animators(Resurrectors)Includes NPCS, monsters or others that re-animate, resurrect or otherwise restore to life opponents you've already vanquished.notifications1994 / 201635 games
ScorpionsVenomous predatory arthropods with pincers and a stinger. They are arachnids.notifications1980 / 2017132 games
Seals (True Seals;Earless Seals)A completely streamlined mammal with 4 flippers. Their hind flippers are useless on land so they must crawl on their belly using their front flippers.notifications1989 / 200910 games
Sentient machines (Sapient machines;Artificial intelligences;AIs)Includes sentient or sentience-mimicking machines.notifications1987 / 2020111 games
Slender Mannotifications2012 / 20135 games
SnailsA gastropod with an obvious spiral shell. Known for being slow. Lives on land, fresh, brackish, or salt water. Some have lungs, gills, or both.notifications1984 / 201760 games
Snakes (Serpents)Long legless reptile carnivores covered in scales. Some are venomous, some constrict their prey. Somewhat common is ophidiophobia (fear of snakes)notifications1979 / 2017356 games
Stonemen (Silicoids)Rock-like humanoids.notifications1986 / 201642 games
Suidoids(Pigmen)[pig men]Includes humanoid creatures that resemble pigs, warthogs, boars, or such.notifications1994 / 201631 games
SupersaurusA quadruped 33-34 meters ling (108 to 112 ft) that weighed as much as 40 tons. Scientifically related to the Apatosaurus.notifications1994 / 19952 games
Supervisor protagonist (Commander protagonist;Lieutenant protagonist;Executive officer protagonist)The protagonist supervises and commands larger operations on behalf of some higher authority.notifications1982 / 2016118 games
Swans (Cygnus)Large bird related to ducks & geese. Know for being white but a few species are all black or grey, and have red or yellow bits. Some are black & whitenotifications1999 / 20094 games
Testudines(Turtles;Sea Turtles;Terrapins;Tortoises)Reptiles with a bony shell on their back & another bony plate on their belly that allows most species to withdraw completely or to some degree inside.notifications1981 / 2019155 games
Turrets (Emplacements;Sentry guns)[gun turrets;missile turrets;rocket turrets]Immobile weapons that seek targets and fire at them automatically.notifications1982 / 2020198 games
Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex)Bipedal carnivore often mistake for the biggest on land. Arguable the more famous of all dinosaurs. Existed about 68 to 65 million years ago.notifications1990 / 201837 games
Ursines (Bears)notifications1977 / 2018111 games
Valkyriesnotifications1999 / 20168 games
VarditCharacter created by Vered Hagalil.notifications2 games
WalrusesMassive flippered pinnipeds with tusks & whiskers who really like clams.notifications1987 / 201735 games
Witches (Practitioners of witchcraft)Stereotypical witch is a female hermit with warts and green skin who curses, flies on a broom and brews potions in a cauldron.notifications1985 / 201778 games
WyrmsA giant worm-like creature that resembles a dragon (notably its head) without arms, legs or wings.notifications1999 / 20159 games
Zombies (Living dead;Walking corpses)Features zombies, partially decayed corpses that for some unfathomable reason behave like living creatures. Commonly express a strange hunger for the flesh of non-zombies.notifications1982 / 2020884 games
Achilles Heel foes (Weak points)Includes enemies that require or greatly benefit from a special method or targeting a specific part of them to defeat them.notifications1982 / 2020267 games
AsymetripedsIncludes creatures with inconstant limb symmetry.1 game
BeggarsFolk who've decided or been forced to resort to begging rather than working, commonly but not exclusively poor people or of some lower social class.notifications1985 / 201663 games
Biorobot protagonist (Bioroid protagonist)The protagonist is a biorobot, an artificially engineered biological being.notifications1990 / 201126 games
Biorobots (Bioroids;Biots;Biological robots)Includes artificially engineered biological organisms.notifications1990 / 201352 games
BulliesPlayer must content with self-appointed authorities who enjoy enforcing their perceived power in person.notifications2003 / 20116 games
Eastern demons (妖怪;Yāoguài;妖怪;Yōkai;جن;Jinn)Includes any kind of eastern demons or creatures inspired by them.notifications1987 / 201713 games
Elite NPCs (Elite mobs;Named mobs;Mini bosses)NPC characters that are far more dangerous than any regular opponent. Possibly worse than some bosses you may encounter.notifications1989 / 201997 games
Enemysofdarkness0 game
Former humansHumans that have become something quite different. Generally beings that no longer qualify as humans even in very broad sense of the word but were that previously.notifications2006 / 201918 games
Giant eyeball creaturesCreatures that feature one eye as the largest (or only) part of its body.notifications1988 / 201814 games
HypocritesPeople engaging in hypocrisy play a role in the game.notifications1992 / 200611 games
Karmic creatures (On-death retaliation;Final retaliation)Includes creatures that somehow retaliate if they're harmed or especially if they're killed.notifications1994 / 201889 games
Mini-bosses (Sub-bosses;Mid-bosses)Includes boss fights against characters that are on par or nearly so with real boss battles in difficulty, but often are not as important in terms of plot. Commonly non-unique unlike real bosses.notifications1993 / 202090 games
Panther Cap Fungus (False Blusher;Panther Cap Mushroom)Featured in gameplay or story. A symbiotic stinky poisonous psychoactive flat capped mushroom.notifications2 games
Premade protagonistPlayer has little or no control over who the protagonist is, often with little or no control who their protagonist will be either. Mostly of interest for RPGs where character creation is often seen as integral part for western RPGs.notifications1983 / 2020204 games
Protagonist occupations (Protagonist professions)list_alt0 game
Spawners (Summoners;Mobile NPC generators)Creatures that spawn, create, or otherwise make new creatures appear, usually at quite alarming rate.notifications1993 / 202070 games
Specialist protagonistThe protagonist is a specialist of some sort, focusing on a single aspect of a profession or skill to a great degree.notifications2005 / 201717 games