Rectangular grid

Other (objects, etc.) concept

Uses an ordinary grid of 4 sided convex shapes (rectangles, squares, etc.).


Alternate names: Square grid, rectgrid

The first video game about Rectangular grid was released in 1947.

Nintendo, SSI and Sega has published most of these games

The grid need not be parallel to the screen. Isometric, trimetric, and 3D games may also constrain some or all gameplay to a grid.
This can also be used in games that use text mode display. Although one might expect all games on such to be grid based, this is not a necessity any more than a game having to use only a single resolution in other display modes.

Note that some visibly rectangular grids have every other line shifted by 50% producing a hex grid despite visibly still having rectangles, these should be tagged as hex grids instead.

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