UVL: Missing images

Other (objects, etc.) theme

Has some images, but there are known gamestates or events that could be beneficial to have additionally among the images. Such as title screens, screens of specific game modes or "windows", and so forth.

Also used to draw attention to cases where obtaining an image is unbelievably difficult.
This maintenance tag, like other similar tags, should become obsolete once issue #80 change requests is implemented
Even if UVL did allow searching for missing in-game screens and title screen specifically, this would still be useful when the gameplay screens would be best shown with multiple screens that show different elements of gameplay.

Traditional and other similarly simple games are unlikely to benefit from this.

The first UVL: Missing images video game was released in 1977.

Sega, Electronic Arts and Codemasters published most of these games.

Parent group

UVL: Maintenance


Windows 168
PS2 85
Saturn 34
GBC 33
Mega-CD 31
PS 28
Nintendo DS 26
PS3 26
Linux 23
X360 19
GB 18
Wii 16
GBA 16
Amstrad CPC 15
NES 12
Mega Drive 12
PSP 11
CD-I 9
3DS 8
Xbox 8
Arcade 7
Game Gear 7
PS Vita 7
Amiga 3
Mac OS Classic 3
Commodore PET 3
iOS 3
R-Zone 3

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