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Supernatural beings of Arab folklore, commonly depicted (in the west) as blue, muscular humanoids with smoke in place of legs and feet.


Alternate names: Djinnis, Genies, جني, Jinnī

The first video game about Jinn was released in 1991.

SSI, Trendy Entertainment and Nordic Games has published most of these games

This is for the Arabic Jinn daemons as well as the spirit of the lamp style westernized Genies.

This is applicable regardless if the genies are blue, reside in a lamp, grant wishes, challenge people with trick questions or any of the sort.

Usually named djinni (genie) but other common ones besides the basic (unspecificed) are marid and ifrit (efreeti). Less commonly ghul, iblis/saytan, or malak. But in fiction the jinn are usually divided to represent the four classic/alchemical elements with marid as water, ifrit as fire, and others (possibly made up names) as the rest.