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A floating light or group of lights, usually much brighter or at least visually larger than fireflies or fairies (in case the latter emits light in any manner).


Alternate names: Will-o'-the-wisps, Will o' the wisps

The first video game about Will-o'-wisps was released in 1985.

Origin, Pony Canyon and Exult Team has published most of these games

* Sprites - may be indistinguishable from a distance.
Besides appearing like a floating pretty lights, will-o'-wisps in high fantasy settings tend to be quite hostile phenomena, often employing spell-like abilities on anyone who happens to be unfortunate enough to go near 'em.

Sprites/pixies occasionally may be mistaken for will-o'-wisps from distance if they share the eerie glow, especially if the game doesn't depict them as anything more descriptive than a strange glowing thing.

Note that this is NOT for will-o'-wisps that are indistinguishable from fireflies or similar things.

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Anglo-Saxon mythology, Legendary creatures


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