Legendary creatures

Creatures theme

Any mythological or folkloric creatures.

AethonsFiery/burning horses of greek mythology.1 game
AngelsIncludes anything identified as angels or similar entities; generally feathery winged human-like divine beings.1986 / 201993 games (45 characters)
BarghestsA legendary monstrous (possibly spectral) black dog.1995 / 201210 games
BasilisksLarge reptiles with three or more pairs of legs and occasional ability to kill or petrify creatures with their gaze or touch.1988 / 201723 games
CentaursFeatures centaurs - creatures with the upper body of a human attached in place of the head and neck of a horse.1981 / 201553 games
CerberiIncludes Kerberos-like three-headed dogs.1988 / 20097 games
CockatricesA winged animal with a lizard's or dragons tail/body and a rooster's head with the ability to petrify even after death much like medusa.1982 / 201956 games
CyclopesFeatures one-eyed humanoid giants.1985 / 201660 games
DemonsFeatures demons, devils or any related or similar creatures.1979 / 2020663 games (1 characters)
DoppelgängersIncludes creatures that pretend to be something other than what they actually are. These are commonly shapeshifters or beings capable of somehow affecting other people's perceptions of them.1992 / 201838 games
DragonsFeatures one or more dragons or dragon-like creatures.1978 / 2019735 games
DryadsTree nymphs from Greco-Roman mythology, that were shy minor deities usually indistinguishable from human women.1993 / 201913 games
European faeFeatures folkloric European fae and those similar to them.1984 / 201259 games
FaunsOtherwise largely human but has goat-like lower body and horns, often much smaller than humans.1997 / 201514 games
GargoylesWinged humanoid monsters, usually equipped with sharp teeth and claws besides that. Typically made out of stone or other inorganic natural substance or are otherwise stone or earthen colored.1986 / 201649 games
GhostsGhosts, or other spirits of the dead, evil or not.1978 / 2020695 games
GoblinsDiminutive, often green, creatures often thought to be malicious.1980 / 2017263 games
GolemsFeatures golems, vaguely humanoid living constructs given life through magic. Traditionally made out of clay.1986 / 2017106 games
GryphonsIncludes gryphons.1986 / 201743 games
HagsUgly women, seemingly human but aren't, that bear a striking resemblance to some depictions of witches. Often magical and malevolent in nature.1993 / 201511 games
HarpiesWomen (or hags as they're more often called) with wings in place of arms and bird's clawed feet.1988 / 201745 games
HellhoundsA hellish/demonic canid, usually either red or black, occasionally capable of breathing fire or has other fire-based abilities.1982 / 201727 games
HydraeIncludes giant multi-headed reptilian monsters of Greek mythology and any creatures resembling them.1985 / 201855 games
ImpsDiminutive humanoid demons or other supernatual beings often accused of mischief rather than evil doings. Often winged even if incapable of flight.1982 / 201742 games
JinnSupernatural beings of Arab folklore, commonly depicted (in the west) as blue, muscular humanoids with smoke in place of legs and feet.1991 / 201522 games
Leprechauns1982 / 201412 games
ManticoresFeatures manticores, man-faced lions with tail ending in a spike clutch.1990 / 20035 games
MerfolkIncludes mermaids and/or mermen.1983 / 201647 games
MinotaursIncludes humanoids that resemble a crossbreed of man and bull, usually human body with bull's head although the bull traits may be more prominent than that.1981 / 2017100 games
NāgaFeatures nāga - humanoids with lower body of a snake, often with multiple pairs of arms - or nāga-like creatures.1986 / 201693 games
Nymphs1982 / 201613 games
OgresA large humanoid monster.1975 / 201677 games
PegasusA strong winged horse from Greek myth.1984 / 201718 games (2 characters)
Phoenixes1993 / 20118 games
RakshasaSupernatural shapeshifters who were expert warriors, magicians, and illusionists in Hindu mythology; in fiction often depicted as powerful magic wielding warriors in humanoid lion/tiger shape.1987 / 201110 games
Sea SerpentsMythical/legendary snake-like creatures that inhabit the sea or large lakes.1985 / 200418 games
SpriggansUgly plant-like creatures often in humanoid shape.1996 / 20155 games
SpritesGenerally small glowing flying faerie like creatures. Either corporal or incorporeal. Always magical or supernatural.1990 / 201661 games
TrollsHumanoid monsters of varying size, shape and other features.1980 / 2018189 games
UnicornsFeatures European style unicorns.1981 / 201774 games
VampiresFeatures vampires.1981 / 2019312 games
WerewolvesFeatures werewolves (lycanthropes) or werewolf-like creatures.1983 / 2016163 games
Will-o'-wispsA floating light or group of lights, usually much brighter or at least visually larger than fireflies or fairies (in case the latter emits light in any manner).1985 / 201644 games
WyrmsA giant worm-like creature that resembles a dragon (notably its head) without arms, legs or wings.1999 / 20159 games
WyvernsIncludes wyverns - a small dragon-like species with wings and no arms, often equipped with poison stinger at the tip of their tail.1988 / 201737 games
ZombiesFeatures zombies, partially decayed corpses that for some unfathomable reason behave like living creatures. Commonly express a strange hunger for the flesh of non-zombies.1982 / 2020876 games