Heroes of Might and Magic V

a.k.a. Heroes of Might and Magic 5 / HoMMV / HoMM5

published by Ubisoft in 2006-05-23, developed by Nival Interactive, running on Windows
type: strategy, role-play, turn-based
genre: Fantasy, Tactical, Wargame
series: Heroes of Might and Magic, Might and Magic
setting: Ashan
perspective: bird's-eye
player options: LAN, Internet, single player
game engine: Silent Storm
languages: eng fre ger ita spa

Official description

The Heroes franchise enters a new era. Dive into the new groundbreaking Might and Magic universe for the most complete strategy gaming experience ever created.

* Cutting edge technology: For the first time, experience the world of Might & Magic in a full breathtaking 3D animated world supported by a consistent and modern graphic style.
* Deep scalable turned-based battle system for challenging and tactical combats: find out the combat system that made the success of the Heroes series or experience the brand new Dynamic Battle System. Choose from over 200 skills, 170 creatures' abilities and 40 spells to build up your heroes and their armies.
* New darker heroic fantasy universe: discover a completely revamped and more mature universe that features 6 unique factions and over 80 different creatures.

Live the adventure like never before through a grasping storyline that features special objectives, numerous side quests and plot twists.

* Complete strategy experience: during 6 campaigns and over 30 missions, experience the finest blend of adventure, strategy, tactics, management and role play ever brewed, through a user friendly yet deep turn based system that favours tactical thinking over button mashing.
* Competitive and addictive intense multiplayer parts: The wait is over. Discover for the first time new options that will allow you to play simultaneously or even when it is not your turn!
* Heroes of Might and Magic V also introduce the new exclusive Duel mode: challenge your opponent in fierce battles where only the slyest shall prevail.
* Experience everlasting adventure thanks to the map editor provided.
Nival - # 2007-05-21 01:18:45 - official description - source

Technical specs

display: textured polygons
* Windows 2000 or XP
* 1.5 GHz Pentium IV or Athlon CPU
* 512 MB RAM
* 128 MB VRAM
* GeForce 4 Ti 4200 or Radeon 8500 GPU
* 32X CD-ROM drive

* 2.4 GHz Pentium IV or Athlon CPU
* 1 GB RAM
* 256 MB VRAM
* GeForce FX 6600 or Radeon X800 GPU
* Dolby Surround 5.1
Sanguine # 2009-01-13 17:31:40

Editor notes (2)

Latest version: 1.6 (as of ?)
# 2009-08-06 11:04:09
* The Queen
* The Cultist
* The Necromancer
* The Warlock
* The Ranger
* The Mage
# 2009-08-04 16:55:23

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Heroes of Might and Magic V in-game screen.
Heroes of Might and Magic V (Windows)
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